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You've been hugged game

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Pssssst.....shush now, whisper so no ones hears, Pixie.




Hug Schoolmarm or Guiltys41 or Grubby next.....


(And don't tell anyone I said this!!) Hush!


Hug 'em all three together!! I'll help!! Here's big hugs! (((((((((Grubby, Guiltys41, Schoolmarm))))))))


Uh-oh. Schoolmarm thumped down on the floor passed out from all that hugging!! Oh Grubby and Guiltys, help me revive her....where are the smelling salts?! Goatherder! Heeelllp!!! Someone! Pixie. How did we get into this fix?


Me? I never suggested we do that!


Ssshhuuush.....well, okay, it's your decision, but I want to sneak in here and play again. I want to cheat.


No, no, Pixie, you go ahead. I'll get into trouble. Ssshush! Please don't say a word about this to anyone.....

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Ha Haaaa!!!! You gals are confusing me totally - Grubby and slgrubbs are one and the same? And then there are at least two here whose screen names begin with "west", aren't there? There's Westbrook and then isn't there someone else? Or is it Waiting I'm thinking of? (Be patient with me. I have Word Dyslexiosis.)


I wanna give mstooke57 a biiiigggggg hug for being assertive in saying she wants a hug!!!! LOL!! I'm a firm believer in letting people know what I need too!

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Teaberry is getting a bit dangerous with her hugging!!! Here's another dose of smelling salts. Ok ladies, we have to do it for everyone's safety. Grab Teaberry's hands and let's tie 'em nice and secure. Set her over there in the corner until she settles down a bit. All this hugging has her a bit over enthusiastic. Anyone have a nice calming tonic? Or even a shot of vodka?

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i know...but there are not enough letters to say what i wanna say. (i assumed that she is going by just "jo because sghe does not want everyone to know her full name?)is there a word for beautiful, lovely, smart, punny, kind, talented or awesome that starts with a j?or an o?


"A," you're adorable, "B," you're so beautiful,

"C," you're a cutie full of charms.

"D," you're a darling and "E," you're exciting

And "F," you're a feather in my arms.

"G," you look good to me, "H," you're so heavenly,

"I," you're the one I idolize.

"J," we're like Jack and Jill, "K," you're so kissable,

"L," is the lovelight in your eyes.


"M," "N," "O," "P," I could go on all day.

"Q," "R," "S," "T," alphabetically speaking, you're OK.


U," made my life complete, "V," means you're very sweet,

Double-"U" "X" "Y" "Zee."

It's fun to wander through the alphabet with you

To tell you what you mean to me.

(repeat the chorus)



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