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Oh geez, this is embarassing...Buttercup's been hugging me since NOVEMBER...I never knew that she was hugging me all this time...ROFL!!!!!!!


Ok, I think it's time to pass the hugs along so I'm gonna hug MOTHER!


Mom, she's like a mom to all of us...

Orchestra...her words of wisdom fall sweetly on our ears...

Tiny...she's only 3'9" ( )

Heavenly...her cooking is just simply heavenly

Energized...with all her ups and downs, she's like the Energizer Bunny

Real...she's one of the most real people you'd ever cross paths with




I did it! I did it!


(now i can feed the children rofl)

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Gosh, I can hardly post for the tears. How sweet of you Darlene. Bless you for the hug. I got a big kick out of the tiny though.......


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Colorful, exciting, humorous and so much fun,

Of this side of her our hearts have been won!

Often quietly hidden by the joy we get from her,

Kindness and sweetness, the part we now do refer.

In rising to the challenge, awesome task to be done,

Everyone needs special friends...

Miss Cookie surely is one!!!!



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You silly goofs! LOL...


I just drove down and packed boxes and cracked jokes and kidnapped poor Barbie into helping...LOL.

Seriously! That's it...well, and made Darlene nap and put her leg up WHEN I won that arguement...LOL.





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No one has used all the letters in Cookies name yet so here goes.






Oblectation by her posts (=enjoyment & pleasure)

as beautiful as an

Orfevrerie (=goldsmith's art work)









bighugCOOKIE you've been hugged bighuggrouphug2

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