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  1. When I read this article I thought of the video where the woman was upset with the researchers and wouldn't tell them the truth about her son. The bolding is mine. http://www.theaustralian.news.com.au/story...6-12377,00.html Eight districts in the eastern state of West Bengal have been hit by the virus, with dead birds being sold to locals who are said to be "feasting" on cheap chicken. The state's animal resources minister, Anisur Rahaman, said authorities were "determined to cull all poultry in the districts in three or four days, otherwise the state will face a disaster". More than 100,000 bird deaths have been reported, and teams are racing to cull two million chickens and ducks. The Times of India reported five people in West Bengal have been quarantined with "clinical symptoms" of avian flu - including fever, coughing, sore throats and muscle aches - after handling affected poultry. If the tests are positive for H5N1, this will be the first case of human infection in India, home to 1.1 billion people and hit by bird flu among poultry three times since 2006. Health officials in New Delhi said they were currently analysing blood samples from close to 150 people who have complained of fever. On the ground, culling teams have been facing an uphill battle with villagers smuggling birds out of flu affected areas and selling them in open markets. Thirty-year-old Sheikh Ali, a vendor in Birbhum's Gharisa market, 340km from the state capital Kolkata, said the sale of poultry had doubled in the past week, as prices plunged. "Poor villagers are feasting on chicken. At normal times, they cannot afford to buy as prices are so high. Now they are enjoying the meat," Mr Ali said. People typically catch the disease by coming into direct contact with infected poultry, but experts fear a flu pandemic if the H5N1 mutates into a form easily transmissible between humans. Migratory birds have been largely blamed for the global spread of the disease, which has killed more than 200 people worldwide since 2003. In Birbhum, police seized two trucks of smuggled poultry early today but culling teams were yet to arrive at the spot. "Poultry owners are smuggling their birds out at night and transporting it to different places for fear of culling," said Shubhendu Mahato, a security guard at Arambagh Hatchery, one of the biggest in West Bengal. Chicken shops had also sprung up along the main highways overnight with people crowding them. Neighbouring Nepal, which has banned poultry imports from India since 2006, said its border posts were on high alert. Bangladesh, which also borders West Bengal, was meanwhile battling its own serious outbreak - with experts warning the situation was far worse than the government was letting on. "Bird flu is now everywhere. Every day we have reports of birds dying in farms," said leading poultry expert and the treasurer of Bangladesh Poultry Association MM Khan. "Things are now very, very serious and public health is under danger. "The government is trying to suppress the whole scenario,'' Mr Khan said, adding that farmers were also holding back from reporting cases.
  2. I'm prepping for me and for my adult son. He knows if anything happens he is to get here as soon as possible. He is never more than a hour (by car) away. He knows if I'm out of the area, he is to come here and maintain the place until I can get there. I would take in his girl friend if she had no place else to go. I would gladly take in my cousin and her husband but they live over 600 miles away. My D-ex is more than welcome but he lives over 2,000 miles away. So right now I'm thinking just the two of us.
  3. Not sure if this is the right place for this but it seems as good as any. I can not work can openers. Honestly. I've tried all the electric ones. I can never seem to get the cutting edge situated on the rim good enough to get a cut going. Or I get it on the can and can't get the top of the opener to cut into the can lid. I try and try. I tried the battery operated Gizmo. I got it to go around the can...once. Never happened for me again. Also the hand crank ones. Oh my aching hand! FINALLY, I found one that even I can work. Joy. It is so easy. It works on the ratchet principle. You put it on the can in the usual way, squeeze the handles together and pump the (pumper?) back and forth then push the button to release the handles. It seems to be well made and not expensive. I liked it so well I bought 2 in case something happens to one. I'll bet it would be good for people who don't have a lot of strength in their hand too. And it's non electric and non battery. http://www.crateandbarrel.com/family.aspx?...mp;SearchPage=1
  4. Hee-hee. If that's the case I will have to pull out some of my horror stories on her when I think she isn't paying attention.
  5. I used to live in northern Indiana. We lived in the Valparaiso area and made lots of treks over to Shipshewana. I was born and raised in southern Indiana though. The pictures made me homesick. I miss Indiana.
  6. I live alone so I don't have to hide or sneak my preps in. But I sort of do anyway. I don't buy preps when I'm out with my son. When I know he is coming over I make sure the stuff is put away. It's easier on me that way. His teasing can get to me sometimes so I try to avoid it when I can. I'm pretty good natured and will usually laugh along but sometimes....
  7. See, you are learning new things about canning every day! A sealed jar does not equal safe food. The principle behind pressure canning is temperature and the amount of time the presure is kept. Pressure canning reaches a higher temperature than the boiling water bath canner.
  8. I don't know if all the states have a website or not. I found this one pretty interesting. It's pretty simple but a good starting point. http://www.ohiopandemicflu.gov/
  9. I bought some cans of powdered whole milk from Walmart yesterday. With the Carnation powdered milk I already had, I feel pretty secure in that area now. I was going to go to Sams Club today but I have a splitting migraine so that will have to wait until later this week or maybe even next week. I'm feeling pretty lousy. Hope I'm not getting a virus too.
  10. I read, "Here we go again" and I thought you were going to say the drunk lady was back at your door again!
  11. MINT Even a bottomless bucket won't contain it. The previous owners of my house planted a small bed of mint (lemon balm) next to the house. That stuff spread like wildfire. I cut it back to the ground every year. After a few years it started growing through the whole yard. Little sprouts started appearing everywhere. I think the roots were spreading underground and popping up here and there. Then it started heading toward my neighbors. Finally, I had to spray the bed with Round Up and have a professional weed control company come out and spray the lawn. It took 2 years to get rid of the little sprouts. Even now, I see one every once in a while. If it were me, I'd only plant it in a potted container away from the ground.
  12. I'm sorry, I think I hijacked this thread. Anyway, I was at Walmart today and the person in front of me had 6 huge boxes of Pampers. Either she has a sick baby, twins or was stocking up. That got me to thinking, disposable diapers would soon be in short supply. Also, do they even make cloth diapers anymore? That's all I used on my son. And diaper pins. Remember those?
  13. I didn't try it yet. I just got home and ran here to share my good fortune! The cans look so pretty I don't want to open them.
  14. I have one I got years ago similar to this one http://www.creativecookware.com/standard_mills.htm To tell the truth I rarely use it for tomatoes. I use it mostly for apple sauce. On my tomatoes, I peal them, core them and put them in the blender. I usually turn the tomato sauce into spaghetti sauce. I hardly ever find a tomato seed. Sometimes I'll find a part of one. I water bath mine too.
  15. I SCORED! First, thanks to Abigail for telling me about Nido. We don't have a Super Walmart around me so I took a drive to the county next to ours. I needed other stuff anyway. I looked and they carried Nido. I live alone so I don't need much. Mostly for cooking and gravey or sauces and an occasional glass or two. I opted for the small cans so I don't have to open a big can and use just a little for me. I got 12 cans of powdered whole milk. With no shipping. Joy.
  16. It doesn't have to be silent but I'm in the burbs with close neighbors and I don't want them knowing what I have. It really doesn't need to be a big one because I can get by with very little electricity. I wouldn't have a problem denying the use of my generator. But I would be very uncomfortable telling someone they couldn't come in and sit in front of my fan if it was hot outside. I just want to be as invisible as I can. The last generator I heard was very loud. I'm going to give generators more serious thought now that I know they are quieter than they used to be.
  17. Hummm. Very interesting on the generators. I always assumed they were still as loud as a lawnmower. Worth checking into! Thanks.
  18. "Set the dog on fire." I'm so sorry. I know that is not funny but somehow I can't stop laughing. "Set the dog on fire" I can't help myself. I've got tears!
  19. Skagitgal, are you talking about a bong??? Interesting sites Leah. I'll have my son look at them when he comes over. I am the least mechanically inclined person I know. I know what you mean too Aint2nuts. I'm really in a quandry here. My house needs major repairs so I'm going to have to put money in it this summer. When I do that I'll have so much invested in it I won't be able to move. I'll never be able to fine what I've got here for the same price. Even scaling down, I'd lose. Plus no one is buying now anyway. I'd love to move but I don't see it for a few years.
  20. Thanks for posting the list. I found some of the things odd too. I'm still not sure how I feel about a generator though. They are so loud. Everyone would know you had power and would want in on it. I did add alcohol to my list yesterday. It will be a good bartering tool and useful for minor surgery like stitches or tooth extractions. If I have to perform surgery on someone, I want to be good and liquored up! Hee-hee.
  21. I'm not just prepping for a world wide disaster, although that is in the back of my mind. Like CrabGrassAcres I'm planning for a personal disaster too. My income is pretty much fixed but the rate of inflation isn't. I'm trying to get as much as I can now while I can. We have not been hungry but I have made many suppers where I took less so my son could have more and what was on the table was all there was for that meal. I live alone but I prep for my son too because I'd want him to come here. I know how to garden and can food but my soil here is rock hard and full of clay. I'd have a hard time getting it fit to grow anything. Most people that I know assume the government will come in and save the day and provide for them. I watched what happened during Katrina. I hope I'm never in that situation. Even if some of them would have prepped, it would have all been washed away. That is scary too.
  22. Always good to have something to barter with! Any you're right, a bucket full of wheat and no grinder doesn't make a lot of sense either.
  23. I'd like to have an outdoor cooking area too. But in my neighborhood, if TSHTF, I'd be cooking my bar-b-q ribs and have half of the town at my doorstep. Too bad they can't be vented underground. Cat, my kitchen need serious help too.
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