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  1. Koenig's Eye view is a very reliable source straight out of Washington D.C. You have to pay for this subscription, so I cannot send it here for you to read. But I will post the just of it. The Coronavirus appears to have accidently leaked from a bio weapons facility in Wuhan China. A virus that is 80% contagious. Professionals unsure what to expect, has the power to completely disrupt every area of life, has no border restrictions and this is all happening at the release of the Trump-China trade deal, The Trump land for peace deal. A 7.7 quake within 40 minutes of President Trump's posting his boundary map of the covenant land, appointing a gay intel who will be the first openly gay member of the U.S. administration. And next week Mike Pence will be spending most of his day leading the U.S. coronavirus task force while taking time out to speak to 18,000 Jewish activist at the AIPAC policy conference on details of the Trump deal of the century pertaining to God's covenant land. Moreover President Trump's extensive Chinese trade negotiations effort and U.S. stock market success are being decimated. Knowing the Bible and what it says sounds like God is using China and Trump to bring things together for the end as we know it. There is more to this but just to much to type tonight. I am still reading it and trying to wrap my head around all this. But it sounds like the Chinese has started war with this virus, though the article says the virus appears to have accidently leaked from a bio weapons facility. I always believed that God put Trump in office to do His bidding. And when I read this, it just makes me feel that much stronger that Trump won this election because of God's power. As the Bible says God raises up kingdoms and God takes kingdoms down when the people fall away from him. I look at what is going on in the world and here in the U.S. I see God at work. Think about what this country alone has done over the years that is against everything God stands for. It is time to get right with God and pray, pray, pray as it is so close to the end. Jesus is coming back very soon. Things are lining up.
  2. WE2 you are making me hungry and I just ate dinner 3 hours ago. Kappy, I had forgotten about Kroger here. It is only about 10 or 15 minutes away from me. I will have to go check mine out. Though I don't need anymore beef. I have at least 40 quart and pint jars if not more that I canned. Chicken, fish and turkey might be on my list to get. We don't eat a lot of pork but I do have about 15 one lb. packs of bacon. We stayed home today and I finished getting the small bathroom that deep cleaning I was trying to get done several days ago. Opened the window in there to air it out as well. It has been a bit cold today but was still able to open the window for about 3 hours. That is a very small bathroom and needed a good airing out. I used bleach and I don't like to do that when DH is home, but today I did and part of reason I opened the window on a cold day. Felt good to me. I was hot. DH got his pork ribs for dinner tonight so he was happy. We didn't cook them on the grill this time. I used the oven grill as I don't want to use our propane if things go south with this coronavirus. Saving it for emergencies for now. I am thinking I should go ahead and fill our 3 gas cans as we do have a very small generator. It won't run the freezer or the fridge. But we could use it to use the crock pot and other things. Hoping it won't go that far. Thinking tomorrow I if I get the chance I will go through the chest freezer and start pulling some things out to see what is on bottom. I need to do that now and then. Thinking of getting some more canning done next week just in case. I want to finish clearing that freezer out. I have the fridge freezer almost empty now. So time to move some meat into the fridge freezer anyway. I feel like there really isn't anything else I can do to get prepared. Need to get the rest of my water containers out and start looking for a manual pump for the well. DH was talking about that yesterday but I need to get him moving. He did go get a haircut this morning as he got to thinking he might not be able to do that down the line. Guess I will be learning to cut hair. Mine is long and I just pull it over head into ponytail and trim the dead ends off. Last time I took 2 inches off. Not so sure I could keep it strait if I tried for more. I might go get mine trimmed back up and get some shape to it again before anything happens.
  3. Hello Darlene. Nice to meet you here. The Optivida's silver looks promising. The fine mist spray might not be a bad idea on the mask. I pulled one of mine out and it is a heavy paper. N95 mask. I am in process now of reading up on them. From what I am reading, there is no reusing them. These are the limitations from the instructions: Time use limitations. If the respirator becomes damaged, soiled, or breathing becomes difficult, leave the contaminated area immediately and replace the respirator. This comes from Niosh Mine are OSHA approved. OSHA is the company that I was certified with when I took my nurses lic. I had to be recertified every 5 years and take test through out that 5 years. They are strict. Or at least they were way back then. So with that said, I think doing a light spray on the mask and let air dry before you use them with the Optivida silver might help give just a bit more security as the mask are not a guarantee that you still would not get sick. As viruses can enter by other means. eyes for one. Skin not so sure of that one. Unless you have a cut maybe. Big question with no clear answer. But as a retired nurse. NO I would not reuse a disposable mask. Not worth the risk.
  4. Though I do not know Lori. I know it is a sad time. But yes, please come back to forum. Would love to see you and get to know you as well. This is a great place to be.
  5. My understanding is there is a shortage of test kits. So don't know how they are testing people if they don't have the kits. They were showing the kits on TV today. Hoping they have enough now. Ambergris, I have not heard that. Interesting. Wonder what is going on.
  6. We have cable for telephone, TV, and internet. We went to basic for cable and got down to 118.00 for all 3 down from 180.00. Now they have put a 15.00 surcharge on cable. Not sure if it's because of the 5G network or not. But not happy. Looking into the firestick and some other options. the phones are the house phones as we only use our AARP cell phones for when we are out and about. Those are cheap. 20.00 a month for 2 cell phones. The internet we can't find any cheaper around here for less than 59.00 a month. . House phones are 9.99 a month. Now our bill is creeping back up to 149.00 a month.. So doing some looking around for TV and hopeful find cheaper internet as well. We dropped satellite a long time ago because of the prices creeping up. So now the cable is doing it and it needs to go as well. However we did save this week on OTC meds, food, gas, and other stuff we needed. 2 for 1 sells and lots of coupons at the BJ"S wholesale club. Their coupons with manufacture coupons. Came out to about $45.00 savings. Not bad for what we bought there.
  7. Glad to have you back Peg. So glad things have gotten so much better for you now.
  8. Trump is down playing this. Either because he doesn't want to project fear in people or because he is afraid the economy will collapse. He was on Twitter ( please take his account away) saying the Dems are at fought for the economy. He's not stupid but is surely playing dumb. Dems have nothing to do with what is happening to the stock market nor the economy. Its the Coronavirus. People do not want to go out to eat and now staying away from crowds. The buying of many things is going to be effected. We can look at China and see where so many places of business have been closed for a month. Factories that sell to other countries have closed down. Look at Apple out of China, this is not the Dems this is the Virus shutting us down.
  9. Anal swab would be last resort. They are doing blood draws and respiratory serum test as far as I can tell right now.
  10. Hello Peg. I do agree with you. Get it done early, avoid the crowds. The panic will come later as people start to wake up and find out this is for real. We don't do the stock market so it won't really effect us to much. Though our retirement checks could be a few dollars less. But not enough to hurt us so far. Just something else to add to my prayer list. it seems to be getting longer each day. As long as the trucks are able to roll we will be ok. But so much comes from China that could be a big problem for us.
  11. I don't think they have really said it is airborne or not but we all best be praying it is not. That would make this spread worse than it is. Ah yes Walmart, China town, Wally world. Have fun Mt. Rider. Better now than this weekend when everyone is off work and don't forget 1st of month is food stamps and snap. Busy and crowed. We went the other day. Today we went to BJ's wholesale and it looks like people are starting to get it together around here. Overflowing baskets of stuff. We are done, so now staying home.
  12. Joyfilled: Your dad is right about being right with God. That should be at the top of our list in prepping. We should pray about what we need to do and then act on that answer. Though sometimes I just go out and buy what I think we need. But it has turned out to be what we needed. I do hope what they said about China is not true but they are a socialist/communist country. Lord help us if Sanders becomes the next president. He is very much a socialist/communist and has as much said so. And yes even Noah was told by God to prepare for the flood. As well as in Egypt when (wow, I know his name and went blank) I want to say Benjamin who saved the people from a famine when there was the 7 years of plenty and 7 years of famine. He was prepared and did as God told him to do as well. There are a few places in the Bible where people were to prepare for bad things to happen. I can't help but wonder if this coronavirus is of God's will to wake the people up to turn to him. He does say in the Bible there will be earthquakes in virous places, famine, pestilence, wars and rumors of war. Seems everything is falling into place now. And in this country as the saying goes, A house divided will fall. I look at this country and it is so divided both by political and by racism as well. It is so sad to see this country going down the way it is.
  13. I have found out some very disturbing things about China. My granddaughter called me and her DH is in Navy. They are the ones on the way to Washington State. They are traveling now. She said that when they were pulling people out of their homes and checking if they had a fever. If they did they were dragging them off. Well I CANNOT CONFIRM this but it seems they were taken them to a field and shooting them. This might explain why the crematoriums are so busy cremating a1000 people a day or were doing that many a day. I have to say this sounds like something China's gov. would do. Also it was on the news tonight that someone's dog had the coronavirus. So I think they might start killing off people's pets next. Has anyone noticed how quiet N. Korea is. You know that if S. Korea has so many affected by this that N. Korea has just as many. Granddaughter also said that Japan has now closed it's boarders and no one in or out. The military knows a lot but are under orders I think to keep quiet. Also it was on news the CDC is doing nothing to get the kits in to this country to be able to test people. Stated that S. Korea has kits and are able to test thousands of people a day. That person in CA that has that virus and was never in contact with anyone, did not fit the critera for testing and so she went 3 days before being tested. That said, our health care system is in trouble if they are not taken the proper precautions. Those that were taken care of this person is now under self quarantine. Ambrose, taken S. Korea off list as they are not reporting anything any worse than this morning is because they have the means to take care of this fast. They have the test kits and using them on anyone that comes in with symptoms. All precautions are in place and seem to be the only country that I can see at this time that's doing so.
  14. Kappy, check with your car insurance on the windshield. Ours will pay for that. We have state farm. Today we had breakfast and then went to BJ's for our 3 month trip for bulk items. Had gotten all my coupons from BJ's coupon book for what we needed and matched them with the manufactured coupons. Bought paper towels, trash bags, DH wanted a rack of ribs for tomorrow nights dinner. yes he must be feeling better. What we got was a load full but not really for preparing for the coronavirus but things we get every 3 months anyway. though we did get more paper plates than we would normally get and doubled up on some things. We go through a lot of glasses on a daily bases and I had been planning to buy some plastic cups for taken our meds. So I decided now would be a good time to do that. Not much in the line of food as we are good on that now as I bought the things I needed for things we have already. But did buy some butter for the freezer as a back up and some eggs. DH made egg salad yesterday and he wants to make some deviled eggs and I might pickle some as well. We got 4 dozen of them for $2.49. Not a bad price for 4 doz. extra large eggs. Got some Advil as that is the only thing that helps the pain in my side. Doc. says it is muscle but what am I doing to cause it is beyond me. it is in between the ribs. Ouch. We also got our propane tank filled for the grill. We keep 2 of them filled at all times. One in use and the other for backup. Now we are good to go for 3 months. A bit of a warning. While inside BJ"s wholesale, DH and I both noticed that people are now stocking. DH got an eye opener today as he stopped and talked to a couple of people. He is now understanding why I do what I do. There was this one woman that had a huge cart full of nothing but toilet paper and water. DH said that was a bit unusual. Maybe she thinks that's all she needs. And maybe she is already stocked on the other things she might need. Everyone's needs for this will be different depending on where you live. I base mine on what it is like in hurricane season and how many people live in a 50 mile radius from us. But now with the town being dumped on us and no end in site. They say we have well over a million people living in the area we are in now. So we do extra precaution for just that reason. Others that live further out in the country and in areas less populated will have different needs.
  15. I know some of you might not think we could loose power, water and gas. But this is from the prepper's blue prints step by step guide to help you prepare for any disaster. This is not the only place I have either read or heard this. So I am going to try to explain it best I can. When you see People in China walking around and it looks like they still have electric, water and stuff. They could have it still on. But in only means that the people that keep all the utilities running have not come down with the virus as of yet. I pray we do not loose any of our utilities here: BUT, our electric grid is in bad shape, Water may not be safe to drink as this virus can be transmitted through our water if not treated. Natural gas as well.. Also those that have oil heat depend on those deliveries as well as those that use propane and have that delivered. This is not for anyone to panic over but to think about what you would need to do in this situation. If and when this hits and we are under mandatory quarantine, think about the people that go to work to keep our city water purified, our lights on by way of having to go out and do repairs to the lines in case of accident or bad weather, Even natural gas has a maintence crew. If any one of these utilities or even all of them go down because the men and women that work on these things are not able to go out and do their jobs. Then yes we can loose power, water, and gas. Mail could stop running for a while, trucks that deliver our food to stores could stop,, These are things that it does not mean it will happen but something we need to think about. it's the what if's that we need to be aware of, not that these things will happen. In other words we need a back up plan. Not just going out and stocking food for one or two months, and having the necessary vitamins and RX's we take on a daily bases in place. All this is a worst case possibility. And we just need to have those back up plans in place and pray that it doesn't get this far. We have a back up generator that is run by natural gas. That we would depend on, if not we will do like we did before, oil lamps for light. flashlights, etc. I am filling up all of my water containers but not at this time. That is going to be on a wait and see basis for now. Though I do have 3 of them filled up from hurricane season and never emptied them though they are treated for 5 years. DH is looking to buy a new hand pump for the well. We use that to water the garden or our city water bill would be out of this world. So that has been on the back burner for months, not because of the coronavirus but because the well pump is a 220 circuit and not a 110. Cost a bunch to run that for to long. I hope this explains why I said we could loose our utilities. Not that we will but that there is that possibility of it happening. Prepare for the worst and pray for a good outcome. That is all we can do.
  16. Mt. Rider, David Wilkerson is a name I haven't heard in a long while. He was one of the good ones. I like his teachings as well. This crisis also will pass. The top priority in preparing for a crisis like the coronavirus or any other virus is to be right with God. To pray for guidance as to how to get prepared for a crisis so we don't go out and panic buy. And yes that can happen. I do have worries as my granddaughter is on the road heading to Washington State and they do not have a place yet to live. So may have to stay in a hotel till they find a home. (they are looking to buy). Her DH is in the Navy at Naval hospital. She is no where near ready for this. Nor does she have a church that she could go to at this point in time. Right now she is my biggest worry and I have turned her over to the Lord as that is all I can do. Worrying will not help that situation. So she and her DH are in the Lord's hand. I have another granddaughter and her DH live in CA and her job requires travel to other countries. She to has been lifted up to the Lord to be protected from this mess. With that said: Lord I am lifting up my grandchildren, and Daughter and her DH and my stepdaughter that they will all come to know you as I know some of them have but please speak to the hearts of the ones that do not know you as their personal savior. I ask for protection for all of them. Lord I ask for protection for all the members on this forum, that they to will be safe from this virus and even if they do catch it and the results are not good. We know we have a heavenly home with no virus or any other illnesses. We will be in your arms one day. I know if my DH catches this virus that he would not survive it with all his health issues and I am so glad he has come to know you and is saved. I also thank-you for given him back part of his health though I know he still has a ways to go, his energy is coming back. Only you could do that for him. Thank you father for given me the ability to have some knowledge as to how to prepare for a pandemic as I know this is all in your hands. Father if our churches must close down because of this virus, please show everyone a way to keep your day of rest at home, be it by just reading the Bible and meditating on your word and watching prayer time with a good preacher like Charles Stanley, or some of the other ones that preach your word straight from the Bible so we all can keep your day of rest. Father God I ask all these things in your will and in the name of Jesus A-men
  17. I am hoping we will be able to go outside. Will need to go to my shed for things now and then. We have one neighbor next door but far enough from where I would be in back yard to be ok. They don't come outside much. Across my driveway which is back yard is a neighbor that keeps to himself. I know him but he doesn't visit neighbors. So should be good and they are far enough away from us. I went to Wal mart, Lidil's and Harris Teeter today. I loaded up on the foods I needed to go with some of the foods I have. I also bought because of diabetics. Sugar free jello and pudding. got 10 of each. Also found sugar free brownie mix and cake mix. Found icing to go with the cake mix that was sugar free as well. Might not taste as good as the real deal, but will give us something for a snack. Bought the chrystal light lemon aid, and the milo electrolyte to put in water. Got some sugar free gaterade and that is hard to find. Also some V8 low sodium, Got some more powdered milk as well as some mac and cheese incase kids come here. (picky eaters will learn to eat what's put before them). Got my cat little for the toilet buckets for just in case. 2 boxes. I did not get the cheapest for that as it is dust free, and kills odor for 7 days. though it will be changed out as needed. I have 2 buckets with the toilet lids for camping on them. Bought 2 big boxes of cheerios. DH loves those. The dates are 12/20 so that should hold us. Bought some cleaning supplies as well that I was low on. got some alcohol and peroxide. Picked up some more OTC meds as well that I couldn't get a Walgreens. Canned fruit is way over priced but did get 4 more cans. Also picked up more flour for bread. I am hoping to not have to go out to any stored now. Maybe the closest one Food Lion for eggs. I will stock those as it gets closer to time to really need to get ready. We live in an area that now has over 1 million people. This is why you will hear of me stocking and doing things early. It will not be safe to venture out in maybe another month or two. We really have no clue. I am reading up on pandemics and what to do as well as what could happen. Don't like that outcome. We could loose water, electric and natural gas. I need to fill up one of my propane tanks and need to buy a couple of more. Also need to get the gas cans together and get them filled as well. Need to buy fire wood as well to get us through the rest of winter. I think maybe a couple of cords. But will see how that goes. Our well is electric and not in the best shape but as long as we have the electric, we should be ok with that. But filling up everything we have. Large pans, all of the empty canning jars, and all of my water containers as well as the water bob for bath tub. If you are on city water and sewage, it will create a whole new host of issues and none of them good. Back up of sewage is one issue. We are going to try to rehook to the septic and see how the lines are. But after 3 years, I fear they have collasped. Reason I have listed some of what I bought is to help give anyone on here some ideas of things they might need to add to their preps as well.
  18. I think it would be a great idea to have a section for when this does hit hard, that we can as long as we still have internet to just check in and say we are ok. Maybe at least once or twice a week for check in's. If we do loose the internet, Like Mt. Rider said. We also will be praying for everyone here on this forum. None of us has ever been through anything like this and it is in God's hands. And above all, no matter what happens, Keep your faith in God and don't loose hope. That hope is in God. Going to do a bit more research this evening after I get back from Church tonight. Will post what I learn tomorrow.
  19. You are right about nutritious factor, but in a situation where we cannot get fresh until gardens come in. We will do with can fruits and veggies. Hoping it won't get so bad that we could loose electric and water. Wishing we were still on the septic tank. Thank you city for forcing us to go with city sewage. We still have the septic tank but the lines have probably collapsed by now. Been a few years. Going back out to stores today. Want to get kitty litter and a few other things. I have 2 6 gal. buckets with toilet lids on them for emergency situations. That is why I need the kitty litter. Also if we come to a point because of city water that we cannot flush toilets. You can tape plastic garbage bag onto the toilet seat to use then take bag off and tie off and put in trash. Saw that one on a prepper forum a long time ago. Need DH to stay home so I can go get things done but he wants to go and he does need the exercise and to get out a bit to get his strength back. I need to pick up some things to keep us going food wise that I need to go with things I already have. Not much but instead of just going to get it when I need it, it's time to stock those particular things as well. I have already started my lettuce growing from scraps. Lettuce is doing great. Got 2 heads of it so far. The celery I started 5 days ago and now it is growing. Will be planting that in the pot on dinning room table in about 4 or 5 more days. Going to keep doing things like that for the fresh produce. It is a learning curve I have been trying to do for a while now and I think I am getting the hang of it now. We have 60 of the pads. Should check for a plastic mattress cover just in case. One for both beds as well as for the pillows. I have been ready for hurricanes but this one is different. Heard this morning that doctor said it is already a pandemic and this country needs to say so. But they don't want any panic. Panicking will get us no where. We just need to step back, look at what we have and make a list. Ask ourselves will this last me a month, 2 months and what do we really need that will not require a lot of water.
  20. Not really with the program today. But thinking it's time to get ready for bed. news is on so need to watch that. Later all. Goodnight.
  21. sometimes nurse practitioners are better than some doctors. Wish you both the best on that. We have been in that situation. Still not a good doctor but better than the last 2 we had.
  22. We are on a corner lot. almost 1 acre. On our street in front are 3 houses on my side and 4 houses across street. On the side of us are several houses going down toward back of neighborhood. This neighborhood used to be farmland along with the neighborhood next to us. Our neighborhood is the oldest and on one mile of land. Next to us has a street that goes between our neighborhood and their neighborhood. That neighborhood is very large several acres of land. They cut through our neighborhood all the time.
  23. WE2 I also am about as ready as can be. With DH's health issues, I did decide to get the suits. we have lots of N95 mask that I have had stored in the closet for a few years.. The suits were a 6 pack for about 65.00. Had enough points that I was able to get them for half that. So used the points from Amazon. Not going to use them unless something happens that we must leave house for a doctor or ER. praying it doesn't come to that. Got lots of gloves. So hoping we should be good. We just filled all our RX's for 3 months. So unless I pay out of pocket, 3 months is it. Hoping this won't last that long but China has been add it since December 1st when the first patient showed up with it. So it has already been 3 months for them and they still are growing in numbers last I heard. My prayer is that everyone will be safe from this virus and everyone will be well prepared before we are forced to stay put. I have heard rumors that we are suppose to tape up and use plastic on windows. Not so sure that would be necessary. Not going that far. We are in a neighborhood but the houses are not that close together.
  24. Daughter not lazy. She just got tired of picky eaters. This one doesn't like that or that one doesn't like this. She used to put veggies on DH' s plate when the kids were little and dare him not to eat it. She should have made all 4 of them sit down and eat what was put in front of them at a very early age. Though when my grandson came over, I never had a problem. I just cooked a fish dinner and he couldn't get enough of it. Have you ever heard of a two year old that loves sardines, or a 5 year old that loves oysters. Daughter couldn't figure that out and I kept telling her seafood is the way to go. That they will eat. So she doesn't cook anymore. Grandson is 18 and middle granddaughter is 24 and still lives at home, but work and college is keeping her away right now. She as well as her father will be hitting the stores. I worry about her as she is a scribe in the ER. Going to school to be a nurse practitioner. Starts medial school in the fall. The oldest one is on her way to Washington state as her DH is naval hospital and they got transferred there. Worried about them as well as he has to go to school for a year in CA. She will be staying in Washington state. He will be on base for that year.
  25. We are under doctors orders to take vit. D3, fish oil and Q 10. DH has to take B12 as well and now Liv 52 liver cleans and milk thistle. We don't do Vit E as DH cannot take that one with the blood thinners. Kappy glad to know you are home and doing much better.
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