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News today on Avian Flu


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APEC to issue action plan on bird flu -US official

20 Sep 2005 10:06:05 GMT

Source: Reuters


MANILA, Sept 20 (Reuters) - Pacific Rim nations are preparing steps to cope with the likely devastating economic impact of a bird flu pandemic, a senior U.S. economic official said on Tuesday.


Michael Michalak, the U.S. representative to the 21-member Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) forum, said the action plan would include measures to improve cooperation on detecting and limiting the spread of a human version of avian flu.


He gave no specific details, but said APEC would issue a strong statement and a detailed action plan on bird flu during a summit of its leaders in South Korea on November 18-19.


"Avian flu is what we see as the next potential disaster," he told reporters in the Philippine capital Manila.


"What we're really worried about is if and when we do detect the pandemic, the economic effects could be severe."


The H5N1 bird flu virus, which surfaced in southern China and Hong Kong eight years ago, has killed 64 people in Asia since 2003 and forced the culling of millions of birds.


Eventually, it is likely to mutate into a form that can easily be passed between humans, triggering a pandemic that could kill millions and which would play havoc with the global economy.


APEC's member account for more than a third of the world's population, over 50 percent of global GDP and more than 41 percent of world trade.


Michalak said Washington had set aside $25 million to fund capacity-building projects to fight the spread of the disease in affected APEC countries.


But he said countries needed to be better prepared for the disruptive effect that an outbreak would have on trade and transport links as countries close their borders.


Officials say there are wide disparities in preparedness levels in Asia, where many poorer countries do not have the anti-viral drugs or strong health infrastructure that would help limit the impact of an outbreak.


The World Health Organization estimates that a full-blown pandemic could put two-thirds of a country's workforce out of action, raising questions how to maintain transport, policing and food supply.



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My son who is a Navy hospital corpsman works in epidemiology. He says they are keeping him very busy planning and making recommendations about what to do when the flu hits. He says 1)Limit your exposure to others 2)Wash your hands frequently (hand sanitizer is good if you are out and about) 3)If you use masks, the surgical quality masks are much better than the common dust masks. 4)Get a flu shot. Even though it's not for the avian flu, if someone gets another type of flu and is then infected with avian flu, the two can exchange RNA (the genetic stuff of viruses) and hybridize into a very virulent strain that would transmit easily from person to person.


For masks, you need something that filters out down to 0.1 microns. That is the size for viruses which are much smaller than bacteria.

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I watched something on ABC (I think), with Ted something-rather, and it was very interesting. Hubby lost interest though because they weren't telling us what *we* could do, only on a state level. I wish they had given more practical advice!

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Practical advice from the MSM? (main stream meadia) just a few things to remember...it is not easy to catch...most of the ppl that have gotten this have had direct contact with infected birds or their droppings as in the case of one zoo in the pacific area. They may be migratory birds also infected and as to if they migrate to the US...I havent seen anything on that yet (anyone have any links for this?) So until it is easily spread from human to human we arent at too much of a risk for catching this...but take your vitamins DAILY...wash your hands when in contact with ppl with flu like symptoms or use an alcohol based hand sanitizer...masks if you are going out in public when there is an outbreak...they are saying the time it will take to clear all of this up will be up to 18 months...so make sure you have preps ready...get a flu shot this year and forget the Tamiflu...it isnt effective against the avian flu...but dont get paniced until you hear of human to human spread of this and it may never happen.....Q

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I was thinking of getting a pnumonia shot since I hear the

Avian Flu goes right to the lungs. I was also thinking of

eating a more alkaline diet. More fruits and veg., less meat

and sugar and the like. And I'm going to take my Elderberry

syrup once I make it...I hope. From what I've been reading, may not be able to go near it because of the odor. Hubby won't open the cabinet the berries are stored in, now. lol


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And I'm going to take my Elderberry
syrup once I make it...I hope. From what I've been reading, may not be able to go near it because of the odor. Hubby won't open the cabinet the berries are stored in, now. lol

I strained my tintacure today. It does not stink now.
Once you make your tintacure everything should be ok.

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Quiltys-- thanks for the information. I spoke to the head of our lab (I work at a hospital too) and they have not received any notification from the CDC (Centers for Disease Control). The CDC sends faxes to hospitals with concerns/issues for the community. Ed said he would keep me posted if he hears anything... If so, I'll post it here.

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