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I was thinking, I have cookie cutters that are flowers, using those, making a nice white lemon flavor frosting on the back side of one cookie and making a sandwich cookie.


What fun these will be for a summer BBQ... summer flower cookies, nice and yellow and fun.

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Originally Posted By: HappyCamper45
Homemade Beef-a-Roni this is not chef boy r dee...This is requested all the time by family and friends...

This feeds 12 people so you may want to cut the recipe in 1/2

350 degree f/40 mins.

1 1/2 pound of Chopped
1 pound of elbow noodle
1 pound of shredded cheddar cheese
2 can mushroom soup
2 can whole tomato's

Optional 1 large green pepper chopped is small pieces sauteed
Dried onions

My kids don't like the pepper and onions.

Ground the chopped meat and drain extra oil. Place chopped meat in a large bowl or large pot...Cook the noodles as if you were going to eat them when there done. Add the noodles,canned soup and cheese to the meat. Stir. The hot noodles melt the cheese into the meat and soup.

Once the cheese is melted I add the tomato's (jucie and all) and use my hands to crush the whole tomato's. Mix well and put into a lazanea pan and into the preheat oven for 40 minutes.

5 mins before it done I add the dried onions. 100_1553.jpg The only take 5 mins to cook the dried onions. You don't want to burn them...I only put the onions on one side because my kids don't like them but adults love the crunchy texture and add flavor. Salt and pepper to taste.






at 35 mins all the onions


Boy does that look good!
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Thanks for the recipe for cream of soup base. One thing that concerns me though is the cornstarch. My husband is very sensitive to it, being diabetic.


I've gotten around cornstarch by using Wondra in gravies and soups as a thickener. I rarely use cornstarch anymore.


Is there anything else I can use besides cornstarch?

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Have you researched ClearJel®. It is a cousin to cornstarch but that is where the similarity ends. It is the only thickener approved by the USDA for high heat canning uses and both the regular and 'instant' variety are used heavily in the bakery industry for making pies. It is excellent for making jams and jellies without sugar for the diabetic.


Unless you have a bakery nearby you may have to order online. It is not found on the normal store shelves.



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I used to help a lady make black walnut tincture, and it's almost the season.  When the kids visit between the Solstice and the Fourth, have them pick a bucket of green walnuts about the size of a peach pit.  For every half-gallon jar, chop at least a dozen (up to two dozen) walnuts and pour a quart of shine or vodka over them, then throw in herbals (dried kumquat or orange peel, thyme, rosemary, coriander, what-have-you) shake hard, and set aside.  Applejack is a very expensive alternative to the vodka, but if you've got it it works really well.  Leave untouched for maybe three months, until about a month into the school year, and then strain, add sugar water and a little blackstrap, and rebottle in quart jars.  Run through a water bath, label jars, and set aside for a year.  

We didn't have gloves, but if I did this again, I would wear them.  The walnuts did things to my hands.

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