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I never learned how to shadddup...

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So, I guess I won't bother trying to learn how to now...


With that said, I just hafta share something that lays heavy on my heart.


I am increasingly becoming more and more concerned about alot of our members here.


I'm concerned about the ones that have have alot of knowledge about prepping, and I'm concerned about those that are currently just learning.


Why am I concerned? Wellllllllll...*sigh*...because it *feels* as if there is so much to be done, and so little time. Some of the more experienced preppers don't seem to be putting more time into it, and some of the ones that are still learning, are having to take a crash course. Maybe it's just the *mama* in me, I dunno, but I'm getting nervous and a little worried.


I know that everyone is doing the best that they can, and that's all one can ask of someone else. I know that some are progressing in their preparations very well, and I know that some are unorganized and *reacting*.


I dunno, but I just can't shake this feeling and I can't quit worrying about everyone here...it's like I wanna do more, help more, pitch in more, do whatever I can, and it frustrates me cause I feel that the only thing I can really do is just run my mouth, which I've always done quite well, even in the face of opposition.


This post may not make alot of sense, and that's ok, I just need to say what I said. If there's anything *I* can do to help anyone here by sharing the experiences I've learned, or if there's any other member here who you might feel comfortable talking to, pleasepleaseplease do so.




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You know what I am lately is extremely tired. You know that burnt out tunnel vision kind of feeling. It's awful and I'm afraid I am lagging behind. I'm sure it has to do with lack of light, a little too much stress and alot of confusion.


Question, if you have well water is that going to become contaminated if A/F goes pandemic, even if not? Things like this just burn me out.


Will we have to disinfect our shoes/boots before we come indoors and watch our children like a hawk...when the bird flu hits our country?


I bet I've read what needs to be done and I'm probaby too disorganized with all this info. It is overwhelming!


I worry about the children, naturally.

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Question, if you have well water is that going to become contaminated if A/F goes pandemic, even if not? Things like this just burn me out.

I've been very tired to...
But no I don't think your water would be spreading the flu. As far as I know its spread by bird droppings and under cooked birds and eggs. H2H would be sneezing ect. So I'd say unless there was dead birds in your well it should be ok lol. But if the power goes out do you have a way to get water out of your well? A genarator, hand pump? Our well is 10 to 12 feet deap so we could bail water if need be.
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God Bless you Darlene for your concern.... I appreciate ALL the info here, and am trying to juggle much too, like all of us here....... It seems like we all have alot of private problems, concerns, this getting through this thing called life,,,, so many various weights that pull us down, yet we all still keep trying....It is the fighter spirit in us!!!! And the hand of God that pulls us along when we feel we can't go any longer....

I am so thankful for the canning info here, last night after reading the posts on canning hamburger meats, I was thinking I am going to really try to focus on canning lots of different types of meats (even if some of them don't look so pretty the money spent will be worth it compared to buying at the store..... So many of you here have been a blessing to me, and I feel I am way ahead of the crowd, but the more I do, the more I realize how far I really got to go..... As I was putting up more purchases last nite, my DH said " looks like your coming along on the stocking up, looks like your gonna have to slow down soon though...... Lucky for me my face was turned so he could not see my expression, that would have said" I am just getting started, ain't seen nothing yet!!!! It would have scaired him,,,,,, he will catch on though....

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Boss... I know that feeling. It makes me alternate between wanting to scream, needing to cry, giving up in the face of impending doom (yeah, right! that lasts about 3 seconds) and needing to find more rodent proof storage.


I love you all the more for expressing your concern for us. There are some special folks here dedicated to the cause - that is a great relief, eh?





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I can't thank you all enough for your concern. I also can't thank you enough for the information that is shared here. Right now I am not able to prep the way that I want because of the money thing, but I am still learning what I can from all of you. Just the knowledge that I have puts me ahead of the *crowd*.


Thanks for caring......



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The essence of what I was trying to say was not, as Schoolmarm said, limited to food and water products only and as CeeGee said, some of the preps I personally do require no money, but do require my time...research, self educating, etc.


When I first heard about this bf about 9 months ago and realized it was a viable threat, I immediately went into my infamous MrsSurvival mode...not really stopping much to think or feel, I was on auto pilot. As time went on, and I started to ponder the ramifications of this potential threat, I went through alot of emotions...regret, sadness, fear, urgency, on and on and on. I, too, got burned out between all the work, the planning, the worrying, just everything. A few weeks ago, I dunno, but something just snapped in me. I get tired of listening to me waa waa waa about this or that. I get tired of stressing and worrying and wasting all that energy. Every time I turn around it seems, I get hit with one crisis after another but I just got to the point where I got tired of it, so I started to develop an ATTITUDE!






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