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Thank you, Nana.


This is one area that I am totally lost in. This information will be a tremendous help.


I do have one question regarding the Mucinex. Walgreens has a *generic* Mucinex that is much less in cost. I think that it was under $10 for 60 tablets with 400mg of guaifenesin. Mucinex has 600mg and comes with 20 tablets. Do you think that the *generic* is a viable option? I am not asking to be a pain or contradict any of you advice. I have little to no knowledge of meds and value your advice.







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CeeGee, I'm glad you found that. It sounds like a good deal. I'm going out in a little while to pick up 50 ears of corn, so I'll stop by Walgreens and check it out. I'll post my findings with the next installment. Thanks!

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Believe me, Westie, if there is a generic available and it has the same ingredients, I won't even consider paying for a 'name'! I've even found instances where the generic was better!

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Nana I went to Costco today, and I wanted to let everyone know that they had Kirklands Brand "mucinex" 220 tablets 400 mg for $5.29


225 tabs of Tylenol PM for 14.95

300 tabs Loratadine 10 mg (generic Claratin) for 11.69 for those with allergies and no prescription or to have as a backup for your prescription antihystamine gotta keep the airways clear of inflammation and free of mucus to stay healthy!

1000 (2 500 tab bottles) Ibuprophen 8.99


And some of Costco's yummy muffins

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I would like to add a real handy emergengy bandage that stays put and can also be used to stablise a fracture untill you can get emergency attention. Its called vet wrap, sounds strange for humans put its great stuff. It holds in place in hard to bandage areas, it takes abuse and stays on, great for active kids. You can get it from your vet or any tack store.

Id also add Betadine, its a antiseptic [the brown stuff they paint on you before surgery] Its iodine based so if you have an allergy to iodine its not for you. It doesnt sting either

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Vet Wrap is wonderful stuff. We got it from the vet and from animal supply stores for years before it became available in a Human form......It comes in various widths and sticks to itself when wrapped. Very supportive, and holds bandages securely and has the advantage of being waterproof. It's not reusable though or very rarely can be so is considered disposable. I keep both it and reusable elastic bands on hand all the time. I also keep Betadine which you can usually buy cheaper in large quantities at farm supply stores like Farm and Fleet or Farm King.


This is a great thread. Nana, you have done an excellent job of it again..... Thanks.


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Hi Stacey, the one I have is called Coban self adhesive wrap and is made by 3M. There may be others. You can find it at most pharmacies. Actually, farm supply places like Farm and Fleet usually have it cheaper and it's the same thing. You can probably order it on line also. Be sure to check animal supply companies too when comparing prices online.


The veterinary world really does tend to have a lot of "fun" stuff first. I suppose so they can use the animals for trial runs. I believe they were the first to get Surgical glue. We were using it to repair broken bird wings long before it came out for humans I know.







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I went to Walmart yesterday to get mask and gloves, well...

I went to the first aid section and....they were out of both! are people
actually prepping?

We went to Wal-Mart paint section to get masks too and they were out! Maybe people are starting to get more concnerned. I don't think people are talking about it as much because people laugh at them or they don't want people to know they are preparing. It sure seems that I have talked to a lot of people that aren't preparing. I always try and forward news to them about the development of the bird flu story.
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Thanks for the info on the Swanson flu products...... That is a big help. I know that reducing fever is not a good idea for colds or flu. It is the fever that kills both the bacteria and the virus. We also need to learn the ways of controling a fever to keep it from going to high and to learn what is "to high".

posted by Lois

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I read your post about flu and aspirin. My husband is on blood thinners. I'm worried. It sounds like medicines that thin blood aggravate the flu. He won't like it, but he is going to have to discuss this potential problem with his doctor.

Happy Valley

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HappyValley, if he is on a therapeutic dose of 81 mg enteric coated aspirin daily, I wouldn't be too concerned about it. That is a far cry from the 5 or 10 grain dosages that were suppressing the body's systems in the Spanish flu pandemic.


Enteric coated aspirin doesn't affect the body in the same way that the regular dose of 250 to 650 mg would, because it doesn't dissolve in the stomach but, rather in the lower intestine. It would have absolutely no effect as a fever reducer.


If he is taking Coumadin or some other high potency blood thinner that is based on salicylic acid, then he should definitely have a discussion with his doctor.


FYI, I also take 81 mg enteric coated aspirin daily, and I'm not the least bit worried about it.


For the record, anyone taking prescription medications needs to ask their doctor what to do about the possible effects of their meds on flu, and any contraindications with flu meds.


Thanks for bringing that up!

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Happy Valley, you might consider doing some research on blood thinning herbs to keep on hand to substitute for the warfarin. You would not want to give them WITH the warfarin but they could be used singly or in combination if your husband runs out in an emergency situation. Remember that warfarin will stay in the blood stream for a short period after stopping the medication so you would have to start the herbs cautiously but at least it would be an alternative and some of these herbs are very effective.


Off the top of my head I can think of Garlic, Gingko, Hawthorn, Horsechestnut, Ginger, Turmeric, Dong Quai, and even Blueberries. Start your research by looking up herbal interactions with warfarin as most of the herbs interact by enhancing warfarin's potential because they are blood thinning in themselves or by looking for herbal blood thinners.


Many medicines that are taken today have alternative herbal ones to replace them but be aware that the herbal ones may not be as fast acting or as drastic. For those of you who are dependent on medication for life and who feel they will NOT be able to obtain those medicines, it would be wise to do the research for alternatives ahead of time and be prepared. Be sure to check into homeopathic medicines as well as herbal ones.



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Wonderful suggestions, Mother. Unfortunately, those taking Coumadin absolutely cannot run out of medication. Suddenly stopping this medication can be fatal, and within a few days. I had read that many times but thought it was a little crazy...


then a friend's daughter was trying to force her doctors to change her treatments, and in less than a week, they were fighting for her life in the ER. She didn't make it.


To anyone taking Coumadin; ask your doctor for a prescription for at least 3 months at a time. Also ask for samples, and find out how you can taper off the meds if necessary. Explain your fears about running short of meds. Most docs will try to work with you, if they don't there is another way. Claim your meds didn't come (if mailed) or that they were stolen, or that you accidentally spilled them in the toilet or sink.


I know it's lying and not something I would normally do but... you're talking about a person's life. Do whatever you can- that isn't illegal, of course, to get the additional meds. You shouldn't have a problem as long as it isn't narcotics.

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