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@Annarchy I normally feed mine flour and water each day. The only time mine ever had milk was when I first made it by accident, when starting to make a deep dish pizza (I use milk in that recipe).  If it grew and fell, then it used up what you fed it. Just stir it up and feed as usual tomorrow. It will be fine!

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I started with, 1 c flour, a pkg( 2 1/4 tsp of yeast), a pinch of salt and 1 cup of water, (110*-1120*F), and a full Tbsp of honey. It tripled in siz, then fell to below the mark. DH marked the gallon jar.  


Sour dough= sour milk?



Now, it looks like this:  




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It will become sour as your local native yeasts colonize it. It takes several days. Flour and water should do the trick. You don’t need milk. Mine had milk only because I was not actually setting out to make sourdough. My milk did not ruin it. But creating traditional starter does not require milk.  :)


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Welllp... I killed it— kinda. Pure neglect. I kept thinking I’d get to it. It’d be fine. Nope. Kahm yeast took over. While I know that kahm isn’t *bad*, I don’t feel like messing with it, trying to dig down to the good stuff and feeding possibly more kahm. 🤢 
It’s all fine. Good thing I have more dried that I can restart whenever I feel like it. Right now... I don’t feel like it. 

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