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Come and join us counting our miles


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GOODMORNINGBEARMAKINGORANGEJUICE.gif all of you out there who want to walk and or exercise. smile


Please join in this year and count miles. smile Here are some ways to count miles. smile


Here are some things that count for miles.





Walking and riding you count as many miles as you go, all other things are mostly 1 hour 1 mile. Gardening, mowing and the harder things, 1/2 hour to a mile. Stairs are 10 times down and up, or up and down, will make a mile. smile


Please join in making miles count. smile





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This will be good for me! I just found a good pedometer, and the guidelines will help with other activities. I look forward to posting regularly.


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Glad to have you join us. smile Now where are the others who said they wanted to do more exercising and walking this year. smile


I don't use a pedometer at all, but just try to keep track of the time I walk, (except for walking on the treadmill and riding the bike), and what all I do, then just sort of add them up and go from there. smile


I think I may go back to a chart, as it might be easier to keep track as long as I'm doing more walking and riding. smile



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wave everyone. I'm back. Went to my Mom's and weighed this morning and jawdrop didn't like what I saw. So, we've planned on our walking again. We did running 1/2 mile this morning and will do this a few days, then maybe add another 1/2 mile in the evening. We have to be slow b/c of my back and her medical problems. But I ask that you all pray we do get back on track. Need those prayers please , need to get back in shape. thanks for being here and encouraging us to keep on.
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dancing OK, ok, I am joining the party. I feel steady enough to use the steep stairs outside, and better uncover my total gym again... can also get walking in for sure on Wednesday at lunchtime between classes, and Friday... I know I can walk a mile and a half on gentle slopes and flats right now.

I have been very athletic in the past and have stocky muscles that need a workout again but also dealing with fibro and fatigue.

so, I take up the challenge!


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