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H1N1 at my house too


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I went to the Immediate Care on Monday and I have H1N1. I've pretty much got the common symptoms of it. I've been oinking all around this week. The worst has been the headache and sore throat (I thought I had strep - it was that bad) and the aches. I feel like a semi has run through the house and run me over ! I did get some Tamiflu and hopefully I'll start feeling better soon. I hope my dh doesn't get it.


I had to cancel the family Thanksgiving (wah !!) and I have to stay in until at least Sunday - providing the fever is gone by then. I already had a 22 lb turkey thawing so my dh will have to bake that tomorrow (under my direction of course - lol). I'm going to try for some dressing too but not much else.


I will really miss my Mom. My Daddy died 5 years ago Thanksgiving week and the day is really special to Mom and me. Of course she wants to come up and take care of me - almost 50 years old and you never stop being your Mommy's baby !!

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:pray: for a quick recovery and containment!!
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finklet, I am sorry you are sick. I so far have avoided any cold or flu so far, but others are sick around me at times, some may have had the H1N1. If so, its about the same as you, which is pretty mild, considering ! I had my thanksgiving dinner today at my mha, and I had a good time, but tripped and fell as I was going down the stairs, on the bottom step luckily, so skinned up and bruised and somewhat sprained , cut up cause the plate I was carrying the yam dish on broke and cut up my left fingers some and elbow and knees and knuckles scraped good, but by golly I saved the yams! The yam dish survived and it was well covered with foil so nothing got in it. Im not worried about tomorrow. I know my son is at his dads for Thanksgiving and at Christmas I will see him and meet his beautiful fun wife and her family as they are having Christmas.


But I was thinking of my mom today, she passed after a year long series of terrible illness and disease that hit her real hard, two years ago Christmas morning. My father loved her dearly , we all miss her. Today, I wore her earrings, they are worn, but still ok, and it was just a gesture to let her know I was thinking of Thanksgivings I had had with them as I grew up, and I was thinking , maybe there is some little thing or a certain memory you may have of your dad that you cherish, that you can carry with you tomorrow to signify you are thinking of him too. It could be a favorite little thing he might have given you at some point, that you can slip in your pocket and keep close by you. So whaddya think ? :) I know these earrings, wearing them, to me was my little celebration, and its made me feel good and get over my big OUCHES , because the last time I tore my self up was when I was seven years old! ( Well that time was much worse, I was dripping alot of blood that time! Not as much this time! ) . But it made me think of that! Childhood memories!

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LOL We got a lot of the "oinking" jokes too, and were asked quite often if we had grown curly pink tails... hehehe


I'm so sorry you're sick...my two kiddos, my DH and I all are just getting over this virus. It's no fun. I totally know what you mean when you say you feel like you've been run over. There were several days last week that by the afternoon, I was just curled up on the couch with my son (who was finally feeling better) and my daughter (who had yet to get sick) bouncing on my like I was a human trampoline. LOL It feels like you can barely move, doesn't it? :( I totally hope you get better soon. Cherish your memories of your Mama (remember that she'd want you to rest!), and I hope you enjoy what Thanksgiving dinner you feel like putting together. Bless you, finklet!

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Thank you all for your thoughts. I am feeling better now - not great but better.


Arby - I watched the picture CD that my mom gave me of my Daddy's life - the funeral home did it for her and she gave it to me. I called and talked to Mom and got lots of calls from the family too. I hope you're better from your fall.

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Cool, finklet! Yea, luckily I woke up with my back and the arm much better, so it wasnt really sprained. The scrapes will heal. It was just pretty stunning to me, havent gotten hurt in a fall like that since I was a kid!

( I got good news today too! My son and ex hubby are shipping my dads oil paintings back to me, they had kept them luckily!) If he didnt still have them, I was going to do some horse trading for a good . 357 S&W and ammo, lol, cause I could take it back with me on the train, at Christmas! D has a whole arsenal and it would be fair trade, as those paintings are worth a good bit of money beyond sentimental value. I even have a friend who makes custom picture frames so I will be talking to him. It would finally be so nice to be able to put them up!

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