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I was taught that broth does not contain bones, broth is made from the meat only.


When making stock with bones, yes, some people prefer to crack them. Cracking the bones allows the nutrients in the bone to easily leach out into the stock. Some people also like to include the feet, as it gives a great silkiness, or "mouth feel" to the stock.


A hammer should work nicely. :)

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I automatically put everything in my 'bone broth' pot (aka the small crockpot). It makes for some amazingly delicious broths to nosh on while cooking, to help me keep my (dieting) mitts out of everything else there that I should NOT be eating.

This last week it has been ham-bone broth. Ham bones in, then add the water drained off cooking veggies, the leafy and washed cut off parts of celery, the onion skins (again, washed), and pan deglazing liquids (after refrigerating to remove excess fat). The ham flavor blends well with my home-made fish chowder (from the catfish, drum, bluegills, and whatever other kind of fish I caught)so I use it as a base there, as well as for bean soups of all kinds, vegetarian vegetable soups, and as the liquid used to make gravies & sauces. This broth is ever changing as I add more cooking liquids and consume some almost daily. Oh yes...don't forget to add the liquids drained from canned foods. The shrimp broth from canned salad shrimps (my room mate drains and rinses them, I save the liquids) add a lot to that fish chowder, too. If we bought shell-on shrimp I would throw in the shells too. You just strain out the bits you don't want. Plus the bones can be boiled 2-3 times before the flavor is gone.


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