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Is our fish radioactive?

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So, ya want some sushi tonight? Some Pacific-caught fish (and much we get directly from China) is contaminated with radiation from Japan's nuclear disaster. And it's sold in both the United States and Canada.


...In fact, very soon after Fukushima began to blow, President Obama assured the world that radiation coming to the U.S. would be minuscule and harmless. He had no scientific proof that this would be the case. And as OBriens eight-minute piece shows all too clearly, the see no evil, pay no damages ethos is at work here. The government is doing no monitoring of radiation levels in fish, and information on contamination of the ocean is almost entirely generated by underfunded researchers like Buesseler...

A High school girl was concerned about the nuclear disaster in Japan. When she realized that her Canadian government stopped radiation testing in 2012, she was curious as to possible ongoing contamination, and did her own local fish tests for a school science project.



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Yep, as soon as Fukushima occurred, I stocked the freezer full of salmon and the cupboard full of tuna. We're starting to run low and when it runs out, it's out. I'm not going to buy anymore.

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