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5000 push ups challenge


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My sister who lost 70# and is now rock climbing and running 5ks for fun challenged me to do the 5000 push ups challenge.
You have one year to do 5000 push ups.
You can do them any way you want even if you can only manage wall push ups.
That's 14 push ups a day.
Who's with me in accepting this challenge.

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Hmmm....I was just getting frustrated again with my weak back. On FIRE while I did chores tonite. I MUST remember to strengthen it with just one simple therapeutic exercise with the stretch bands.


I'd be willing to match your challenge with my therapy exercise......five THOUSAND huh? Since I'm starting with 20 at a time and I remember like once every 2 wks.... Ahem....I just divided 5000 by 365 days..... Must do a little over 13 per day. Or do a lot on some days.



MtRider ....mebbe I will try this for motivation. :wave:

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5,000 seems like a million for me.


I've managed one a day, Monday - Saturday. Trying to re-build my strength. I get off the floor and up, but going back down, stopping and going back up has not happened yet. But, I AM trying. One of my hardest things to endure is the back ache that follows me the rest of the day. ~ This too shall pass. ~

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I'm having problems with my shoulder and because of that the PT said just do wall pushup until I build up to the floor pushups.
The goal of the challenge is to build strength. If this was situps it would be beyond me.
I'm looking for a fitness video and I'm thinking a indoor walking video would be good for me until the weather is better so I can get walking outside. A few years ago I was doing 2 1/2 to 4 miles 4 to 5 days a week and I would like to get back to in to that routine. I'm very unfit and I'll be 53 soon. I'd like to build fitness and lose weight by the time I turn 54.

48- 4958 to go.





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Thank you, ladies.... I just did 10 + 10 on my therapeutic back exercise. Guess I'm officially starting today. Had kin come for visit and been gadding about and :0327: the past few days. Home today so I've run out of excuses. It would have been nice for my back to have been stronger with the activities of these past days tho.... :shrug: "Before" did not happen. "Now" is better than "Never" or even "Later".



Does all this in my normal life count? .... cracking ice on goat steps, sweeping snow off paths/steps/trucks, hauling 3 gal water jugs to fill and pour for ducks, taking Big K for her nightly walk...don't know how far but we probably log in some distance....over hills and dales, btw. Plus....we live up FIFTEEN steps on the second floor. That's several downs and ups a day.... Sheeeesh, wonder why I get tired?


MtRider :woohoo: Back is a must for rehab tho!!!

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No work do to a broken water main.
I did 15 counter top push ups today. Burn baby burn.
It's baby steps but I'll take it.
I might try some more latter today but I'll probably have to work Saturday to make up for not working today so I'm doing Saturday chores today.

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Ann...I'm a little confused. In the past when I've followed a thread I've gotten an email notification when someone replied to the topic. Has that changed? I didn't get any notification from any posts in this thread since the first time I posted.

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I am doing the wall pushups, and will try the counter pushups as well.

I have never been able to do the floor push ups..

I think it may be due to the curvature of my spine.


I need to go back to the abdomen exercises... laying on my back

raise my legs straight up slowly and just as slowly lower them.....

or lay on my back and pedal


i am walking....not fast for I am walking in the woods around this, under

that, as I no longer have a path to walk on. This is from from short steep

rises and down steeper or less to gentle rolling land, over or around downed timber.

When Joy gets where she can walk further , I will go back to the two miles on the road,

and increase it to the 5 miles or either walk with out her but she needs the exercise.

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UM....BRB! ..........................................................................................................................................



OK.....I did my 10 + 10 back rehab exercises.




MtRider .....hmmm, this might really work....and I NEED it to work. Tired of being so fragile! :hi:

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I tried the FitnessBlender video yesterday and had to sit with a heating pad on my hip the rest of the night. It's harder then it looks for a total couch potato like me but if I don't get the weight off and improve fitness I'll probably have to have a hip replacement.
When I did the Fitness Blender video to today it was not as bad.
pushups 15

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If you're coming up off 'the couch'....go realllly slow! We each have our own challenge and it must be what we need for our own particulars. Most people need a very balanced set of exercise so the push and the pull muscles [so to speak] both get stretched and strengthened. And it must be at a pace that does not cause injury or strain. Hot pad indicates enthusiasm but strain. Cut it back and you'll be surprised at how you will gradually build up. 'Course you were probably surprised at how far you had to come from too.... You'll get to your goals!


MtRider ....go gofish! but slowly! :cheer:

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