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5000 push ups challenge


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Congrats dogmom4 :bouquet:



Yesterday, MIL took me to a new restaurant. She read a write up in the newspaper and wanted to try it. Quite pricy and the food seemed average to me. Our biggest problem was finding the place. You could see the sign from the road, but when you got into the parking lot, there was nothing. We had to ask someone or we'd never have found it.


My step counter says I did .99 of a mile. More than I thought I did, but MIL's house is twice the size of mine.


Today, we are going to the Woman's Department of the Chamber of Commerce Installment Luncheon at the Woman's Club. The building is an historical building and they have photographs of all the Chairman-Directors on the walls. I love looking at the old photos and comparing the different styles of the various eras. They want me to put the place cards out and other odd jobs. Hoping that will give me more exercise to log. :ph34r:

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Yesterday ended up to be very busy so I had to get in my push ups right before I went to bed. After work today I'm going to serve coffee at the Revive Indiana event at church. Over 400 people from across different denominations worshipping together and praying for our community The number is growing nightly and the radio station is broadcasting the service. Teams are going out daily to pray with and for churches and people in the community. Facebood update there were over 1300 people worshipping last night.

Going to get a workout making coffee for that meny people.

Did 15 more pushups this morning.

Everyone is doing great. Lets keep it up. :cheer:

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All i did was 10 wall pushups. Decided to give myself a break because my tummy is sore from working out. The soreness is not as bad today, so I will try to resume my regiment.


The changing of the guard at the Chamber went well. It was nice to see the Ladies and the new members. Other than that, I spent the rest of the day making a new pair of slippers - finger exercises LOL.


Congratulations Mt_Rider, I knew you could do it. And, yes, I do think working around your home counts. :bouquet:


Have fun today gofish.

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10 wall push ups, 4 sit-ups and 796 steps/.35 miles. Not as much as I hoped for. My tummy screamed at me when I tried to do my sit-ups.


I think 10,000 is awesome, dogmom4.


Today I will not be getting much walking done, 6 hours of driving ahead of me. Time to go re-pack my luggage....

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Besides all the work in the house yesterday - going to have to put a walking

meter on me- which also included climbing on the stool to reach the top shelves,

hanging clothes on the line, we went on our walk through the woods.

Since Wilhe (cat) went with us and demanded to be carried twice.......

I had 12 extra lbs. Not being on the path we do not go the same way twice and

came out a different way from yesterday. We did stop and watch in awe as a huge

flock of turkeys crossed in front of us .There must have been at least 30 and all

looked to be mature. That was the only break we had and the rest of the way

before we turned toward home was very rough.

So I am getting a work out in different ways and did not get my wall push ups done.

I do not feel any different after I do them so I think I am mostly in tone that way.

If I bring in the wood they brought last night........ I will really have all the exercise

I can tolerate for the day.

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I'm trying to work up some motivation to do my pushups today.
Between work the event last night and work today my right side is one massive pain.
Wrist, shoulder,hip knee.



Got this off of Facebook

I've gotten out of bed 365 days a year for 53 years. That's 19345 situps and not ONE ab to show for it.

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:lol: ....no abs here either. Course some days I kinda roll and drop outta bed. :groooansmileyf:


My back has not liked something and has been very reactive to spasms for two days. Hmph! If I have to hold a half-bent position while doing chores or ....tonite while cleaning up cat puke off the chair...and stuff in the chair [nice aim, cat].....then I'm screaming before I'm done.


MtRider :gaah:

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....screaming muscles.... That's not fair, we are trying to upgrade ourselves. I'm inclined to say, 'see what this is doing to me' and I sooo want to quit already. However, I will not quit, I am way too stubborn to let this get the best of me.


Taking a break today, because it is a day of "rest" and because after going to bed last night, I could hardly move without massively intense back and leg pain when tried to move.


Yesterday, during the drive back, I passed an accident that occurred within minutes. The people were barely getting out of the wrecked vehicle, which was facing the wrong way, in the fast lane, after hitting the cement barricade on an overpass. So many cars were not alert and had to break in panic to slow down from 75-80 mph and try to change lanes, within 1/4 mile. A few of the 18 wheelers began driving in the middle of the highway, to stop the cars from cramming in. For the remaining 2 hours of my trip, all the traffic was in hyper alert mode, most of the vehicles I passed had white knuckles on their steering wheels, including me.

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Whew....glad you're home safe, Annarchy. I'm not sure if I increased the exercises too fast or I did something else. But I've quit exercises until this settles down again. I'll catch up with y'all in a few days. Just trying not to 'annoy' the area at this point. This injury has always flared hot immediately if I bend and hold a position of half-bend. OWWWWWW. So going down to knees or other adaptions to avoid that position right now. Or trying to. I do get SO cranky when pain levels are that high. :pout:


MtRider ....not screaming after a good night's sleep but....fragile... :gaah:

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Ann, so glad you're ok! Mt. Rider maybe just stretching for a while? Everybody is doing fantastic! I walked 30 minutes today to make up for missing yesterday. Also did 3 sets of 12 supine marches...was given a bunch of exercises last year to do to strengthen my core. I need to get back to doing them. I am much stronger than a year ago...and in a lot less pain. Keep moving y'all!

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The Revive Indiana event was a hit. We are one of the smallest communities they have come to and their usual turnout is 400-500 attendees. We had 2,123 people of all denominations came together last night. We had communion with Mennonites, Baptists, Amish, Catholics, Methodists, Charismatics, and many more. My church's volunteers have to park at the Mormon church behind us. We have a big church building filled to overflowing, They went thru 65 gallons of coffee and only had to stop because our BIG commercial coffee maker could not keep up.
They have decided to extend the event 45 days.

I didn't do any pushups yesterday. I have done 20 today and I'm planing to do 20 more after work.
Everyone take it easy. We don't want to hurt ourselves with this challenge.

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If you are have back spasms please back off the exercises.

It has taken me years to get away from spasms that would through

me to the floor. I do not know what has caused your back problems

but I know it is the only back you will have!! You know what hurts , to

me pain and hurting are 2 different problems. Pain is a warning!!


Here is a video of exercises you might can do -ONCE your back

has healed from the spasms. I know I could not do all of these exercises

but that is due to MY back problem.



Ann glad you got home safe...driving is definitely a calorie burner! Outguessing the other driver...


gofish this is fantastic! I read Revival started in Texas I wonder how it did down there?

Every state should do this ,every community.

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Yeah, Twilight.....I had JUST said the same thing to Gofish. :busted: Understand, I'd done this one rehab exercise off and on for a few months ...with good results when I remembered to DO them. Too confident and frankly, in a hurry to get stronger. I think I may have increased too quickly.


OR....I did something else that made OWIE again. That is entirely possible too.


Our area is so warm that the abundant snow is melting daily. We are all "doin' the funky chicken" :imoksmiley: on ice. DH fell TWICE in one day. I'm sprinkling dry dirt/grit onto my paths every evening when I feed to cover the water-turning-to-ice. Grit sticks/freezes into the fresh ice and makes nice gritty surface. UNTIL the next day when the sun melts the ice and the grit sinks thru. Then I do it again. I haven't fallen yet but I've skidded and THAT can jerk my currently-fragile back out of place.


I got this rehab exercise from my chiro husband so I know it's applicable for my specific injury way back in August.


I quit immediately when I knew something had gone wrong tho. I will begin again when I don't have to take Nuprin or homeopathic muscle relaxants after bending and holding that position. [am trying really hard not to bend and hold at all!]


Feels pretty good today....so far. Resting it a lot. It doesn't feel bad unless I bend....and that's why I need to strengthen certain muscles DH has identified. Eventually.....


....haven't had any injury this serious since I tipped over the mounting steps at Darlene's 5 years ago [while getting on her horse] and landed my ribs on a rock. Cracked rib is no picnic either. :wacko:


MtRider ....this too shall pass.... Will rejoin y'all when it's ok again....

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Revival did start in Texas. A Amish man heard about it contacted them and set up the event here. This is not just about having meetings the have teams going out and praying over every church in the area. A group took a plane up and prayed over the land they were flying over. People are listening to the prompting of God and asking if they can pray with someone.


If you want to hear some of what God is doing look on YouTube under revive Indiana.


I've been lazy and haven't done any push ups in 3 day.

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Thought I'd cheer for you all. I'm now recovering from landing flat on my back on ice. NOT doing any rehab exercise yet..... :grinning-smiley-044: :grinning-smiley-044: :grinning-smiley-044:


Finding I have more owies than was first apparent. Other shoulder and something in that hand became quite painful. Improving today after DH gave me adjustment yesterday. Shoot! This might take a bit. :motz_6: Bugs me that JUST as I get my motivation together to do the rehab.....WHAM.


MtRider :sigh: This too shall pass...... C'mon y'all. I'll cheer from the sidelines for now.

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