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The Expected and Unexpected


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Morning All!


One of my little brothers flew in on Sunday. We picked him up at the airport in Phoenix and came home. He was very excited to be back in Arizona and said the heat felt wonderful. :blink:


We stayed up late chattering about life that has happened over the past few years. Then, overslept our planned 'rise~n~shine' by an hour. Not a big deal, but we were meeting someone for a swimming adventure. They overslept too.... :whistling:


We all got to our destination and spent the day swimming and watching the animals. Wild horses stayed around our area and a bald eagle found dinner, took it to the top of an electrical pole and stayed around an hour happily devouring, whatever 'it' was.


We got home around the expected time, had dinner and were chattering when we got a very unexpected rain storm. The clouds built quickly and moved in with a vengeance.



We lost power and flooded........... :0327: ........lost shingles, tree branches, buckets were placed to catch the water coming through the roof, and the poor chickens almost floated away. :runcirclsmiley2:



This morning I went out to assess the damage. Wow, what a mess. I am grateful for the water but now have the joy of cleaning up all that got messed up.




..... and happy first day of dove season.... poor, gun shy, Grrr is cowering and shaking in the house......



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2-3 inches/hour, 68+ mph winds. Trees down, lines down, brick walls crumbled, roofs off, with clean-up crews and power crews all over town.


Quite the storm.


Several of our neighbor's houses had rivers running through their homes, on our block. IDK how the rest of the homes fared.




We will probably re-assess the damage to our house and may need to contact our insurance company.


I've been shoveling debris off the sidewalks and porch for hours this morning. DH & my brother said the water flowing through the back yard was knee deep!


Guess who slept through it all..... :happy0203:



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