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Old Man Winter Cometh

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“Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.”  I’m dreaming of a white Christmas....  yeah, right, not here, but I keep dreaming. :happy0203:


Cool this morning, around 40, but a puddle on the hot tub was solid ice. Didn’t seem to have bothered the tomatoes. Even the roses are blooming nicely. Warmed up to 70 by 3pm, with gusty breezes off & on.

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No more snow but very, very cold.  I turn on the EdenPur during the day because it's in the livingroom and the little ceramic heater in the bathroom before I go in to shower etc.  We keep our thermostat at 65 so dressing warmly and keeping fleece blankets and our fleece comforter is a must.  One thing is for sure...when I get up about 3 for a bathroom trip I don't take my time!  That's usually when I take the thyroid pill and then straight to that warm bed. I think there's a lot to be said about the earth returning to it's "cycles".  I remember as a kid we always had l deep snows by Christmas and all the cousins gathered for snow forts etc.  Haven't seen a really big snow fall in our area for many years.

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Today was really cold and "chilly" ... I think the high was 25.  Layered up when we went to Sav-A-Lot to buy some potatoes for canning and then got our tails back home!  We're trying to avoid crowds etc.  Saw on the news a map of which states have the highest incidents of flu...and we're orange...grrrrr!  Also saw where a news woman died from complications of the flu (menengitis etc.) and I'm figuring she probably did take the shot...but they're not talking about that.  

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Yeah...I saw a flu map recently that showed CO and GA in the lead.  I'm not hearing much locally tho.  The flu season has just begun tho.  Yeah....shocking story of that young news woman.  But someone found her in her apt. unresponsive already.  If she'd gotten help earlier....?  :(  Menengitis is bad tho.  Can leave lasting reminders too.


Our weather took a dive these last few days.  Overnite lows are just a bit subzero... Buttoning up the house as soon as the sun sets...with extra blankets over windows and a rug to block draft under the front door.  Dog's bed scrunched up blocks the back door but it's facing the mountain side and doesn't leak wind.  Dog lays there when she wants to be cooler.   XL dog...lotta heat. 


MtRider  ...stay safe everyone.  :frozen:

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Yesterday, the thermometer on our house was about 30*. Everything seemed to have frost on it. Around noon, the temp finally made it above 40. 


By. the end of the day, I noticed a few plant that were effected by the cold. Even tho they were covered. The little tomatoe plant I transplanted and the potatoe sprouts. I brought the tomato in the house, hopefully it will survive. 


We even had icicles......


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As mentioned in a previous topic, the weather here is cold and dreary.  They're calling for some rain tonight and tomorrow but the percentage didn't look like it would.  A friend of hubby's just died the 28th from pneumonia, a complication of the flu.  Like so many, he was at home and didn't realize the seriousness of what was approaching him.  Taking a flu shot by no means one can't catch the flu. Pneumonia is a very quick killer and often mistaken for a cold because of high temps etc.  Very sad, he was a classmate of hubby's and therefore same age...way too young (late 60's). 

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Raining, semi lightly. However, the forecast says by the time it hits TX, it’ll be snow. Snowing all day in northern AZ.  Cool, 45*.  


I think it was sleet for a few. Plants are covered, bit the sheets are soaked and they are saying the low will be near 28*. Hard freeze. 


The poor tomato plant, now in the house, is hanging in there, it’s leaves are gonna die, but the stem seems strong, so far. 


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Cold and not much sunshine.  Put up some vegetable soups (quarts) so the kitchen heated up and spread through the house.  After I use my oven (for baking etc.) I turn it off but I leave the oven door cracked open to "share some heat" in the house.  We'll take every BTU we can get! :thumbs:

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They said mid 20’s-30’s for our lows. Yesterday, it was clear in the morning them cloudy off & on the rest of the day. 


Crystal clear this morning, brrrr....


Weather forecasters are predicting rain here, and snow in the mountains, by Monday. 

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Weather forecasters are calling for LOTS of snow this weekend.  Told hubby "we better get done what we think we'll need done because we may have to hunker down here for a few days"...no one to plow us out, and we're not ready to hunker down at the homestead...no bathroom (other than the compost pot) and no bed in the bedroom.  Would be kinda tough both of us sleeping on a loveseat! LOL 

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Yes I can.   :24:


Plus my mind threw Ms. Abby Girl into the mix. I can just see you and Mr. holding on for dear life while Abby is all sprawled out with her legs nudging you both closer and closer to the edge. 


There's a visual for ya. Kind of like those Marmaduke comics.

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It's been snowing pretty heavy for several hours so if we don't need to get out we won't.  Hopefully by Monday or so they'll have the side streets cleared and hubby can get to the homestead house and shovel the walk etc. there and work on the bathroom.  We will need to get to the Roost eventually to "make foot prints" from the street to the door so nobody gets any ideas about nobody being around.  

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1 hour ago, The WE2's said:

We will need to get to the Roost eventually to "make foot prints" from the street to the door so nobody gets any ideas about nobody being around.  



That's a very good policy, WE2's.  I've done that for a couple different neighbors around here.  Driving in and out and walking around. 

MtRider  :pc_coffee: 


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So far we've accumulated about 12 inches of snow...but I think it's stopped...for awhile.  Our friend that was supposed to fly out today for her trip to Spain couldn't get her regular flight, so she's scheduled for tomorrow.  The airport nearest us had a plane slide off the run way yesterday so that airport is closed, and the one she was going to use.  We're just hunkered down.  They're working on the roads and the one out front looks like it's pretty cleared, but the side streets...they won't get done for awhile.  Several friends in the area of the Roost have been without power, and my sis here in this city has been without power since this morning.  The Roost is extremely well insulated so it shouldn't hurt that the fan on the furnace won't kick on to heat.  My sis lives in the country and is on coop electricity and the coop's around here are the first to fail and the last to get fixed.  Guess it's a money thing?  Anyhoo...stay warm all of ya's who are blanketed with this stuff!

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Oh wow. Those pictures really tell a tale. :frozen:

Glad you are safe and sound and warm. 


I told son to drive to the Indy house once or twice when ever they get a big snow just to show tracks in the driveway.


I hope it isn't the same with all coops. I have no choice but to be on one in Indy. Oh well, that's what we prep for, huh!

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Poor kitty....




It was a nice day here. Mid 60’s. Cleaned house & was able to get the laundry done. Covered them on the last load, because the clouds were stacking up and they are saying snow above 5,000’. 


Little brother, drives big trucks, said he stopped in Tennessee, because the storm was hitting him hard. He has to get to MI tomorrow. 


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Wow...snow is pretty but what a mess in your section of the country, WE2.  You're all warm and safe till it gets cleaned up!  :thumbs:  I'm going to email my friend in the middle of MO.  She preps too.  Likely helping neighbors. 


We finally have bright sunshine after none for 2-3 days.  We've had some snow but nothing like what's heading east.  Doppler Radar page totally failed me.  I guess our snow didn't rate being shown in blue on the map....I'm confused!  :scratchhead:  I can time when to go feed critters between thunder storms in summer by checking Doppler.  Hmph!


Yeah, Annarchy....truckers are really pushed to make the company  $$$ and without SOME protection from the regulators, they'd be driving while sleeping.  :(  Praying 'little brother' has a safe drive to MI.  :pray:  


Saw a couple of our little "neighbors" yesterday.  The biggest, fatest [PG?] rabbits I've seen up here popped out from under some stuff we have under a tarp.  They used to live under the hot tub while we ran that.  Livin' the high life.  No nasty burrow for them.  :)  Since we carry hay up around the corner to goat house, the 'drippings' are probably cleaned up too. 


MtRider  :pc_coffee:

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