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I just went out to pay the cable bill. That bill comes at a strange time and I'm usually late. I'm not paying any more late fees so I went to AT&T to pay it. I got there just in time. Anyway...it looks like it's going to turn messy. It's snowing with a lot of moisture mixed in. Very wet heavy snow. It's likely to freeze over and be icy. To be honest, if the Dairy Queen wasn't right next door to AT&T I probably wouldn't have gone out. :blush:


I wonder how Mt. Rider is dealing with her weather this year?

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The snow plow went by an knocked my mailbox almost all the way over. Sigh. It would have been better if they would have knocked the whole thing down. How to get it upright again? I don't have a clue. :motz_6:


These snow plow drivers drive like a bat out of hades and the force of the snow takes out mail boxes all over the place. Really upsetting. My mailbox is one of those Rubbermaid kind that sits over a 2x4 (I think) and it's been bolted on for over 25 years and sunk 6 feet down in the ground. It will be fun trying to get that thing out. Might be easier to just cut it to the ground and start over.  :angry:


Dang I'm mad.

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I looked on my towns website:


"The city shall not be responsible for any damage to mailboxes, garbage cans, landscaping or other objects located within the city right of way during the course of snow plowing operation."


I know, I know. It's been over 8 hours and I'm still fuming over that stupid mailbox.   :P

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We got a little bit of snow Friday but it melted off too. There for awhile it looked like a real blizzard was roaring out there. A reminder of things to come I'm afraid. The grass needs mowed one more time but now it's wetter than ever out there. I'm not stressing over it. It will or it won't.


It sure is cold though. I don't have a winter coat yet. I have a dressy-er one but not an everyday one. We have a Burlington Coat Factory over here that I'll check out this week. Along with Sears, Penney's, TJ Max and Marshalls. Did I mention this before? It sounds familiar but I don't remember where I heard it. Here or else I said it to my DIL. I'm addle brained.

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60 degrees outside.  Perfect sleeping weather.  I woke up drenched in sweat.  Of course I did.  Insulation means the inside of the house peaked right before sunset and only went down by one degree in the hours since.  Cooled my bed room by opening windows and setting a fan, but I have to cool off the body too or I'll just heat my bed back up before I can get to sleep.

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We ended up with about 4 inches total, and it's been in the low teens.  Staying warm.  Put another heavier fleece comforter on top of the fleece blanket.  Having the wool blanket between the sheet and memory foam/gel mattress has definitely made a difference there. We didn't even step out the door today other than to exit the back kitchen door to the enclosed back porch...to let Abby-girl out to take care of her business, which didn't take her long to do! :laughkick: Just bathed, put on our sweat pants and sweat shirts, heavy socks and "did nothing" except watch some youtube stuff and read. I still have a sink full of dishes, but they'll wait til tomorrow.  I try to wash dishes one a day since it's only just us two.  Doesn't seem right to run a sink of hot water and dish soap and then rinse for 2 plates and whatever pans/pots I use.  So...I rinse them off spray them with some diluted dish soap (I keep a small spray bottle on the sink with diluted dish soap for spraying) and set them in one of the side sinks. 

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Sicker than a dog!


I just clicked on for a minute to check my mail and Mrs. S. Must be the flu of some kind. My head is killing me, my eyes are sore, my glands are swollen, throat feels like razor blades in there, stomach is upset, muscles ache and so do my bones. Back is breaking (nothing new) I have a fever and chills. I'm sneezing and have gone through nearly a box of kleenex. Oh and a nasty cough. I alternate between the heating pad and the fan. 


I'm miserable! On the plus side..we had 11 new puppies born this week end at SDP. One is just as cute as the other. Squeeeee. That will keep me occupied between naps. 

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Oh my Jeepers!  That crud did try to come creeping to our home shortly after we came back from our trip to TX, but we were able to run it off.  Hubby even developed a case of "thrush" (?) and we sent it packing by having him rinse his mouth twice a day with liquid coconut oil with 10 drops of Clove essential oil, and then brushing his teeth.  We both began dosing with Elderberry syrup, Vitamin C, Echinacea, and him drinking "Throat Coat" tea (available at most WM) and me my coffee.  I didn't have any symptoms but dosed up right along with him!  Prayers sent immediately on your behalf! 

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Winter returned to our area like a whirl wind.  It rained all day and then turned to snow about 4 pm...but the winds are awful.  Gusting up to 40 mph.  So far I think we've accumulated about 4 inches.  The snow plows are making regular runs down this street (it's a snow route) getting things ready for those who have to get out in the morning to go to work.  The road at the homestead is not a snow route so it won't get cleared for some time...unfortunately.  Hubby finished "remodeling" his leather recliner but with the snow we're not able to bring it home from the garage.  Sure glad he to roofing work done on the elderly lady's home.  He'll work inside to finish the drywall work and install her new bathroom exhaust fan.  Probably some other stuff but not outside for sure in this kind of weather.

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I keep expecting my weather to turn ugly any day now. It was up to 50 degrees here today. I heard some of the neighbors out with leaf blowers. I'm done for the season though. I have the Sta-bil gas in the mower. I'll try starting it up once a week during the winter so it will be ready for next spring. It was too cold for that to work last year. It died around mid January. Wonder how many times the snow plow will take out my mail box. If they would just slow down a little.  Sigh. 

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