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To cook the perfect smoked meat, you may consider a smoker that can provide the right temperature and constant smoke. Choosing Best Electric Smokers means best smoked food to enjoy with friends or family.

Smoking refers to cooking meat at a very low temperature of about 67-177ᵒ F for a complete day or more than one day. Whereas, in BBQ, the meat is cooked at a normal temperature for about an hour or two. And for grilling, you cook the meat at a high temperature for a few minutes. For smoking your meat, traditional charcoal smokers are available but they are not easy to deal with. Thanks to electric smokers, it is possible now to smoke meet without any hassle.


Masterbuilt 20078715



Masterbuilt has been serving backyard meat fanatics for a long time now. It is a well-known brand that has been around for decades. This latest smoker by Masterbuilt has changed the smoking game with its attractive pros and features. The taste of the meat cooked by this beauty will be just like the traditional charcoal smoker, which is a plus point as the best and natural taste always comes from a charcoal smoker.

Extensive cooking space: The best feature of this product by Masterbuilt is that it is huge due to its 975 square inch extensive cooking space which can hold up to 12 chickens at a time on its 4 racks. The racks are durable chrome coated with the best build quality. They are less prone to producing hot spots on your meat which allows you to place it anywhere on the racks without considering the center position.

Full foam insulation: The Masterbuilt Electric smoker is fully insulated to make sure the heat produced remains inside. Smoking requires a constant temperature to get the meat cooked properly. Masterbuilt ensures that you serve the best-smoked food to yourself and your guests.

Remote control: It’s got a remote control as well to monitor the temperature of the meat inside the device. This feature can come in handy in long cooking sessions where you have to constantly keep checking the temperature and the condition of the meat.

LED display: The LED display on the Masterbuilt allows you to easily determine the current temperature of the unit. The display is quite great and the figures can be seen even in bright daylight.

Digital control panel: The amazing digital control panel on the device allows you to easily adjust the temperature according to your needs. The digital control panel works fine and is a convenient way to increase or decrease the temperature as per need. The digital controls are better and accurate than the old analog gauges.

Wood chip box: Another great thing about the Masterbuilt 20078715 is that the wood chips can be easily loaded into the unit through the smooth side panel. This method doesn’t let the internal temperature of the smoker disrupt because there is no need to open the front door.

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:welcome: David Austin, thanks for the review on that meat smoker.


I do all my smoked meat in a wood smoker, it’s probably 30 years old.  I’ve spent years learning the fine art of time, heat, and quantity of smoke necessary.  Electric is very expensive around here.  

We noticed that the sporting goods stores are focusing on electric and propane smokers.  We didn’t see any wood smokers in their stock.  

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We have 2 neighbors that have them.  I had been looking at them but things went by the wayside when DH got sick.  Maybe in a couple of months I can start looking around again.  I remember my grandparents having a smoke house. Didn't know how it worked as they stopped smoking meat in there when they got older and I wish I had asked granddaddy about that. Of course he is gone on to heaven now but I am sure there are books on how those worked.  It was the size of a small shed. 

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2 hours ago, David Austin said:

I have found a site for you. Click here to check. Your favourite Electric smoker. 

Nope, I'm looking at the small type that I can literally set on the stove with the fan going.  Too hot out here to be doing it outside during the summer.

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