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Wine Salt

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Wine salt is exactly as it sounds – salt that’s infused with concentrated wine.  It is used as a seasoning and can be used anytime you’d use salt.  



  • 750 ml (1 bottle) red wine. 
  • 1-1.5 cups of coarse sea salt 



  1. Simmer wine to reduce.  Watch carefully as it nears the end.  I reduced this to around 1 tablespoon.  It was a neat process the liquid looked like wine until it neared the end when it suddenly changed into a very thick syrup.
  2. Pour 1 cup of salt into the pot.  Stir to absorb the wine.  It won’t absorb all of it but if there’s excess wine at the bottom of the pot, stir another half cup in.
  3. Spread on a plate (this allows air to circulate) and allow the air to complete the drying process (or put the plate in the dehydrator overnight to speed up the process).  
  4. Toss the salt with a spoon every once in a while to prevent clumping/ sticking (it can be broken apart if it does stick).
  5. Store in a covered jar.
  6. That’s all there is to it!  If the salt doesn’t get completely dry you can continue to use it; if that bothers you, add more salt and it will eventually absorb all of your liquid.


May be an image of text that says 'Wine salt exactly as sound salt that's infused with concentrate wine. used as seasoning and can be used anytime you'd use salt. I'm especi excited about usin for Balad dressings. rubs and delicate dishes. It will add a touch of acidity. tonne of flavor and all the flavor benefits of salt.'




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