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Exterior color ideas?


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Hi. I inherited my brothers little house upon his recent passing and I have never owned my own home. I have several things on my list of updates like get those stumps removed, have the hedges removed and replaced with mulch or stone and I'd also like to get rid of the brown and liven it up some. The house being a light yellow has me confused though. Please give me some opinions on color schemes for this exterior without me having to change the siding licensed house painters near me. I'm a guy so I want it to be modern and not too "girly." I was thinking I would have to paint the window trim and roof trim though if I go with a new color for the shutters. Any help and ideas are greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Depending on the area you live in. I might recommend, earth tones, highlight the trims a complementary color.  Nothing too bright or dark. Dark colors absorb heat…. Unless you want the heat.  I’m not a fan of yellows for houses..  ours was pink, inside & out!  A couple of rooms were over painted cream & green..  yikes



Our choice, here in the Deep South AZ desert, was a light sandy color for the house and a very light olive green…..  we had to cover the pink it was before, so the light green really helped.  

Our next door neighbor, went with a dark grey…we actually can feel the heat radiating off of it, in the summer.  Their AC runs 4 times as much as ours.


Hope that helps you decide on your colors, maymayms.  


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We got many complements on our repainted white with pine green trim house - it had been gray.  My husband and I were renting and the landlord liked it a lot (and voluntarily paid for the paint & brushes before we asked!)  The white was traditional and the green looked nicely outdoorsy.  We were trying not to get too gender-ized (is that a word???) with colors.

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I used to love bright colors until I happened to live in a house where the main color was orange. It was very hard on the psyche. When we turned on the lights in the rooms. white things looked peach. When there was a beautiful orange sunset, the house looked bad in the rays of the bright sun. I agree with others that pale green is a very good color.

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:welcome: Debbiere!  

Wow, orange….  Our house was painted pink….inside and outside. Even the appliances were pink, however, the countertops were yellow tile. Quite the combination with maroon tinted cement floors.  :grinning-smiley-044:

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Hi Debbiere  :hi:

Welcome to Mrs. Survival! We're glad you are here!


My color palette is boring. I like browns, taupes, creams and grays. I accent with black. I framed all the pictures on my walls with black mats. That sounds pretty bad, huh!?  Maybe I should throw something red in the mix. The outside of the house is gray. I like it okay but I would have picked dark taupe if I would have had a choice. Now I'm envisioning a big black cloud sitting over my house like the Addams Family.  Sheeesh. 

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Welcome to the forum Debbiere.   My house is brick, but I have seen houses, and most were farmhouses that were white with yellow trim, or they were painted yellow with white trim. There are many different shades of yellow so would have to see which one you like best.  Also, you can go online to paint colors for outside paint to see which ones you like the best. I have seen some houses that were green with white trim and some blue with white trim. 

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