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New Lids From Tattler

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Excitement, disappointment and then back to guarded excitement again.     


I just read where Tattler was coming out with a new lid. It will be metal and 'ping'. Woo-Hoo. But then I read on where they said it will be disposable. Darn. I associated Tattler with reusable. So it isn't really a new lid at all. It's a metal disposable lid just like the Ball lids.


BUT, they will be made in the USA so that is a huge plus. And thicker! 


After Ball sold out to China their lids became substandard. The sealing compound became very thin and some lids warped during the canning process. I think Tattler was actually listening to canners issues and are trying to build a better mousetrap. They about have to be better than the newer thinner Ball lids. Sutton Daze really pushes the Forjars lids (she is an affiliate) but they are made in China too. For the record, I never tried them. I still have 4 sleeves (2 wide mouth and 2 regular mouth) of lids from Lehman's plus about 50 boxes of Ball lids. 


I wish Tattler nothing but the best. If it works out, I THINK they will be the only lids made in the USA. Goodness knows I don't need lids but I will buy some to try out to see how they measure up. Bet they will be expensive though.  :unsure:



Exciting News at Tattler!

**Exciting news from Loren Stieg; the inventor/creator/developer of Tattler Reusable Canning Lids ~ The Original Since 1976** Loren C. Stieg is announcing the launch of a new TATTLER Product. The product is an American made disposable metal home canning lid. Now, you the canner, have the best of both worlds! The Tattler version of the metal disposable lid will carry the same integrity and reputation as the name Tattler; which you have grown to trust over the last 46 years. The new lid design will be thicker and more rigid for added confidence of successful canning. The BPA free undercoating will be similar to that on conventional medal lids.  ‘AND’ to the delight of metal can lid users ‘THEY WILL ‘POP’ when sealed, WHOOT!!  At this time projected production will be somewhere early to mid September/October 2022.

Tattler Reusable Canning Lids – Tattler Lids



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Speaking of lids, I was watching Deep South Homestead, and Wanda was canning pears. She was given some Forjars lids and some brand called Superb lids. She has used the Forjars  a few times before and never had a problem with them. She has used the Superb lids before and had a number of issues with them. They sent her some new and approved Superb lids to re-try and one of them buckled after being in a water bath canner for only 25 minutes.


Start watching at 17:18  if you only want to see about the jar lids. The results are at 29:56.  

Did We get SKUNKed? |Canning Pears | Homestead Day - YouTube


So, if you see some of the Superb lids for sale, you might want to pass them by. I'm not going to chance them especially since I do mostly pressure canning. 


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When I first saw them I thought they looked pretty good. The sealing compound looks a lot thicker which I liked. Maybe that is what is causing the issue though. Don't know. And they are molded a little differently. Wanda's review up above is the first time I had heard of them. According to her, it was the second time she had issues with them and she got them free for a review. Twice.


I don't follow their canning method such as putting jars in the oven (Ball says not to because they are made for wet heat not dry heat and can weaken the jars over time. Something about tempering. If I want a hot jar I fill them straight from the dish washer. And me with a hot jar in an oven would end up in blisters... often. Did you see Danny struggle with the second one? Oh h3ll to the no!  :grinning-smiley-044:) and they cover the hot jars from the canner with a towel (slow cooling can cause flat sour) but aside from that, I've learned a lot from them.  


Also the 'Lehman Lids' in the sleeves from the past, pre-2019, are not the lids the person in the link above is citing. Those lids were just like the Ball lids without any writing on them and they had the red rubber gasket on them. Lehman's may have lids back in stock after 3 years, but they are not the same ones they used to carry in the sleeves. I THINK this is the first time they have sold the Superb lids. 


I'm not putting them down! I've never used them. But I am paying attention to what I saw on Wanda's video. For me, food is too expensive and too much work to chance more failed lids than usual. 



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On 8/10/2022 at 10:26 PM, Jeepers said:

Sutton Daze really pushes the Forjars lids (she is an affiliate) but they are made in China too. For the record, I never tried them. I still have 4 sleeves (2 wide mouth and 2 regular mouth) of lids from Lehman's plus about 50 boxes of Ball lids. 



Let's Talk FORJARS Canning Lids



Tonight we have the Forjars Family joining us to answer your questions and talk about their business.




Something I just noticed about the ForJars lids................... the underside of the lid is NOT bare metal, but has a polyethelene COATING on them. I think this may make a significan difference on some jarred items.




BTW - The math works out to each lid costing $0.03 no matter what amount or combo of sizes you purchase.

They are also availale on Amazon (smaller quantities) for the same price/lid, but if you have Prime you also save on the shipping cost.


ForJars on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/stores/FORJARS/page/6637CB3E-CBB7-49D0-B552-5CA553BCB87F?ref_=ast_bln

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I've always liked Sutton's Daze and I've learned a lot from her channel. But I lost some respect for her when she tried to go after Rose Red's channel. It wasn't pretty on her part. 


I haven't really paid that much attention to the underside of canning jar lids, but I don't think I've ever seen one that was bare metal. Any lid I've ever used had the white BPA free coating on them. Come to think about it, I'm pretty sure I would have noticed if it was bare metal. 


Regardless, if I needed lids, I would definitely try the Forjars based on all of the other reviews. Keeping in mind that most all brands of lids can have a failure once in awhile. 


I'm also anxious to see the reviews on the disposable Tattler lids when they come out. 

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8 hours ago, Jeepers said:

I've always liked Sutton's Daze and I've learned a lot from her channel. But I lost some respect for her when she tried to go after Rose Red's channel. It wasn't pretty on her part. 

Yeah, it wasn't direct, but I definitely knew who she was talking about. BUT, if I hadn't also watched both channels I would not have known what she was talking about. 

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I'm late to the conversation, but - I've been using the ForJars brand all summer and I have to say I've been quite impressed by their quality. Over the course of the summer, I've gone through close to 600 lids and I think I've only had 4 failures total. Compare that with the past several years of 2 or 3 PER CANNER LOAD with Ball, Kerr, and Golden Harvest - I'll stick with these for now. I'm very curious about the new Tattler ones... somewhere I read that they will be used with the regular rubber gaskets? That person may have had incorrect information, though. It will be interesting to see!

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I have been buying up the reusable tattler lids and have had great results with them. I am still using up the other lids but now buying up tattler lids for reuse. Over time you might need to replace the rubber gasket, and I have been buying several boxes of those for when I do need to replace a gasket but so far, I have reused some of those lids about 6 or 7 times and the gaskets are still holding. We have had issues before not being able to find lids and they are still hard to find around here. Food Lion has stopped carrying both the jars and the lids. I have seen some in a few places but still not many. So, I think I am going to stick with the reusable tattler lids but might order a few of those ForJars brand to see how they do.

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Wish they would sell a 12 pack of just the lids.  They are not cheap. But looks like the reviews are pretty good. Something to think about. Need to inventory what I have as soon as I finish up in pantry. Will be putting all my canning supplies in there so I can see what I have and what I really need. Trying to reduce the number of trips to stores too once a month. So having everything organized, I can see just what I need to fill in and not play guessing games like I have had to do for almost a year because of construction. Yeah! couldn't find things I needed because of so much having to be packed up, so would just go out and buy what I needed. Now things will be so much better. 

Jeepers turning a bedroom into a full-blown pantry was the best idea I had. Working out great. Two more smaller shelving units will be put up tomorrow. And I will be going through my spices and get them on one of those shelves. Plus, a lot my canning supplies will be on there. 

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