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  1. Ambergris, you added to it while I was typing XD ^^ I would know immediately because I get up at 5am. Having lived in the deep south for most of my life, I would find it EXTREMELY suspicious that the urban areas are keeping power while the rural goes out. It is usually the exact opposite for everything from terrorist attacks to natural disasters due to the way power grids are laid out--especially in the southern and southeastern states. I too, would be convinced that my own government was doing it because of timing and location. If the cell towers are still working, I would call my husband at the base and see what is going on. If they are down or after I call my husband, I would turn on the emergency radio and see if any station is broadcasting on FM or AM. While that was going on, I'd clean and check my 'cold food' list to see what needed to be canned if it thawed. I would turn on the camper fridge and move anything important out to it. I would lock the doors, put on a gun holster and gun, then continue to clean and make a list of things that needed to be done while I waited for my husband and kids to come home. Even If I knew about the stores, I do not leave the house and I do not buy perishables even though I keep a lot (by anyone's standards) of $5 on hand. I know that I am currently stocked for about 8 months on dry goods alone, and canning the currently thawing frozen items will increase that by at least 4 months if I get it all done. We all have plenty of gas, so I don't care about the gas station. I might buy an extra propane tank for the camper if the husband comes home early. I don't worry much about fire because everything around here is soaking wet and rain is in the forecast for most of the week, and most of the year usually. I turn the well from pump to manual just in case. The well water would have to be distilled to be drinkable because of iron content, but it would be useful for everything else. When I run out of bottled water (I have enough for drinking purposes for about 3 months,) I do have the equipment/knowledge to distill the well water (or make alcohol if I got bored.... ^^) I would expect the kids home at 2:45 and 4:15 and the DH between 3-4, though I would expect him home much earlier if I was unable to contact him. Mostly I'd be walking around freaking out about having to wait and trying not to 'accidentally' shoot MIL as she got in my way.
  2. Rock painting is fun XD Agoraphobia is the fear that I'm going to be trapped somewhere either physically or by social standards and cannot escape. Mine is compounded by the possibility of doing or saying something embarrassing (stupid things that most other people would not find embarrassing.) Not leaving the house is advanced, severe agoraphobia. I rarely leave the house to go anywhere other than kid's school appointments or doctor appointments without my husband. Having him there is a buffer for me. The panic attacks are pretty much guaranteed if I leave the house --well past possible and even if my husband is with me. He helps me manage them until we get back home. Things that tend to 'set me off' are : not knowing exactly where I am going, not knowing the exact process expected from me, unfamiliar protocol for anything, any confrontation of any type, me thinking that I'm saying the wrong thing, talking to anyone about something being wrong (like a waiter and my food,) going anywhere I haven't been before, having to deal with more than 5 people. Confrontations in my home, online, over the phone, etc. all also cause panic attacks that make my heart race, my blood pressure soar, my entire body shake, and I begin to stutter and exhibit pronounced tics. It is a really crappy, lonely mental illness, but I get by. On the plus side, it really feeds into Preeping. My MIL is definitely an issue here at the house. Right now, I'm basically living upstairs and not leaving my room except for very fast trips to the kitchen to prepare food at dinner and even that is abbreviated at the moment. She didn't used to be as horrible to live with as she is now, but she has gotten worse over time. It does not help that I cannot take my anti-anxiety medication because I'm pregnant. So, that is a ton of extra stress. This problem is not 100% MIL's fault, but she was never supposed to live with us forever and it has just evolved into an untenable situation for me.
  3. I stayed with my first husband for 14 years because everyone around me said 'divorce' was a dirty word. Staying with someone who continually treats you badly is the insanity. It isn't enough to love someone to stay with them -- they have to love you enough back to treat you with respect. I'm agoraphobic and very non-confrontational, so leaving is my best option if DH refuses to deal with the problem. Fortunately, I'm very plan-orientated and have 3 sets of back up plans for every contingency. MIL said something to him this evening to stir the pot and he told me that he is going to move up the timeline as soon as we are over this cold. I just want things to go back to low stress; I need the peace.
  4. Hopefully he will speak to her and it will work out soon.
  5. The baby is doing well. It has a heartbeat and moves on the ultrasound. Everything is right on track and we are feeling very blessed. My MIL....well she either needs to find a new place to live or I will. She ended up coming back to us after less than 2 weeks of being with her brother. DH says he will do something about it by June when the kids get out of school and go down south for the summer. We have gone to counseling over it, the kids and I are in regular counseling about it. Long story short...she keeps saying highly inappropriate things to my kids, DD10 & DD15, and putting them in the middle of her 'problems' with us. She complained that I needed to cook for her (she is more picky than the most spoiled 2 year old you will ever meet) and that I needed to be social and entertain her. I say she needs to get out of my house and get her own life (she does NOT have health issues preventing this.) So...I'm getting a new baby, but I may end up with a divorce because this 5 year issue with the MIL is a deal breaker for me. I was willing to put up with her insanity when it was only directed at me, but I'm not willing to let her drag my kids into it.
  6. I spent the last 2 weeks mostly using up produce and freezer items on my plan to clear then defrost and restock the freezer. I didn't make anything ambitious and the girls took over cooking and finishing most of the meals once I got things started. Peanut Chicken & cabbage over rice with fruit salad (frozen chicken, frozen cabbage) Cajun Confetti Rice (rice with smoked sausage, okra, onion, bell pepper, celery, & tomatoes) (frozen sausage & veg) Tacos & refried beans (frozen ground beef) Baked Cubanos, chips (frozen rolls, frozen cooked pork) Beef Soup & Cranberry Muffins (frozen soup from last year) Tomato Soup & Grilled Cheese Teriyaki Chicken with rice and broccoli (frozen chicken, broccoli) Italian Chicken with Macaroni (chunks of chicken breast, sautéed with onions, bell peppers, sundried tomatoes, mushrooms, artichokes & celery in a butter & rosemary sauce)(frozen chicken & some of the veg) Baked beans with weenies over cheese fitters with potato salad (frozen cheese, baking mix from freezer) Enchilada casserole (frozen a few months back), garlicky black beans (frozen), Mexican rice, fresh pineapple (sale .89 at aldis!) Leftover Buffet several times (I put all the leftovers on the counter and everyone makes themselves a plate of whatever to microwave)
  7. I have a black thumb. I kill everything except rosemary and dill. The rosemary does well, and the dill transplants itself all over my yard. Last year we had some growing up in the gutter on the 2nd story. I started out with just one plant, but over the last few years, I think I have enough to go commercial with it now --and it wasn't on purpose.
  8. This last week we ate: Taco Soup Chicken Tikka Masala, Rice, Salad Shredded Carnita meat sandwiches with homemade pineapple guacamole & Chips Peanut Chicken & Cabbage Slaw over Coconut pineapple rice. Leftovers of all of the above and some take-out Chinese.
  9. I'm sorry about your MIL. I'm sure she is in a better place. Congrats on the new baby.
  10. I love azaleas. I really miss the garden I had when I was in Mississippi. I haven't been able to get hardly anything to grow up here. I had a large potted banana that I left with my mother because it is too cold here and it is still doing well. Fresh bananas are always wonderful to have.
  11. euphrasyne


    My DD16 is hearing impaired, ADHD, and has an executive functioning disorder. She will probably live with me for the rest of my life. We went through several therapists over the years and I think some actually made it worse. We are blessed that we found this one. The differences have been night and day since finding him and I kick myself for trying to make the last one work when she obviously wasn't helping.
  12. euphrasyne


    I have several of the same issues. Some days I just have to sit back and decide that I am going to have to let something go. Sometimes that is standards my family tries to keep and sometimes it is my mind. We put my oldest in counseling and found an excellent therapist. I think it has saved my sanity and my blood pressure.
  13. The smell of eggs didn't bother me with any of the other kids, so I'm not sure how long it will last. I'm really hoping this passes soon. Nausea is usually a 1st trimester thing, but I had it for my entire pregnancy with DD10. Dinner last night: We ate out again because my late afternoon nap ended when someone woke me up at 645 asking about dinner. :/ I have a 5p dinner alarm on my phone but someone turned it off so I could get extra rest. We went to Longhorn Steakhouse, so the hubbs didn't mind too much. Dinner tonight: Baked brown sugar pork chops, green beans with bacon. I also made hash brown casserole for everyone not me.
  14. The meatloaf and carnitas sound like good ideas. I had forgotten about carnitas and the family loves them. I can't do any pasta at all so Mac & cheese and lasagna are out. I had a gastric bypass about 3 years ago and even one bite of pasta just comes right back up immediately. Occasionally I still make homemade pasta (I have a pasta maker attachment for my mixer) and people love it, but I can't even taste it to see. :/ I've found that spiralizing (got that attachment too) veggies like squash works very well for a 'fake' pasta but it doesn't freeze well at all. I use almond flour in my pie crust for quiche and pot pie, but it makes a lousy pizza crust.
  15. The hilarious part was that husband had cooked the eggs and they made me start heaving from the other end of the house. He had to take his plate and the pan he cooked them on out to the back porch to eat them. I would have appreciated the guilty look on his face while he scarfed them down more if I hadn't been hugging a trash can.
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