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  1. euphrasyne

    What’s For Dinner 2019

    Sunday was pork roast with sweet potatoes and green beans Monday was carnitas with some of the leftover pork roast, chopped tomatoes, avocados, tortillas, & rice Tuesday was breakfast of eggs, sausage & cinnamon rolls (because people were tired of pork) Tonight was more of the leftover pork roast shredded with BBQ sauce served on hamburger buns, with some fruit that needed to be finished off. (we had a veggie plate for lunch). Those bolillo rolls look amazing.
  2. euphrasyne

    Need data/opinions about eBook readers...Kindle, etc

    My MIL has a kindle. It is the same color as pocketbook on my phone. The way the screen colors for books is adjustable for most of the book apps. I usually use a 'tanish' low lighting background with an antiglare font. I also hate bright screens and this is comfortable for me to read. You should check it out if you are looking for something with different lighting. My older daughter has an ipad, it uses a special flash drive for extra storage. It is about $15 for 32Gb. I usually get them cheaper locally, but this is what they look like: https://www.amazon.com/Lightning-Suntrsi-External-Storage-Compatible/dp/B075H8KX2T/ref=sr_1_9?ie=UTF8&qid=1548251012&sr=8-9&keywords=storage+device+for+ipad Almost all devices can be memory expanded if you know what to look for. ^^
  3. euphrasyne

    Weird things in your first aid kit....

    I have a wooden armoire in my bedroom that I keep all my medical supplies in. Like Jeepers, mine is all sorted into labeled bins or labeled shelf space. My sections are: Teeth, Ears, Feet, eyes, Rx, Cold/Flu, Skin, Wound Care, Pain, and Paranoid. I keep the weird things in paranoid like some plastic sheeting, extra garbage bags, etc. I also keep a list of where the other things are in paranoid bin (like the wheelchair & IV stand in the shed or the shower chair in the garage.) I like to keep everything in my room so that I can control inventory. I don't have any body bags though. I may need to go shopping.....
  4. euphrasyne

    Need data/opinions about eBook readers...Kindle, etc

    I read on my phone with an app called pocket book. I read on my computer with a program called calibre library. I just transfer a couple (dozen) books to my phone from my computer and delete them off the phone when I'm done. I have ….more than anyone would admit too, probably more than my library has physical books.... books on an external hard drive. It takes up roughly a Terabyte and I've room to grow. You would be better off buying a tablet than a 'book reader.' They cost the same, there are numerous free apps to read books and the tablet has many more uses than a book reader. Storage is a non issue. Anything you buy is going to use an SD card or a micro SD card and they are very cheap to upgrade for more storage. I think I pay about $89 for 5 Terabyte external (for use with a computer, not compatible with devices,) $40 for a 400GB micro SD, and roughly $10 for 32GB micro SD. The easiest way to access the cloud is to sign up for a free google email. Go to google, click on the app button. Third icon from the right that is squares. Choose the green & yellow triangle that says google drive. You can now drag and drop any information to your 'cloud.' Download google drive app on your phone or tablet to access your info on that device. it will use your data plan if you are not on wifi. I use it to move data around, not for permanent storage.
  5. euphrasyne

    Incoming...East Coast....H. Florence RURR??

    DH says the emergency battery came from an auto parts store sometime in 2012. It has 4 AC power plugs, 2 USB power plugs, and 2 12V power plugs for DC. It has jumper cables and a built in compressor for emergencies; there is enough power in it to jump the car or emergency fill the tire. It has a regular plug and can charge at any electrical outlet. We usually charge it the night before a trip or bad weather at the house. We use it several times a year and it still works great. I've charged it in hotel rooms and in the RV when that was running off the gas.
  6. euphrasyne

    Chaos settling down

    We are getting ready for Hurricane Florence. School is out due to mandatory evac and the kids are home all week. Between them and my retired MIL who lives with us, it is very loud. I've been trying to eat down my freezer to nothing to fully rotate it before restocking it. As long as Florence is a temporary problem and not TEOTWAWKI, it is actually coming at a good time to help us eat down the freezer. We are doing the same with the pantry, but I already rotated and restocked rice, veg, and protein. We are just eating down the extras like sweets, nuts, and random tins of tea. If we lose power for more than a day, any overflow freezer meat that will not fit in the RV freezer will get canned. This evening I'm doing full meat inventory and working up an emergency canning menu plan. Its been two years since my gastric bypass. The type I had rerouted my GI and vastly changed the way I produce enzymes and other chemicals; it was not 'restrictive only.' I actually eat more carbs now than I did in the few years before the surgery and my diabetes is still gone. I have to have regular lab work done and it is all normal for that. This surgery worked for me and my body is processing things like it should. I would highly recommend it to anyone who has diabetes due to metabolic reasons. On a sadder note, I'm recovering from an ectopic pregnancy. They gave me methotrexate (a chemo drug) and managed to save my tube, but the medicine makes me feel like crap. Earlier this year, I had to have a D&C at week 12 due to a miscarriage with complications. That makes five miscarriages and 2 live births for me. I love my daughters and my step daughter, but it is hard to stop crying for the ones I didn't get a chance to hold. I worry about the safety of all my children--especially the one rolling her eyes at me right now. DD15 and DSD21 are giving me gray hair and turning me into my mother. DD10 continues to be sweet and I pray that lasts through the teenage years. My MIL has more issues than every other family member combined. I have no idea how to deal with the situation and it continues to escalate. She lives with us since she cannot support herself and we are locked into a passive aggressive 'I have to live with you' battle. Every day is filled with Soap Opera worthy squabbles and drama. I live in hell and I just want peace. We have decided to stay here in this house in suburbia for another 5 years. Property values around here are going up and, after assessing market trends, I think that we will still be in a good position to sell at that point. DD15 will be out of school and something should come to a head with the MIL one way or another by then. We keep washing back and forth on moving out to the country. Goats & Gardens vs low maintenance Suburbs. I was the biggest proponent of country living, but lately I just feel old and tired.
  7. euphrasyne

    Pepper jelly recipe

    This is what I make a few times a year. My recipes are in my crazy shorthand, so please forgive the sparse directions. Pepper Jam 6c pepper puree 6c sugar 3/4 c vinegar 1/4c salt Clean and remove stems and seeds from about 20 red (or green or whatever color) bell peppers. Cook down to mush and run through a sieve to remove skins. Combine all and cook to jellying point. Pour into hot jars with 1/4 in head space. Process 1/2 pints for 10m in hot water bath. Makes 8-9 half pints. *Sometimes I add a bit of tobacco sauce or toss in a hotter pepper for extra heat
  8. euphrasyne

    Incoming...East Coast....H. Florence RURR??

    The generator noise is tremendous. Even the quiet ones are so loud that everyone is going to know you have it. We could hear our old one 5 blocks away. It sounds even louder when the power is out and everything around you is quiet. Some of the Rv attached ones are manageable, but the portable ones are crazy loud. I haven't had the chance to see the solar ones in action, but I'd love to test one. We have a 'battery' that you charge electrically. It has electrical ports for regular plugs and will charge quite a few things. It can also jumpstart a vehicle and has a few other bells. I can't remember what it is actually called, but we refer to it as the 'emergency car battery' because we always take it with us in the car for long trips. I have plugged a crockpot into it while in the van and that works well. I'm not sure what charge the battery holds, but it has enough juice to power my 14 year old, power draining laptop to show movies for about 4 hours before it gives out. My 15DD was a preemie and had several health issues. We had a major power outage due to a neighbor's downed tree when she was about 2 and were going to be without power for several days. The electrician who worked on us gave us a battery that plugged directly into our car lighter to charge. It was the size of a large textbook, but was big enough to run her nebulizer and needed items for a few hours. Boats out at sea fare much better than boats on a dock. Staying on a boat on a dock is asking to die. They get broadsided and battered because they can't turn into the wind and they take the full brunt of the incoming weather while smashing against the dock. The likelihood that the rope will snap and it will get pushed inland is very high if they are in a high wind zone. The barges and casino boats in MS during Katrina got pushed 6 miles inland. The smaller boats washed further in. Just the boats washing in alone was estimated in the billions for property damage. My husband is a naval architect and he is currently at work in the evac zone dealing with any ships that couldn't sortie out. Docked boats are considered the biggest risk for the base. Please caution your brother against staying on his boat.
  9. euphrasyne

    Incoming...East Coast....H. Florence RURR??

    I lived in MS during Katrina and was without power for a solid week. I've been through a few others, but none as bad as Katrina (it was me, my husband, a 3 year old, 2 cats, & a dog for that one.) I'm in VA now close to NC and in evac zone D for Florence. My husband works in zone A which has mandatory evac tomorrow morning. We had a very old landline gas generator during Katrina that was whole house sized, but really only had enough juice to run the deep freezer. The generator blew super hot exhaust, heated up the house and melted a hole in a garbage can located 15 ft. away from it. I have no idea if a newer generator would have less heat issues. If it does have heat issues similar to the older one that I had, then the heat issue makes it not worth the op-sec issue to me and I'd rather go powerless. I'm currently blessed with an RV (actual camping RV, not our house) and I'd rather have that than a generator. From experience, the best item you can have is a fan to make a swamp cooler and a gas stove to cook on. The RV has microwave, gas oven, etc. and I can plug whatever into it. It is parked about 5 feet from the house. I have every appliance known to man including bread maker, mixer, electric griddle, etc. I will not be using them if we lose power b/c they all add to heat problems (I will be turning on the RV fridge to get it cold before the storm hits so I can transfer cold items if needed.) My biggest concern upon losing power will be the heat and losing my freezer. Fast cooking food on the gas stovetop or cooking on a campfire with a Dutch oven well away from the house are my best options from experience. Seriously, overheating was our biggest issue during Katrina. It was in the 90s with high humidity, and we are looking at similar temperatures for Florence. Other appliances are just luxuries. My favorite luxury is a solar powered lantern that can also be hand cranked to power. It also has a USB port to charge anything that can be charged via USB-- like my cell phone. I've used it while camping and as a test at the house a few times and it works great to recharge all our electronics. The kids take turns cranking it.
  10. euphrasyne

    Chaos settling down

    I grew up with my grandparents and my grandfather was type 1; I'm type 2. There has never been a time in my life I haven't had to deal with someone one having it. I've prevliously done close to zero carb diets and my A1C was still high enough to be classified as diabetic. I've tried almost every diet under the sun. Nothing worked and I gave each plenty of time. Currently, my A1C and the 'glucose' test are not high enough to classify me as diabetic. ​The type of surgery I had changes the way my chemistry reacts and I'm very happy with it. I will continue to monitor everything and be careful, but this isn't something I could do without the surgery and I'm very glad that I did it. All of my physicians are taking the diabetic diagnosis off my current list. I'm glad that you found a diet that worked for you XD.
  11. euphrasyne

    Chaos settling down

    That pumpkin protein pie sounds good. I'll have to try it. My sugars have been 80-120 since the surgery. It definately worked. No oral meds and no insulin. Health prep is always on our minds and we are so glad to be slowly moving into a better situation.
  12. euphrasyne

    ~~Clutter Clearing Challenge #3~~

    We consolidated all the 'extra' supplies into a 'prep room/general store' upstairs. It already had floor to ceiling shelves (12 foot pitched ceiling) in one area and we added in some more shelving and a tables around the room. I made all the storage areas from 'oh we might need this someday' items from the garage so I'm killing two birds with one stone.
  13. euphrasyne

    Chaos settling down

    Things have been a bit topsy-turvy for a bit, but it is starting to settle down. DH has been working a lot and is going out of the country for a month right after thanksgiving. He is having some health issues and we are waiting on VA stuff. MIL has a lot of health issues and personal issues. I don't see her circumstances changing for the better, and she will most likely be living with us for the rest of her life. Originally she was going to be here for a few years to get back on her feet. DD1 is still waiting on the insurance to approve her hearing aid......since may. She does have an FM system for school and we have a loner aid, but I wish BCBS would quit dragging their feet. She has bilateral congenital loss severe R and moderate L. New meds have drastically improved her twitch, and we are back in special ed. DD2 made GATES which is the gifted class so she has extra work. I had a meeting with her teacher yesterday, and was told that she is a wonderful citizen, an all around good person with excellent manners, and a blessing to have in the classroom. She is very quiet and patient and understands more than she lets on. DSD (dear step daughter) so much going on there it keeps us up at night. I had gastric bypass surgery a month ago. My diabetes is gone, I am off all medications, and I'm down over 30 pounds. But everything makes me sick and I can pretty much only eat scrambled eggs and protein shakes. I still have to cook regular meals for everyone else. My computer died and DH accidentally wiped my back up external trying to fix it. I lost everything. My new computer is awesome, but it was a huge lesson in not relying on digital. DH and I have a plan and a timeline for moving further out into the country and plans are slowly falling into place for everything else. We cleaned out the tiny upstairs junk room (it is the size of a large walk in closet) and turned it into the 'prep' room. I moved all my extra supplies up there for easier inventory and climate controlled storage. It freed up a lot of room in the garage and sunroom as well as made the kitchen pantry look more organized. I'm still under a lifting restriction from the surgery, so I have to get DH or one of the kids to bring some things down, but overall it has really made things much easier to organize. It is like having my own little general store and I'm thinking about decorating it that way when I have the time. Our goal for the next year is to exercise more, put in a garden, visit local u-pic farms, and do some serious home canning. --euphrasyne
  14. euphrasyne


    I keep a sheet of mini lables and a pen in my kitchen drawer to label items tossed in the fridge. It makes things a bit easier. I completely clean out my deep freezer about every 6-9 months and we eat everything so that I can be sure of proper rotation. If I come across something I'm not sure what is, I still know it is less than 9 months old and I just thaw it out and we have it for dinner one night if it looks ok.
  15. euphrasyne

    Orange jelly

    I make orange jelly all the time and it turns out fine. I usually make a quadruple recipe because my kids and MIL blow through all that I make. Spiced Orange Jelly 2 cups orange juice and grapefruit juice total (I usually use about 1/2 and half or 2/3 orange and 1/3 grapefruit) 1/3 cup lemon juice 2/3 cup water 1 package powdered pectin 2 tablespoons orange peel, finely chopped 1 teaspoon whole allspice ½ teaspoon whole cloves 4 sticks cinnamon, 2 inches long 3½ cups sugar Yield: About 4 half-pint jars To make jelly. Mix orange juice, lemon juice, and water in a large saucepan. Stir in pectin. Place orange peel, allspice, loves, and cinnamon sticks loosely in a clean white cloth; tie with a string and add to fruit mixture. Place on high heat and, stirring constantly, bring quickly to a full rolling boil that cannot be stirred down. Add sugar, continue stirring, and heat again to a full rolling boil. Boil hard for 1 minute. Remove from heat. Remove spice bag and skim off foam quickly. process 5m for pints or half pints.

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