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  1. Sooo... the city called on 7/31, saying they were going to have the water off 7/30-8/1, 10 pm- 3am. No problem. 8/1. OM Goodness! My shower burned my eyes! DH warned me not to get it in my mouth, but I didn’t expect it to burn my sensitive areas. I used bottled water water to brush my teeth & wash rag rinse off. I put a sample in a jar, JIC. It smells yucky. Typical small town.... we ran the sprinklers overtime, to try to remove whatever that was from our lines.
  2. I know, Miki. There’s no way I can take DH, when I’m on a budget. I spent $92. for the month. Dang, avocados are .98 cents for one! Most were over ripe. They will have to bring down the price, unless they don’t care about throwing it away, and loosing their profit. Maybe you will see the video on YT.
  3. Annarchy

    Car Battery

    Thanks, Jeepers, but unnecessary. My Papa was an auto mechanic, when I was a teen. We were in the shop every day after school. I can work on older cars, but, the new, 90% electric ones, nowadays, I won’t touch. I sometimes think they are made that way, on purpose, to keep people from being able to fix their own vehicles. Job security, ya’know.
  4. It is gently raining here. Everything outside seems to be breathing a sigh of relief. Really muggy, but worth every drop. Good thing I got the car fixed yesterday. It’d be a muddy mess now. Lol I doubt I will be working outside today. I need the ‘body’ rest anyway. DH said so. Our MV department seems to change the way they process people, a couple times a year. Lol. I never know how it’s going to be. My plan, every time I need to go, is to be there when they first open the door. Have you been been able to get some sleep Ambergris? WE2, I hope you’re able to get it fixed, for less than your budget. It is extremely frustrating when troubles smack us unexpectedly. Congratulations, Miki, 15 butternut squash! My 2 plants are flowering daily, growing arms, stretching around the garden. Nothing is producing anything but flowers, making the bees happy. The spices are still flourishing, which I am extremely grateful for. I’m sitting here looking out the kitchen window, watching it rain. The hummingbirds are chasing each other all over the yard, the ones that make it to the feeder, in front of the window, sit down to sip. Very relaxing. Not sure what I’m going to do today. Usually, I’m outside, doing this & that, before the heat sets in.
  5. Annarchy

    Car Battery

    Yeah, that’s what I read. Thanks anyway... And, the shop would remove the tire, with their power tools and end up doing what I did, then, charge me an arm & leg.
  6. Annarchy

    Car Battery

    I wish, Ambergris. 2006 Chrysler Sebring. I searched the net for an easy way to fix it. I got a 5 year battery, meaning, in 5 years I need to do it again.
  7. Annarchy

    Car Battery

    I forgot the most important thing... Thank you Lord, for giving me the courage, stamina, knowledge, understanding & strength to preform and complete the project.
  8. Annarchy

    Car Battery

    I did consider calling road side assistance, however, the deductible, plus towing, plus the estimate of $250. for shop labor and then the cost of the battery, Meh. Here’s the work in progress.... dust cover and the wheel well area where the battery is located.
  9. Annarchy

    Car Battery

    Good grief! WHY, just why, did they decide to put the battery under the engine compartment, just in front of the drivers side front tire, under the dust cover!?!?!?!? You have GOT to be kidding me. None the less, it’s replaced. 2 weeks ago, DH went to take it to the store, came right back in the house, mumbling, “...all it did was ‘click, click, click’...”. I got the car manual out and found the instructions to charge it. The book said, under the hood, were two posts for charging it. I connected the charger, the day he went to TX. It took all day to charge. I drove it to the post office, then, took it out for a few miles, hoping the extra drive time would have done the trick. But, nooooo, AZ heat took its toll, and the battery was dead the next day. Diligently, thinking to surprise him, I pulled out the manual again, and looked up how to replace the battery. I found the page, it said where the battery was located, I turned the page, and to my total disbelief, the next paragraph was about something completely different! I even looked at the page numbers to make sure a page wasn’t missing...silly me. I looked at the wheel well, and discovered there was less than 6-8 inches of working space. Sooo, me being me, I got on the internet. Every explanation stated, the front tire had to be removed to be able to get to the battery, the dealerships instructions said to turn the tire completely to the left. Like THAT is easy, with no power steering. Because he was gone, & I was alone, I didn’t feel comfortable jacking the car and removing the tire, JIC something went wrong, I wouldn’t have backup. The job was postponed. We were going to attempt it last week, but with the temps in the 110* range, we opted to wait for this week, where the forecast was predicting the highs to only be in the low 100’s. It was windy yesterday, signifying a weather change, and DH mentioned, when I got up & he was heading to bed, that it was only supposed to get to 100* today. Challenge accepted! I got the jack and lug wrench out, along with the other tools I figured I’d need. Found where to put the jack. I only had 6 inches of clearance under the car, because of the way it was parked. Scissor jack, indeed... got it placed, and was barely able to turn it, but, enough to begin to lift the car. I turned my attention to removing the lug nuts and tire. The nuts wouldn’t budge, even using all my weight! (A project for another day. I don’t need a flat & be unable to change the tire.) I gave up, got in the car and turned & turned & turned the tire as far as I could, using all my strength. Sat down on the ground, and began removing the push plugs holding the dust cover in place. Ack! Missed one screw, holding the fender in place. With that finally removed, I got the cover off. Then, it was just a matter of removing the cables and bracket, in a very limited space. Once I got them off, I juggled the battery off it’s platform, onto the ground. But... the car fender was still too low to the ground to be able to pull the battery out. And, because it was sitting in front of the jack, I wasn’t able to lift the car any higher. Sigh. Frustrated, hot and dripping with perspiration, I almost ripped the front bumper off pulling it out. Off to NAPA for a replacement and home again with the new one. I swear the new one is heavier. Lol. I learned my lesson well. First thing was to jack the car slightly higher, in order for the battery to slide under the fender, because it obviously wasn’t going to slide between it and the tire. Lifted it in place, pushing and shoving it back & forth to get it to sit in its proper place. Attached the cables and took a moment to stare at it. Next, was to replace the bracket... wait, but first, I decided, after all the work, I was going to make sure it worked. Car came on like a champ! Great. Went to attach the bracket, only to discover, since the new battery had a carrying handle, it raised the top bracket attachment a bit too high to get the nut on the bracket bolt. After working in a 1/2 inch space, tugging and pulling on the handle, it finally moved forward enough to attach the bracket. One down, time to re-attach the fender & tire well dust cover. DH will have to use his strength to completely push in a couple of the push plugs. I could probably get a bigger hammer and take my frustration out on them...
  10. Just got home from motor vehicle, again. I’m surprised how courteous they have gotten. Handicap seating only, in line, otherwise. They take my stuff, process it, and bring it back to me in my seat. Lol, good thing today is a bad back day. In and out in an half an hour.
  11. Exactly how I feel Dee. Breaks my heart when I hear stories like that.
  12. TP rolls work great as electrical extension cord holders. We saw it on the news, and DH tried it. Works nicely to keep things tidy.
  13. Thankfully, the baby survived. Thank your dear daughter for acting so quickly, and caring enough to do something about it. I feel it is horrible that people forget their children are in the cars. I’ve been told I have no right to get angry, because it happens a lot and people make mistakes, but, I won’t leave my dog in the car. 95* outside, means, at least, 20-40* higher inside a closed vehicle. We’ve seen news casters with hand held heat registers, showing 100* outside, and 175* inside a closed car. NO one “forgets” a child is in their car......
  14. Yesterday evening just before dusk, we were sitting on the porch swing, looking at a cloud formation to the east. It looked like a giant bass. Within 5 minutes, a slight breeze began to blow, then, all of a sudden, it turned into a gale. We saw a wall of dust coming directly at us. As soon as we stood up, the wind was so strong, it knocked the swing over backwards, pinning it against the neighbors fence. 10 minutes of gale force winds and it started to rain. I’m going to check with my neighbor lady, to see if she captured the high wind speed on her weather equipment. Radar was showing greens, yellows, reds, and purple heading right at us... as soon as it reached the edge of town, it split in half and went around us. Totally typical! Happens all the time like that. But.... we got our first rain of the monsoon season. A little to late for the fava beans. God willing the seeds I did save, will be enough for another crop, small as it will be, maybe it’ll be prosperous. Today, I need to flip the swing upright, and assess any other damage in the yard. Our neighbors pine tree seems to be leaning a lot more than before... scary.
  15. sure seems like it. We have a bee keeper less than 5 miles away, the bees really like the fact we keep water bowls full for the birds. We keep an eye on it, because any other water source attracts them.... and any other living thing in the area. Lol
  16. Cleaned house, started around 6, DH usually does half. Got done around 3. Played with Gunny & now, trying to figure out what I want for dinner. I have no ides, lol.
  17. Here he is, before he decided to roll in the dirt. Dee-oh-geez, got a mind of their own. Now he’s out like a light. Lol. 3EC9F199-C09A-49EA-858C-306074DAACC8.MOV
  18. Here he is before I rinsed him off... and the water.... As long as he had fun, that’s all that matters. Plus, he LOVES to be towel dried....probably did it on purpose.
  19. Filled his pool, put plywood over the fire pit. I had to get in, first, before he would. DH isn’t here, and he’s still learning to play with me. He ran circles around the yard... look at that tail go.... Then, he rolled in the dirt! Really? I just finished cleaning house! Nope! He isn’t going in like that! His pool needs to be emptied now! Good grief. EE5FCA6F-B9DB-482C-AB12-00B7A764A653.MOV
  20. Ground up all the venison, (got to use my new Kitchen Aid), seasoned 1/2 for mesquite & the other 1/2 for hickory. Spent all day smoking & dehydrating it in the barbecue. Yielded a gallon bag of jerky, which will be vacuum sealed later today. The mesquite jerky was a little moist on the underside, when I took it out to put the hickory in, so, I put it on some aluminum foil between some plastic sheets, within an hour, it was curled up and brittle. AZ sun.... it’ll dry anything crispy, in no time flat.
  21. Maybe, because the current president encouraged it, they are concerned, if he doesn’t get re-elected, they will have to quit their endeavors again.
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