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do you have a cooking tip or kitchen poem or ?

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Staceyy - I also save "things" as you do. The inner bags that come in boxes of cereal make great storage bags and can even be resealed if you have a food saver. If opened up and laid flat they are the best thing I have found to shape hamburger patties on....the meat won't stick to it. I also use them to lay meat on to salt/pepper and dredge in flour. Cut to size, they work very well between meat patties when freezing them.


BiscuitMaker - My mom used to repeat that poem about the dirty dishes to me...in fact (back in my crafting days) I made a plaque with the poem on it and it still hangs by my sink.


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  • 11 years later...

gather your recipes while you may

lovingly, tenderly store them away

put them in booklets, stack them in piles

organize them in neat little files

while every day the family gets fed

with the old "tried and trues" you keep in your head



(how true)

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Back in 2011 when we first came to MS, I had nothing to do and still in travel trailer in small park.  I printed out every recipe that I had saved in the Pioneer Woman's "Tasty Kitchen".  I have 3 huge loose-leaf notebooks- each about 6" thick of printed recipes.  No idea how long it took, but kept me busy.  They are not handwritten, but if you saw my handwriting, you would understand.  Talk about a secret code!  I also have 2 of those 13 partition binders full of recipes from magazines.


Now I have boards on Pinterest, too and print out recipes as I use them.

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