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Yeppers...do it all the time when I have the makings, keeps it fresh & I just slip a jar in my picnic basket! Also, it's wonderful during garden season to save lettuce, and of course, we eat ALOT of lettuce during gardening season. I use both my food saver sealer hose but I also use my little hand vacume sealer on the ones that I plan to be in and out of. Only draw back is does take up alot of frig space during garden season.

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They aren't really 'canned'. It's sort of a lunch made ahead for the week. Make one big salad and put it in separate jars to grab for a quick meal or grab one in the morning to take for your lunch. There are quite a few pictures of them on Pintrest. Lots of desserts on there too. I like the idea.

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Shrimp in a jar for a week?!? Mixed in with other foods?!? Sounds like food poisoning waiting to happen. And cut strawberries and kiwis? For a week in a jar without turning bad? Mixed in with dairy products? No thanks.


On the other hand I think its a great way to store single items like lettuce or grated carrots but I would get tired of resealing the jars each day after I made my salad. Interesting but I wouldn't feel safe waiting a week to eat most of those combinations.

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