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Our electricity went off around 8 PM Monday. It was off all day yesterday, too, and finally was back sometime during last night.


DH has a small generator now, so he kept the important stuff going. Took some work, but he's *WONDERFUL*! :wub:


We were really grateful, because we had been told that the company was telling people not to expect it on again until FRIDAY! :wacko:


Missed the 'net, but I'm glad our freezer food and refrigerator foods were OK. :wave:



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I was wondering if you had power. Our went off for a few minutes but some people in my town lost power over night. It's been a stormy few days hasn't it?

The one that went through a hour ago dumped a lot of rain. I had a big branch down in front of my car this morning from the storm last night.


Glad you are safe and prepared.

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Glad it worked out. We have some storms going on too. I actually see sunshine at the moment, the first in several days! More rain tonight and through Friday I guess. So far if the power goes off it usually comes back in within an hour or much less here. Been lucky here and glad I don't have a freezer or much of one to worry about it at the price of meat today!

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I wondered if gofish & Homesteader had power. Good thing the branch didn't hit the car, eh, gofish???


After that first storm came through (that knocked out the power) I went out to the mailbox and a third of a small tree in front by the road had just broken off. The trunk is about 4 inches across, and it sure looked healthy enough. I don't understand that one. :scratchhead:

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Glad it worked out well for you. We had two days of rain which is so unusual for us the weather people were very excitedly talking about breaking records because any rain above zero would do that. Sheesh!


Been thinking about all this odd weather we've been having and its affect on peoples ability to garden. It could be devastating during a shtf situation if you were only relying on gardens for your fresh veggies and fruit.

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I have been thinking about that, dogmom....it has been so erratic here and we have a short growing season this far north in the first place. I also see more farmers just growing hay here , not doing corn this year after two bad years for corn and two for potatoes as well. Expecting a lot of rain again tomorrow through Friday morning. I guess if we start having power outtages like Cat did, then we will be practicing with our gear and such things a bit more and it might make it a bit easier if we have problems of a longer duration.

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Watched news this afternoon and they had a "list" of American livestyles that are or probably will be, targeted by cyber attacks. One was our utility grids, another was computer hacking to bring down financials and there were several others. Ya never know if they (our "leaders") are putting out propanda to CTA's on this security breach or ??? Either way, I think we all know we're vulnerable and at the blink of an eye our utilities (gas, electric & water) could go down indefinitely. Just some observations...when there's no storms anywhere around.

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I don't think I could do a garden here without power to run the well pump. Can't even keep a green belt around the house without tons of water in triple digit heat with no rain. Our power went off without a storm the other day. Well above 100 when it went out. Thankfully my room was still habitable when it came back after 1 1/2 hrs. Wouldn't have been much longer and I do not tolerate having no fan. I must have the air moving. I went and sat under a tree outside. It happened around 6pm. Earlier in the day, I couldn't have sat outside and the room would have heated up much faster.

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We are expecting another extreme heat wave... forecasting 120+ for the next couple of days.


Cat & gofish, glad to hear you made it through it OK. Hoping Homesteader did too.


We are looking at getting solar panels on the roof. We've been told the company will do it for free. The company takes the excess and sells it to the electric company. That would put us off the grid and we would not have to deal with the brown-outs and loss of electricity we regularly experience in the summer and in monsoon season. Hope, hope.

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CGA, they are supposed to provide the battery banks too.


We covered the last of our windows today with Styrofoam. It made a noticeable difference in the indoor temperature. I'm just suffering from claustrophobia... I need light! :imoksmiley:


I heard a cicada the other day, wives tale says 30 days before the first rain of our monsoon! ETA July 27th.


And.... yes, I did miss you Cat!

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I'm glad that all of you stayed safe and had your preps ready. We don't tend to lose power here and when it goes out, we measure in minutes, not hours. That being said... The few times that the power has gone out for a period of hours in recent years, we have done fairly well. We haven't had a major incident since 1998 and hubby is not about to let me throw the breaker in the basement to give us some practice.

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