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Is this safe to eat?

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Hi, I put a 3# pork roast out to thaw last night and forgot about it. It was well wrapped but was out overnight in very cool temp. ,didn't feel warm when I found it this morning but package was leaking, I washed it and put it in the crock pot. It smells wonderful, but I am afraid to eat itl.What so you think> Will the heat kill any bad stuff or Should I throw it out?

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If very cool means 40 degrees, it's perfectly fine. If very cool means under 70 and it was that warm for only a very few hours after thawing and before you put it on to cook, I'd eat it.

Otherwise, I'd have a very happy dog.


I have eaten worse, but only after boiling the holy living tar out of it.

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I would have used it, too. As long as it was fully cooked when finished, that short time "out" and thawed shouldn't have hurt it.


Now if it had been a day out and it was warm... not so much. :(

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<G> haven't any of you ever eaten aged beef?????

Makes it more flavorful and tender.....

I do like aged beef which your roast was not..

you said it was still cool to the touch..it was just waiting for the skillet!!


Now I will not eat green chicken like the French do.........

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Well it's been 10 days now and I haven't fallen ill yet. I guess I'm safe! Sure glad I didn't throw that roast away. My kitty got some too and I think I spoiled him, Now he's turning up his nose at his cat food.

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