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Corn Tortillas - Fail

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DH was very kind and thoughtful the last time I made enchiladas. He went to the store and bought some of the white ones, instead of letting me make them. Usually, if I buy them, I get the yellow corn tortillas and freeze the excess.


Yesterday, I pulled out some to make a batch of enchiladas and they tasted horrible.


In the last five or so years most soap products have changed the ingredients. Something I am extremely allergic to, makes me go into an asthma attack, gives me a head ache and makes my nose run. I do not know what it is, but it is showing up in countless products. From shampoo to cleaners to air fresheners. Older products are still safe for me, but the new stuff I can not use.


Those tortillas tasted like a combination of lysol and scented laundry detergent. :yuk: I had DH taste them, to see if it was just my taste buds, but he agreed they tasted nasty.

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:sigh: It's getting quite serious, isn't it folks? Thing is, most folks are the slowly-boiled-frog. So used to NASTY "ingredients" that they can't taste the difference.


MtRider :( And they don't know why they're ill and stupid....

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Wait until you taste orange juice that tastes like the stuff you use to mop the floor...


Sometimes it is so hard for me to buy groceries/supplies...




Sad thing is, I've noticed the soapy taste at bake sales and in other store bought foods, most notably in bread. One reason we started making most of our food from scratch. Now, when I am buying masa or flour or sugar, I do not care if people look at me funny, I sniff the package to make sure it smells right.


This is not good.


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I wonder how much of the taste comes from spilt chemicals. Trailer/truck hauling all groceries store supplies in one truck, warehouses where help could care less if spilt cleaning supplies soak into cartons which probably dry before being shipped out. The stuff might come in inspected what happens afterward is anyones guess. But how the orange juice contamination could get in the frozen juice????? But


I know my (once up on a time) neighbor who milked cows , would wash out her milk tank and let it set to disinfect until the next milking. It id not always get dumped.....anyway her son said it would never taint the milk no more than there was ................. After I tasted her bleachy milk i told her they would catch up with her one of these days...I think she started being more careful.


That is why unless we produce all our food we do not KNOW how it was handled or where or by whom. i know a whole lot of things that happen and I think until I got poisoned I was a lot healthier eating our own eggs, chickens ,turkeys, sheep, goats, milk from our own flock.. garden produce we grew. I tried not to eat what I did not grow.but i could not grow oranges "flour or cornmeal....

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(((Annarchy))) You've most likely developed a sensitivity to one of the "new and improved" preservatives currently in use. Unfortunately, no true allergy tests exist for these ingredients. Believe me, I've researched it and undergone numerous allergy tests. For example, I thought I was allergic to shrimp, to the point of carrying around an epipen. Guess what, even though my throat swells up so that I can't breathe, I'm not allergic to shrimp, according to the tests. What I am deathly sensitive to are the preservatives used on shrimp. Which makes sense. I grew up on the coast catching, cleaning, and eating seafood for the first half of my life. Then, suddenly, I am deathly allergic to commercial seafood (the stuff you buy in a store). It's not the seafood, it's the crap used to preserve the seafood.


We went out to dinner late Sunday night for the first time in months. It was to a restaurant not on my "safe" list but dh had a gift card and insisted. Even though I ordered what I thought were safe foods and ate very little (about 15% of my order when I realized that my safe choices were not so safe and popped several rapid dissolve benadryl), I stayed home sick on Monday. My husband sometimes gets frustrated with me. Luckily, he likes my cooking and he likes the money we save by eating at home even more.


There are healthy choices out there. They may cost a bit more but they are so worth the price!

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Guest arbysAlternative

:gaah: I had a heck of a time lately with flour tortillas sticking together too badly to use just one which I could manage, portion wise for my carb count..... I am going to have to practice making small wheat tortillas I think. I would like to find a perfect recipe for rolled out corn tortillas though. It seems we cannot expect untainted food these days. The stuff they stick in it..........and my unpreserved breads do just fine for a length of time after I bake. It may have salt or sugar in it, but no other preservative stuff. But the flour themselves may be using preservatives. There sure is something to the biblical standard of only keeping flour for six months I think an Israeli told me for kosher eating ???


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6 months?


I've been wondering about the GMO issue also, Canned Nerd. Next year, I am considering planting corn at MIL's house in TX because corn does not grow well in my soil.


I talked with a friend who travels to Mexico every week. He is going to see if he can find me some yellow masa. US foods are full of preservatives, I am hoping that he can find some that is 'cleaner'.



My experiments making/using flour tortillas, the thicker tortillas use a leavening agent, baking soda or powder. The thin ones, which are good for cheese crisps and authentic burritos only have salt.


MIL and a few store owners, have told me that the white masa is made from refined white corn and is the normal product sold in the US, while the yellow masa is made from yellow corn and is considered "cheap" masa.


DH is always saying, the best mexican food - original mexican recipes, had very little ingredients because the people were poor and did not have access to 'store bought' products. I tend to agree by how our food tastes.



((((Andrea)))) Allergies suck. My DH is becoming apprehensive about eating out because of the reactions I have and how he is beginning to feel after he eats. MSG, which many places do not say they put in their foods, makes is heart act up.




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DH is always saying, the best Mexican food - original Mexican recipes, had very little ingredients because the people were poor and did not have access to 'store bought' products. I tend to agree by how our food tastes.


Agreed....which is kinda a good thing with the flood prices INFLATING....we're all getting "poorer"...


MtRider <_<

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In my house it is the salt & fat that makes most processed foods inedible. I cant imagine allergies on top of everything else. I've had to learn to make my own meat tenderizer, for example...

I feel sorry for those who have never learned to cook from scratch; or to enjoy basic, plain, un-tinkered-with foods.

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