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I found all my old baking pans. The glass ones are ok. However, the metal pans are perplexing.


The cake pans, pie tins and bread pan are strange. I scrubbed the rust off cleaning them as best as I could. But, they smell strange, a metallic scent. They are not aluminum, so I am assuming they are tin? My steel frying pans and bowls do not rust or have the odd smell to them, I can not figure it out.


I used the pie/round cake pan tonight and I can still taste the metal.



Should I pitch them? Can I salvage them? Maybe oil and bake them? Worst case, I'll keep them but line them with foil or parchment paper every time I use them.




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Tin shouldn't be a problem. I have a couple of old bread pans that are tin and while they might rust they don't leave a metallic taste.


I would think unless they're a more expensive pan that they may have had a coating on the metal and that's gone now and it's the base metal (no idea what it is) that's causing the issue.

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