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If Your Partner Doesn't Believe in Prepping...

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My husband doesn't believe in "prepping".  I think he views prepping as being the people you see on television, wearing gas masks to the grocery store and carrying assault rifles to pick up their kids from daycare, to take them home to their pantries of 200 boxes of expired Hamburger Helper.  Anytime I mention "prepping" he rolls his eyes.  For some, this might be a serious problem, or at worst, a deal breaker.

BUT!  I have come up with a solution to this problem.  If he doesn't like the word "prepping", I simply rephrase everything in the mindset of...

..."self-sustainable". :P  So our "self sustainable" lifestyle includes the following:  permaculture farming, canning, thrifty living, dehydrating, forest safety, bread making, knitting, sewing, herbalism, naturopathy, and a 35 acre plot of land we purchased with a partner to build a "self-sustainable" community.  This community will be all the things one might need should the economy collapse, etc. including solar and wind power, a community center, bees, gardens, livestock, and so forth.  I've actually started to prepare our homeschool curriculum to include "self-sustainable" curriculum for our children, including permaculture, gardening, etc.  Everything we do revolves around being "self-sustainable". :P  He's so cute when he talks about it and in the back of my mind, I'm snickering and going, "You're such a prepper, honey".  

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:lol:   Definitely great, She!!! 


Y'know?  All words and phrases are like that.  Meanings of words veer off into derogatory quite easily...


Survivalist.....Prepper.....self-sustaining, etc


Deaf and dumb.....deaf and mute.....hearing-challenged and non-verbal.....




Lunatics (because they thot the moon had something to do with mental illness) ....mental illness.....issues with mental health


Backwards.......ain't right in the head.......slow ........mental retardation.....DEVELOPMENTALLY DELAYED.  :scratchhead:  Sheeeeeesh!  EIGHT syllables....really?  And so inaccurate!  Some folks have not "delayed".... they're NEVER going to attain this or that.  If they live to be 75....then they will learn to talk?  No.  Must we accept inaccuracy for the sake of leaving the negative concept of 'retard' behind?  Yes, in that case we needed a new term but I have two thumbs down for the official term they chose.




The thing I notice about words being misused and thereby creating NEW AND MOCKING definitions attached to them......the creation of new terms gets longer and longer to write/say.   I continue to use the word DISABLED.  I am not UNable to do all things.  But I am UNable to do enough that the term loosely fits.  And it's easy to say.  "Partially non-ambulatory" is a mouthful and doesn't describe the rest of what I'm UNable to do......um, partially UNable to do.  :rolleyes:



But honestly ...[and back on the topic..LOL]  ........ADAPTION is the first rule of survival.  Do whatever [within reason] you need to do to give the CORRECT IMPRESSION for the concept you're trying to convey.  If someone has too many negative connotations for "survivalist"  :unsure:   or ....ahem, Doomsday "prepper"....then use words that don't carry that negative connotation.  The actual meaning is important! 


I love 'prepper' cuz it's easy to say/write.  I've been seeing the demise of this word tho since the weird shows have come on TV.  :sigh:  We can be "preppers" amongst us here tho!  :grouphug: 


MtRider  ...musing about our vocabulary in general....



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OMG,  I think I started that!  Years ago I had someone complain to me that her spouse was against her prepping. I told her it was because he thought she would turn into a hairy-legged, tobacco-spittin', gun-totin' female; she should refer to prepping as 'self-reliance' or 'self-sustaining' or 'minimizing our carbon footprint' (the newest term at the time).


The sad thing is that it works.  Funny how folks latch onto words & labels, isn't it.  Mt.  Rider, maybr that explains why medical people snicker when I refer to 'persons of alternate reality" when speaking of those who are crazy.  I thought it had a catchy ring to it.....


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I've occasionally referred to folks who's main planet of residence was not Earth......  Unfortunately, there are some that just don't  "touch down" very often.  My theory is...we all go "off world" sometimes tho....  :busted:


MtRider  ....checking to see if she's 'hairy-legged'....  No 'tobacca spittin' that's for sure.  As for the third....  :whistling:  ...not tellin' 

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Don't ask, don't tell....specially when it comes to totin'. 

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Saintsfan just rolled when I read him this. He said "you women are so evil"  


Don't let him fool you though. He is city bred through and through. You should see him trying to catch chickens. :laughkick:He is learning. Tonight he helped can peaches. He loves the chickens and spoils them with watermelon rinds. I have got him cooking from scratch more and more. As long as he has a simple recipe to follow he is good. 

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Sounds like you have a 'keeper' .  My late DH was a city boy too, but he turned into a class A country-boy prepper!

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