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My SPAM is "bad." Is that even a possibility???

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I have 1 or  2 cans of SPAM that are bulging! (Best by date was 2014) Can I still use them???


I called Hormel Foods and they said I can just throw the cans in the garbage; that there is no need to worry about botulism in the product. If that is indeed true, wouldn't the product still be "safe" to consume (except for some loss of "flavor")?

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If the cans are bulging then the food has been compromised. Not just a loss of flavor or vitamins but something is brewing in there. Hormel was probably giving advise about how to safely handle the unopened cans.


Please throw them away. It isn't worth getting sick or even dying over two cans of Spam.


Seriously, please don't eat anything from a bulging can regardless of the date.  Please!


Oh, and if you have pets please don't feed it to them either.

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