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Quick Call The PoPo


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Holy crap. Good thing I'll be moving this year! I just went OFF on a policeman. AND the neighbors. BIG TIME.


I was mowing my yard and one swath of grass went over in his driveway. Note that part of his driveway angles right on the property line. So yeah, grass will happen. He came running out of the garage with his arms flailing and called me an "f'ing dumb a$$". Only he said the words. All through his little tirade I drove right on by him and never made eye contact. That's what really made him mad I think. After 30 years of them, I really wasn't bothered. I totally ignore them.


He called the police on me. For some grass clippings.  :24:


I'll bet there didn't total a cup or two of grass. Then it got ugly. I can't remember what all I said but sitting on that tractor, knowing I already have a house in Indiana bought, I was empowered. At one point the police had to tell me to be quiet and let him talk. That might have happened twice. I was on a roll. I called the neighbor an 'old man' (he's younger than me) in one breath and called myself a 'senior citizen' in the other. LOL I told him he didn't know who he was dealing with. H3ll, I didn't even know who I was dealing with at that point. I brought up the old cease and desist order of protection and threatened another one. Verbal assault, menacing behavior, and a few other things I can't remember now. Something about harassing a senior citizen. I can't remember what all because I was bluffing. But they can live in fear of the mail box for a while because I also said my attorney is on a retainer.


Police said the neighbor was on his own property and was allowed to say what he wanted. I corrected him. He said he thought he knew the law better than I did. I told him I thought my attorney knows the law better than he does. I couldn't believe all of this was coming out of me. It felt so good! I think thirty years worth of 'those people' came spewing out and I didn't care who it hit. He said, "I think there is a history here." Ya think.


She came out of the house (I didn't know she was home) and I went off on her. The 'old man' stayed in the garage and kept his mouth shut. First time he has ever done that. Lawsy, I don't know what all I said to her but I ended with, "Karma is a b*tch......if you are one".  She shut up and had to think about that one for a minute. We have a history and they have been horrible neighbors. I also told her she could go on back in the house and let her 'coward' husband handle the situation he created. She didn't. I said that she works all the time (true) and has no idea what goes on around here. And every time I mow my grass he comes running out to watch me jiggle and bounce on the lawn mower. I bounced a little in the seat for emphasis.  :D    She said, “Yeah, he probably likes that.” Huh.  :o


The police told the neighbors he had better things to do than to make a call over grass clippings. He told me to mow the other direction. I told him no one is going to tell me how to mow my grass. I'll mow any direction I want and if you don't want grass on your driveway don't put it on the property line. Yes I did. He said it would be the nice thing to do and cause less problems. I told him today wasn't my day to be nice. Sigh.


Ladies, I don't know what got into me. I was yelling, pointing my finger and not giving an inch. Talk about a hot mess. If any of the neighbors were out I'm sure they got an ear full. I was a raging wild woman and didn't care. And I'm not one little bit sorry.


There were other things said but I'm sure they weren't pretty. The police are probably listening to the recording laughing. I forgot about that.  Pfffft.  Not bothered.


I hear him out there with the blower now. I'll bet he blew them back in my yard. Think I should call the police?  :grinning-smiley-044:


By the way, I didn't mention to anyone I was moving. Let em think they are stuck with me forever.

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:coffeescreen:      :grouphug:   Yeah.....all his junk spewing your way all those years.  No wonder when you've finally got an OUTTA HERE PLAN....ya let 'em have it.  


Don't worry.  We can be witnesses to your usual sanity.  Bet the cop was trying not to laugh.  Not your day to be nice....and hoooey sistah!  You were taking advantage of YOUR DAY!  :008Laughing:


Now get your blood pressure under control and hope you don't have to mow too many more times before it's Indiana here I come! 


MtRider  :grinning-smiley-044:

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Hee-Hee. Thanks Mt. Rider. I might need a character witness. Or three. Maybe set up a Go Fund Me for Jail Bail.


Man, my switch just flipped when he called the police over a tiny bit of grass. Honestly, I didn't even do it on purpose. He was obviously watching me mow...again. Pervert.


I did pull the senior card too. As in, "I'm a senior citizen and I will not be talked to like that. I'm 66 years old and will mow my grass anytime and anyway I want". Cop had on those reflective sunglasses so I couldn't see his eye expressions. Probably big as saucers. Like dang, what did I just walk in to. My pay grade don't cover this hot mess.


I probably should be ashamed. I'm not. Let em see what crazy can look like. :sHa_sarcasticlol:


What we have here is a serious grass situation on our hands. Slowly dismount and step away from the mower ma'am. Step away from the mower...

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Amazing what people will call the cops for. Someone mowing their lawn. A kid with a lemonade stand.


Good for you for standing your ground.

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