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Coronavirus. Are you concerned?

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I've got a good supply of N95 with exhalation valve.  I can barely stand them with the valve.  I gladly pay extra in order to be able to move around while breathing in one.  When the volcano was spewing ash, etc on Big Isle, I sent a bunch to our Maui ohana [family].  The ash really didn't get that far, but with a wind shift, it could have.  There was vog in Maui's air....ppm was getting higher.  I probably would have been bothered by it.   SIL took a few masks with him when he had a meeting on Big Isle.  I did warn them that those would do nothing if you got close enough to have volcanic gases. 


I also have supply of the 'surgical masks'....which are good for me wearing to the doc office.  Keeps my germs from spreading.  Others should to so as well.  Those masks will not be a seal to your face....cuz their purpose is to keep your germs contained.


The doc office has a dispenser of the surgical type....even child's size.


We keep the masks on hand due to our unfortunately frequent wildfires....  I really have trouble with smoke.  Even if AZ sends us their smoke!  :o 


MtRider  :pc_coffee:

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It would have to be a joint decision with my son, both or neither, as that is the way quarantine works.  He is a full-time student, and would probably refuse to drop this semester.  He has lost three consecutive semesters (and two other semesters) due to my health issues, and is at the point of flunking out of college because of it.  I see his point, although I don't have to like it.  On the other hand, if the school shuts down, I would still need to go to my building once or twice a week to do my job because I don't have the bandwidth to handle the full VPN from home.  


I am a serial sneezer, so for courtesy I am ordering sneeze masks to wear at work for a while.  

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My son and I sneeze our heads off too. "Serial Sneezers" Lol. That's us too. I suppose we won't be very popular for awhile. I'm sorry your son is having a rough go at college. But you have a good son for helping you!  :hug3:


I think I will probably think about self quarantine if I hear the virus is in my area. Places I frequent. I'm seriously preparing until then though...while I feel safe to do it. I'm not panicking. I'm just getting stuff to make my life more comfortable if I do get sick or have to stay in for awhile. 

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On 1/27/2020 at 8:38 PM, Ambergris said:

M95 masks with vents


We find them at our automotive stores...Auto Zone, O'Reilly and Napa...they're used when doing body work and painting cars etc.  We've also found them at Harbor Freight.

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Got you all beat. My were free. Thank you Dr. Matt, whom I found out this afternoon after church that he has gone to be with the Lord. I knew he had been ill for a long while. He passed from pneumonia on Jan. 29.  the family night will be on the 7th. The long delay is because he is from Japan but has lived here in the states since he was about 20 years old. His family is coming in from Japan. 

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