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Let's think like Alton Brown........................

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If you are familiar with him, he does not own any cooking/kitchen equipment that is solely made for one use only. He improvises using equipment he already has to be multifunctional, and maybe even nontraditonal. Do you have any kitchen equipment that "fits the bill?"


Share your hints, tips and tricks here. :bouquet:

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Saw this idea on FB earlier today. Do you think it would really work???

Of course it would have to be a STIFF batter, but don't some muffin and biscuit recipes fit these parameters?

I know a lot of recipes using either almond or coconut flour do!!!


Or would you have to use the "aluminum" cupcake papers? (I know it's an oxymoron.  ^_^  )  



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As you said, as long as the batter is thick it should work just fine. Usually when I pour batter in cupcake papers they splay out. Maybe stack 2 canning jar rims on top of each other? Actual muffin pans will last many many years. Cupcake papers are a one time use. So if saving money is the purpose then I'd think not. I'd like to try those silicone muffin pans. Anyone tried those? 


I remember back in the Stone Age days (here we go) we didn't even have cupcake papers. We just used the pan nekkid. Not us, the pan sans the papers. We did oil them for easier removal though. Lard. Come to think of it we didn't even have cupcakes. We only had muffins. 

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The kids and I tried the mason jar lid thing.  It does not work well.  The cups just slowly open and you end up with a mess.   We tried the lids to make crumpets also.  Don't do this.   It does not work.  


The silicone muffin pans stick like crazy.  I have an old ceramic muffin tin.   It takes twice as long to cook, but it rarely sticks and works well. 


All the silicone baking stuff is trash.  I have the silicone Bundt pan  ---terrible.   The silicone liners that are washable --completely sticks.  I use them to separate out grapes and such in packed lunches that need to be microwaved.  DH can just lift out the silicone liner.  


If you make a rectangular cake and just frost it in the pan with no lid, you can just place a cookie sheet over the top to cover it.  Then you can stack stuff on it without issue.  This works for large casseroles also.  Save your foil and plastic wrap.  


*I forgot to add that I do use a silicone baking mat for the cookie sheet.  I LOVE that.  I use it for everything.  I also have a lekue bread pan that is silicone that I love.   Other than that silicone mostly is a no as far as anything that goes into the oven.  


The pic below of kids lunchs was the only one I could find of the silicone liners in use:  seriously, don't try to bake with them.  I regret it every single time.  



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Awesome lunch! Thanks for the advice on the silicone bakeware. I've been tempted to buy some. I won't now!


I did buy some silicone ice cube trays. Wal-Mart had them on sale at the time. The six sections are pretty big and I plan to use them to freeze eggs. Freeze the eggs and then dump them into a bag to store in the freezer. I heard regular ice cube trays are too small to hold an egg. I plan on getting large or extra large eggs while I can. Hope they don't stick.

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Oh and the silicone bundt pan is good for making ice rings.   You fill with water, press flowers, or fruit or whatever where you want it and freeze.  It pops out as frozen sculpture for your punch, seafood, or other cold needs.


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