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We have been doing alot of work at MrsS over the past few months behind the scenes....working on a new logo, a new color scheme for the site...organizing our different forums, condensing where appropriate, removing, etc etc etc.


I'll assume that y'all have noticed some of these changes...some of the changes aren't "live" yet, but will hopefully be so soon.


Last Friday, I was in the Admin control panel, cleaning things up and changing things. I had noticed that Annarchy was listed twice in the Administration area. I didn't know why, so I decided to delete ONE of the id's to clean things up, and when I did, this message board program took it upon itself to completely remove BOTH of her id's, essentially deleting all the posts and history that she had had here at MrsS.


I called A in a panic as soon as I realized what had happened. We contacted Invision where we host our message board and asked for help. Long story short, the only thing we could do, was to restore the site to a period of time right before I had made that deletion in the control panel. I asked Invision to restore the site to 12noon on last Friday, and received an email from their customer support that our request had been moved up to a Manager, and that they would contact me shortly.


We waited all weekend and halfway through this week, but never heard back from them. Yesterday morning, I wrote them an email asking what had happened with our request. I noted that at this point, almost a week later, it was becoming increasingly difficult to restore back to last Friday, and asked numerous questions, and stated that we did NOT want to restore back to last Friday without answers to some of the questions I posed.


At 2:53am this morning I received an email, apologizing for them dropping the ball, and to inform me that they went ahead and restored the site back to last Friday at noon. The good news is that it restored all of Annarchy's history and posts at MrsS, but I am very unhappy at the total disregard to my request that we discuss a few questions I had, and NOT to backdate the site before we had more answers.


All of that is said to give y'all an understanding as to WHY, many of the posts that have been active over the past week, are missing. I am so very sorry for any problems or disappointments this has caused. The initial intent was to restore Annarchy's history, which was very important to me, but the longer Invision delayed, and after repeated requests from A to just let this go, I had contacted Invision yesterday morning to re-evaluate our initial request to restore the site last Friday afternoon.


Anyway, I just wanted to give y'all a heads up, and to let you know what has happened and why. If you have any questions, please let me know, and I am sincerely and genuinely very sorry for the issues this original, unintended error has caused all of you.


Hopefully, the dust can settle now and we can get back to normal, and move forward with updating this website and reveal all of the exciting and awesome changes we have planned.

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Darlene, I'm glad you addressed this in public to our members. I just wanted to add that if we members see some of our posts deleted, it isn't because you/we/me did anything wrong! It is computer/human error and not anything personal. It has been a very frustrating time but we will get through it. Just hang in there. It will be better than ever in the end with just a couple of growing pains.  


Group hug.  :grouphug:


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3 hours ago, euphrasyne said:

No worries.  My only suggestion is that if it happens again, maybe let people know as soon as possible so we can save posts/threads before the delete.  


Unfortunately, the company did the delete and restoration without contacting her first as she had requested. :blush:

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No worries, I'm not upset.  I mean when she realized on Friday a week ago, if something was said then, we could have been saving as we went along.  Its really not an issue, just prevention.  


Ie)  "Hey something happened and we may be resetting site to a previous time.  Save anything you do or want that was recent."   My husband does some of the IT in his code and he will tell people that all the time.  "hey they will probably reset you.  save anything important elsewhere for the next few days."

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Yeah I was so stressed when it happened, I contacted A and the moderators and we went into immediate pow wow. Our understanding was that it would have been done in short order (last Friday). 

When the days flew by and they didn’t reset it, we all discussed leaving it be. I had emailed Invision and asked them NOT to reset the site back but that we needed some

questions answered and in the middle of the night they reset the site back to last Friday. 

So yes, I coulda shoulda. Gotta love that hindsight is 20/20. 

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Losing computer stuff can feel traumatic and extremely stressful.  I had a virus back in 2016 that wiped out everything.  Around 2019? or so I had a hard drive fail, but I managed to save it by putting it in the freezer for a few hours then scraping as much out of it as I could.  I think I only lost like 2 ebooks in that one.   I'm glad to have Annarchy's posts back.  These things happen, and I doubt anyone will be mad/upset.  


It is a good reminder for digital prepping.   Back any data onto other places and don't keep all your stuff on the same location or hard drive.  Some older computers need to be defragmented, but the newer ones don't.  I'll start a computer prepping thread this weekend.  We're about to go out for the night.   Fist time leaving the house in months for me.  

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