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  1. Long time away

    Thanks everyone! It's a bit overwhelming and a lot but here goes: Family is doing well for the most part now after a few years of some rough stuff. We had a really rough patch a few years ago and went to marriage counseling which helped a lot. Then my husband had sepsis last May and several surgeries so we feel very blessed to still have him with us. He has spent the last year just getting back up to his baseline and now walking 10000 steps daily. Still looking for a job 6 yrs out of the job market. It's depressing, but he's been working with the job source people and getting weekly help to try to get employed. Thank goodness I love my job and can financially support us. I have also had some health issues, went to the ER last fall with chest pain/abdominal pain and had a strange EKG that showed some abnormalities but not a heart attack. Saw cardiology and they are evaluating if I have Brugada Syndrome a rare potentially fatal genetic defect in the sodium channels of the heart. I have been undergoing tests and will be seeing a specialist in LA on May 4th to have the final testing to confirm if I do actually have the condition or not. If not then no worries, but if I do then I may need an implantable defibrillator and my kids will have to have annual EKG's to see if they are also at risk. Super scary but I have had enough time to process this that's I'm feeling quite calm about it. Still working full time. My oldest finished college awhile back and is living nearby with her boyfriend of 10 yrs and his mom and looking for a job. My oldest son is in his last year and a quarter of college and will finish up next spring with a degree in computer science. Middle son is taking his last GED test next friday and has 3 of the 4 completed. He wants to find a job as soon as he's done. So we are very excited about that. Next youngest is homeschooling 10th grade and Ben is in K this year and just turned 7. He's a handful but a joy. So busy and trying to get life back on track!
  2. Busy, busy, busy...

    Hi Everyone! Well for me it helps that the site is no longer giving warnings about being full of malware. I think that scared off a few people and made it hard for my computer to let me on the site as my antivirus had a fit for so long I stopped trying to come for a long time. Also now that I am working full time I have not had as much time to be online. However now Ben is older so more time to play while he is busy. I had the impulse today to see if it would let me log on without a warning and yes success! I have missed you all. I also have been feeling really unsettled about the deteriorating conditions in the world the last few years. People seem so much more stressed and it often feels like one more thing and the wheels are going to come off both in the world and in my personal life. However I just keep plugging along I am ready to get back in the game prep wise so here to fill in the gaps and learn what's new on the site!
  3. Prayers needed

    So glad you found something so fast with insurance! I hope you are very happy in your new job <3
  4. DH in hospital

    Oh my! Glad he's doing ok so far!
  5. prayers

    So happy the fire is out! Hugs!
  6. Long time away

    Hi everyone. I've been gone such a long time. Had issues with the site and life just got in the way for awhile. My life has been a bit like season 47 and the writers are getting desperate for new material but things seem to be settling down a bit so it's time to come home. Missed all of you!
  7. Please pray for Old Pine

    Thinking of you and Old Pine and glad his treatment is going well!
  8. 2016 Christmas Ornaments sent and received

    Have recieved several more ornments - midnightmom, momto3boys, Dawn, Pauline <3 Lovely! If I missed thanking anyone sorry it's been crazy and some of my envelopes got mixed up with the card exchanges I was doing with another group.
  9. 2016 Christmas Ornaments sent and received

    Mailed out all my ornaments. So far I have received from Snowmom, Snapshotmiki and Pauline. Love all of them <3
  10. Christmas Ornament Exchange for 2016

    Got the list! Thanks for coordinating this for us again this year Snowmom
  11. My Library Thinks MrsS is buggy

    I can get in just fine but I have an odd "thumbnail" on my recent sites instead of the usual Mrs S pic I get a montage of pics that look vaguely pornographic so the site may have a virus or malware. Scanning my computer it appears clean and nothing else is giving me that problem.
  12. Survival uses of trees - EE blog

    Pear- eat the fruit, wood makes good kitchen tools when carved, can be used to make pectin for jam/jelly Linden- Tea from flowers used for diaphoretic, expectorant, diuretic, antispasmodic, stomachic, and sedative. In addition, the flowers have been used traditionally for the treatment of flu, cough, migraine, nervous tension, ingestion, various types of spasms, liver and gall bladder disorders, diarrhea, and elevated arterial pressure associated with arteriosclerosis. Bark- inner fibrous part of bark can be used to make clothing after soaking for a month in water. wood good fro sculpting and making shields. Maple-syrup for eating, wood for making musical instruments and furniture and flooring, dried wood good for smoking food, paper Redbud- green twigs used to season meat, flowers buds and pods are edible, wood good for veneers Ash-wood -bow and arrow shafts, tool handles, particularly good for use in making carts, leaves used as a laxative and purgative. Those are the only non-repeats I have noticed that I can identify for sure. Guess I need to do "treasure" hunt in my neighborhood!
  13. Fun tiny bike camper that could have a lot of applications, best of all super cheap to make and light! http://www.elkinsdiy.com/plans/ The plans are inexpensive. I think I'll be having some fun with this if nothing else as a playhouse for Ben for camping in the back yard.
  14. ~~Clutter Clearing Challenge #3~~

    Everyone is doing fabulous!! I've been working on upgrading my dishes, got rid of all the chipped, cracked and mismatched plates, mugs and bowls and bought some pretty new turquoise Fiestaware for my birthday present to myself De-cluttered all the clothes Ben has outgrown, and some that Nick doesn't wear. Not planning on storing them for 10 yrs on the off chance Ben will wear them. I do keep some things like the expensive jacket that is still in good shape, snowpants, etc. Getting ready to put in a small garden for the first time in years now that we have a proper fence to keep the deer out!

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