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  1. DH went to heart doctor today and he is doing much better. He now only takes the fluid pills on Monday, Wed. and Friday. So we went to B.J. wholesale club and he walked slow but walked for 2 hours just looking around while I did some shopping for the things we needed for Christmas. Still need to get some veggies, grapes and apples, but to soon for those. Going to make a fruit and cheese platter and a veggie tray. While I was there, I spotted something That they had never sold before. Canning jars. They were the pint small mouth but was 20 jars for $11.00. Those around here for that size are running around $14.00 right now. So I got 40 canning jars. Jeepers, don't buy out the k-mart. There's a lot of folks that will be piling in car for road trip with you. Stay safe and have fun.
  2. WE2, You are making me hungry. That looks good. DH wants me to make some rye bread. So I might do that tomorrow as I really don't have time today. Have already been to the church to get things together for our food ministry on Thursday and to check on what we will still need. Though it looks like we have it together now. Just had to put some canned fruit on the shelf, and get the candy together that we always give out at Christmas to the needy. Then have to leave at 1:00 to take DH to heart doctor for a follow-up. Then no more doctors till after Christmas
  3. Wasp spay is not the way to go. I have bear spray for at home use only and the other spray in my purse. Those are the legal type. So ok on that. I also have a stun gun that I carry. Only thing about that is you would have to be close enough to use it. But in a car jacking it might be just the thing. At least it would distract them long enough for me to get away. But then until you have really been in a situation, it would be hard to say what would work. Us older people are just not as quick to react as a younger person. Hope and pray none of us are ever in that type of a situation.
  4. We have a neighborhood watch that is done by e-mail. We know everything going on in all the neighborhoods around us. Not just ours. It works out great. it has caght car thiefs a few months ago. And yesterday it was posted that a car and gave discription of it driving late at night very slow casing our neigborhood and the one next to us. So everyone was watching him. He knew if he tried anything he would be caught right then and there. So it has worked out great so far. We have bear spray as well. And as for the wasp spray, I have heard of people talking about using it for self defense. I am also thinking about getting a good bat to keep at the door during the day and by the bed at night. If they get in they will be knocked out and the police can deal with them. That's if they don't get shot first. I can't answer for all states, but I have heard that in VA. home invasions are on the rise. That is not good with the condom laws they are trying to pass here now.
  5. Snow is no fun if you have to go out in it. But it sure is pretty coming down. We are suppose to be getting a north eastern storm this weekend. I missed the news tonight. Yes, I fell asleep on couch and DH woke me up to go to bed. Now I can't sleep. Go figure.
  6. WE2, Sounds like you have a serious wiring problem to deal with. Glad you found that problem before something bad happened. I know when DH had to replace the light in the hall about a year ago, some of the wiring was fraied. the light fixture where the bulb screws in had rusted and left a hole and the wire had fraied there. That could have been a fire issue. So that was all replaced and fixed. SIL came over a little while ago and replaced the light over the kitchen sink. So now it will be easier for me to replace the light bulbs when needed. Went to Church this morning as we had breafast there and then the service. DH didn't sleep well last night but wanted to go. So when we got back he had lunch and then went to bed for a while. He is feeling better now that he got some rest. Still fighting the sinus infection but hoping being on the antibiotics for long term will take care of it this time. He has gotten so weak it will take awhile to get his stength back So tomorrow I have to take candy to the church for our food ministry Thursday and get the canned fruit on the shelve so it will be easier to get it all packed on that day. We have 38 plus families to give food to this time. So many that can't afford to buy food. Most do not get enough food stamps to get them through the month and from what I hear that might get cut. When I get home I have to take DH to family Doctor for follow up. Then a follow up with his heart doctor on tuesday and I will be home free to get things together for Christmas. Finally, I can stay home for a few days and not go anywhere.
  7. Thank you all for the prayers for DH. He is still swollen but his kidney's seem to be working much better today. He is feeling better today as well. Still a long haul to get him streight be I pray we are at the beginning of getting him back under control. I didn't have to hold on to him this morning to get him to the den. His B/P may have been the problem. He was taking 2 blood pressure pills at night and one in the morning. So I change the one he was just taken at night and had him to start taking it in the morning. Seemed to make a big difference and his B/P was 100/ 64 when I checked it this morning. So much better on that. The new fluid pill seems to working. that that will continue. Mt. Rider going out for your mom that she is doing much better now. No one needs all these issues this time of year or any other time. Jeepers I hope you got all those splinters out. You don't want your fingers to fester up and then get an infection. Praying you got them all out. Take care. Went to Walmart earlier today and that was a joke. I think the whole city was there. Took forever to get checked out. I washed my bathroom curtains and they are white with a green strip going across the bottom of the valance. So that decided to come loose in places. I thought that was sewn on but it is glued on. The curtains are very old, like 20 years maybe and still in good shape. So I went to walmart to buy some stitch witchery fusible bonding web to repair them. Just trying to get to the sewing section in there was a hassel. To many people and the stock people had stuff stacked everywhere and no one putting it up. It just sit there for people to try to move around it to get to what they needed. Bumber. But then it is Walmart. Here we used to call it Wally world, now everyone calls it China town. Don't care for that place but to find what I needed in a fabric shop I would have to drive 40 miles to the only fabric shop we have left. Not worth the drive for one item.
  8. When your blood is to thin. If my memory servers me right, I believe it is Vit. K they give to help bring it back to normal limits. That is why when you are on coumendin, you are not suppose to eat greens that contain a lot of Vit. K. it keeps the blood thinners from doing their jobs. DH is on Eliquis and they don't check how thin your blood is getting. So I am going to talk with doctor about checking that next week. And for those who didn't know, comadin contains rat poison. DH was on it before the news ones came out. I used to tell the doctors that his rat poison needs adjusting and they would start laughing and say yes. his labs are off. So we are increasing it or decreasing it depending on what the labs said.
  9. We love okra. Here is a sauteed okra receipe. Tomatoes also cuts the slime. My daughter doesn't like okra but will eat this. 1 quart okra or 1 lb. Dry it well, cut off stems, ends and slice. Melt 2 tablespoons butter. Add okra, cover and simmer gently about 5 minutes. Stir frequently. Add 1/4 cup finally cut green peppers Add 1/2 cup finally cut onions. 1 cup chopped roma tomatoes, 1/2 teaspoon sugar, 1/2 teaspoon basil. Simmer covered about 20 minutes longer. Remove cover and continue cooking until tender. No slime at all. Once the tomatoes go in the slime goes away.
  10. Been another day of doctors. Took DH to heart doctor today. He changed a medication and said to fill a 2 liter coke bottle up with water and put in fridge. DH is to drink that much a day. He is also deydrated which is what I was thinking on top of all the other problems. So if he has a cup of coffee, he is to pour water from the bottle into cup and then pour that out and have his coffee. This way he knows how much he is drinking. So 2 liters of water or other liquid like tea or coffee per day. This will get his kidneys funtioning again and take care of the deydration. Yesterday he saw his doctor for asthma, His pulmonary funtions were way down. So he is on a steroid that does not cause fluid retention like predisone and another antibotic for 20 days for this one for the sinus infection. He seems to be feeling a bit better right now but his B/P was very low at 80/56. So redid his blood pressure meds as well. Hoping we are now going to get this under control. Cong. heart failure is nothing to play around with. Though he sees his primary care on Monday again and then the heart doctors nurse on Tuesday. If things are not improved then the heart doctor will be talking with us again. Then on the 6th of Jan. he goes in to hosp. to have a barron swallow test. He gets choked very easy these days. From that they might be stretching his throat. This has been a long 2 months and I am no where near ready for Christmas and its coming fast. So am going to try to get daughter to help out somewhere between work and college. Did a bit of cleaning and stripped bed to wash sheets before leaving for doctor this morning. Though I woke up with a low grade fever and stuffy head. Took care of that and now I feel better but tired. Took a one hour nap this afternoon when I should have been getting things together for Christmas. Next year I am not going to decorate 2 rooms. Tree in Living room and that's it. We have already downsized the big 7 ft. tree to a 4 1/2 foot tree. Washing everything down in lysol and spraying house with it as well. Can't afford to get sick now.
  11. It was freezing this morning. Low thirties. Then high of 43 but felt colder with the wind. Tomorrow we are suppose to warm up a bit but rain coming late afternoon. Glad it won't be raining in moring as we have a 45 minute drive to get to the Hospital where DH's heart doctor will be instead of his office near us. But he needs to be seen and they are taking him on a work in. So we need to go rain or shine. Just hope I can get him to feeling better before Christmas. He has really had a rough 4 months of it. Time to get it figured out and get him on the path to healing. I guess you can tell, I have been very worried about him.
  12. I have watched Leisa Sutton. She is a good one to watch. Don't think I have heard of Suttons Daze but will check it out as I do plan on doing alot more deydrating next year. I have run out of places to put the things I have canned. The sweet potatoes are still sitting on floor in my office/sewing room. Under the beds are full and closets are overflowing.
  13. Kappy, that is a nice garden. Like the raised beds. I didn't do a winter garden this year. I planned not to do a garden next summer because of DH's bad health, But SIL said he was going to put in a green house and raised beds for me early next spring. He likes what I can. He wants my daughter to learn to can but she won't have any part of it. Says she's afraid of the pressure canner. That is just a cop out. She has seen both me and her grandmother canning all her life. She just hates to cook, but she loves to bake. Go figure. Wish I had the land to plant a great deal more than I can. Just a small back yard garden but it has served us well. Maybe with the raised bed garden, DH would feel like piddling around in it. He can't handle doing the tiller anymore. It was to much on him this past summer.
  14. WE2, I have been where you are now. Times like that can be tough but some how we always manage to pull through. Praying all works out for you. Food storage can really pay off when you need it the most. Had to use my food storage to pull my daughter and her husband out of a few hard months in the past as well. They got through it and so will you. Keep the faith, it will all work out in the end. Ann, I have never had elk meat, but have heard it is good. You have been blessed to be able to have a friend to give that to you. I have eating bear and wild boar, and deer meat but that is about it as far as hunting meat goes. The neighbor that gave us the meat got transferred to CA. He rented his house out here and he said he and his wife will be moving back sometime next year. They have been missed around here. But we do all keep in touch. He is retiring from military. So he will be doing a lot of hunting. Now to get my grandson to go fishing next spring if he has the time and we will all be sitting good. I taught my neighbor and his wife how to can pickles. When they move back and get their garden going again, I am sure they will want some canning lessons on other things as well.
  15. I must agree. God's faithfullness is aways something we can count on. Right now I am faithful that they will find out what is causing all of DH's issues. He is misurable. The fluid just in his legs alone make them so heavy he can hardly lift them. So saw a doctor Tuesdsay, Saw 2 doctors today and has had labs twice this week. Please keep him in prayer as he only has about 1/3 of his heart working like it should and the Eliquis is really doing a number on him. Seems times like this is when you really need to stay strong in faith as we go through things like this. God has seen us through tough illnesses before and I am sure he will get us through this as well. So yes keeping the faith. kap, having someone to come in and check on you would be a great idea. Ambergris is right about that. If not a private duty nurse which would be good, but if not, at least a neighbor that would know what to do if something were to go wrong way. Take things easy and don't try to do to much lifting. Just go slow. Well off to the store to pick up a couple of RX's for DH. Story of my life. Go, Go , Go.
  16. Jeepers, I have to agree with both you and Ambergris about having a good guard dog. I would love to have one like the one I had years ago. She was overy protective. I really loved that dog. Nothing nor nobody would come into our yard when she was around. Would go for the throat and then ask questions. Yet she was wonderful around all the neighborhood kids. I have been thinking about a police scanner for awhile now but haven't had time to look at them. As for ham radio, I have been saying I will do that but then again no time. Ambergris, It is bad that you can't drive but hopefully that will change. $20.00 each way on top of what else you have to pay is very steep. That is one reason I have to really think about where I move. I want to move to country, but then at my age, how would that work out. Daughter says wait. They are making plans. She is moving to the country first chance she gets. SIL wants to move to W. VA but she doesn't want to move there. So it's a wait and see at this point in time.
  17. Ann, I hope you guys are feeling much better. Colds are no fun and will drain you fast. Rest up and take it easy. God's prayers will heal you. That garlic just wanted a little love and a chance to grow.
  18. DH is still asleep. Seems that is most of his day now as he can't do much and it is starting to play on him as he gets upset when he can't help me do certain things. I just keep telling him it is nothing he can help me with and not to worry about it. We will get by just fine. Right now I just want him to rest and get well. So I have just been on here reading this morning while drinking my coffee. So guess I better get moving as it is now 10 am. I did finish loading the dishwasher and got that going. Think I am just moving slow this morning. Did a lot yesterday. Need to head to store to pick up an RX. So may head out that way while DH is asleep.
  19. WE2, the USA a alerts cost 49 dollars a year. You know what's going on all over the world and all the stuff going on here in US before it ever hits the news. I like it because it gives me a edge if something bad should happen close to home. I would have a better chance of removing myself from harms way. Don't know if you heard about what was happening in Florida and elsewhere. The military bases and such. I knew what was going on at least 2 hours before it ever hit the news. My married granddaugher has a service dog. She took the dog in as she is finds homes for them. She is a rescue person for dogs and cats. She kept this one and another dog. But the service dog, though she does not use her as a service dog is one smart dog and very protective. I am glad she kept her because right now her husband being military is in Texas right now. So she has her 2 dogs and a lady whose husband is also away for military is staying with her. So I feel a bit better that she is not alone.
  20. Mt. Rider, you take care of that wrist and don't over use it. And above all don't slip on that ice. That is the last thing you need to have happen. Our cold weather hits tonight. But right now it is in high 60's. Feels good out there now, But just wait till about 3 am. ouch! Going down into 30's I think. WE2, I think you might be right. Our winter is getting ready to take hold. We have had some cold days and then warm but I have a feeling this time it will get cold and stay that way through March.
  21. Hey Mt. Rider, Annarchy had me call her and I am now in. I have a lot of reading to do. Thank you for letting me know about fireside. I am sure I could learn a lot from all the stories. Jeepers thank's for your help as well. Reading the stories will be a lot of fun and a learning curve as well.
  22. Jeepers, I have never heard of Surface computers. Will have to make a tripp to Best buy to check it out. I got so mad with this windows 10 messing up my computer that I bought an apple Imac but still trying to learn it. I need to get e-mail on it and a few other things. Trying to get my middle granddaughter to come help me with it, but between a full time job, dog sitting and college, she really hasn;t had the time yet to come over. She should be getting a break around Christmas and can help me then. I really need to learn that one.
  23. WE2, that stew looks so good. You're making me hungry. New tools are great. But DH has more tools than he will ever use. Took DH to gastro doctor this morning. He was not in good shape. So swollen he could not keep his balance and I had to hold on to him the whole time. They decided at this time not to do the colonoscopy as they think the blood thinner played a part in the bleeding he had. Ruptured blood vessel. Though we did discuss his swallowing issues and doc. agrees he needs to have that checked into. But they do not want to put him through nocking him out if they don't have to. So he is going to have a barron swallow done to see what might be goig on. It may be just that he needs to has his throat stretched. But doc. did take a good look at his labs and they were bad. Liver counts are way up and his primary doc. said nothing. So DH goes back to him Thursday and I have a copy of the labs and we are going to have a chat about why he is not doing anything nor even mentioning anything about the bad results. It is so hard to find good doctors around here anymore. Don't think the primary doctor is going to like me when I tell him I want answers as to why DH is going down hill like this and he says nothing. I still think it is the Eliquis but doc. has to look into and he is doing nothing. But on another note, after we got home, I got him settled and then started washing clothes and started dusting and trying to get things together for Christmas. It will be here before I am ready. Trying to get things done and running back and forth to different doctors is a job in it's self. But some how I will manage. Stay safe and warm, no slipping on ice or snow everyone. This weather is a roller coaster ride.
  24. today was warmer than yesterday. But now it is drizzle rain and going to turn bitter cold tonight. Hard to believe that it will be bitter cold later tonight when the last two days has been in 70's. That is a disapointment. I like the weather being in the low 70's. It can stay that way all year and I would be happy.
  25. When I got divorced 40 years ago I lived on my own with my young daughter back then. Things then were no where what they are today. For me that might be a tough one because my daughter and son in law have already said I would be living with them. So not sure if anything were to happen to DH and yes, God forbid that happening, That I would be alone for any amount of time. But if I were to be alone, I think one of the first things I would do is to sell this house and move to the country. I would want to get out of a neighborhood and what is now becoming a full blown urban town. I would have more room for a garden as well as chickens and maybe a goat. From there I really don't know. Right now I am starting to go out alone to shop but only during day time as DH just is not able to keep up and his balance is so bad I am afraid of his falling. For now I can't really think about what I would do from what I have stated above. It is something to really think about. Jeepers, You have given me some food for thought. And I really do hope and pray I won't be alone for that long.
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