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Help with mixer info/experience???

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I got this PM from a friend at another site. but I'm not familiar enough with this mixer to know. Anyone have some experience/info to help?




I've been slackin' on the equipment procurement section-- namely, I haven't gotten around to picking up a mixer, since the Wonder Bread store is a mile an a half away, and we bought our bread for around $1.50 a loaf.




So now, here I sit, having to pay $3-4 a loaf for decent tasting bread, and suddenly, I'm remembering all that wheat I've got stored away, and the grinder the kids got me last Christmas.


The issue is mixers. See, I'm not home much, my son is kind of lackadaisical, and my mother is past 80 and getting frail. Hand kneading the bread is right out! Emcvay has sufficiently warned me of the frailty of dedicated bread makers, so I've decided on a mixer. Here's the question.


The Kitchenaid Ebay store has refurbished Pro 600 mixers available for $299.99 shipped, including bread hooks and wire beaters. Is this a value? I've got the cash right now, but who knows if I'll have it down the road. But three yards is a fairly large hit, and I'd like to have some sage advice before I pull the trigger. What say ye?



I told him to sit tight till I get some info from my friends... :shrug:

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I've got a cheapy...from WM that's several years old and is just a hand mixer that I can put on or take off the stand. I use it ALL THE TIME to mix up my breads. Just be sure to use the "paddles" that "MUST" come with it, or it won't work for breads. You can also use the bread machine (and I have also done this many times) just on the "dough" setting. Just make sure you use a wooden spoon to "help" keep the dough moving around in the pan.

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I have a Kitchen Aid stand mixer, and I use the dough hook for my doughs. It works great.


I've had it for probably 11-12 years (give or take) and know I didn't pay $300, but of course prices have gone up. I got mine at Sam's Club, and it included the paddle, dough hook, wire whisk, and also a grinder attachment.


Looking quickly on Amazon, they do have some models for $275, not much of a savings, but still a smidge less.

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I do use my Kitchen aid. It does do a great job with mixing bread dough. My complaint with it is a silly one - the bowl needs to be lifted when you are ready to mix in it. I find it difficult to get my flour/ingredients in easily, whether the bowl is up or down. The measuring cup keeps knocking against the upright part and I make a mess. I have a bosch mixer as well and prefer it for bread making simply because it is open at the top, making it easier to add ingredients. The bowl on the bosch doesn't have a handle on it like the KA does so it is a little more cumbersome to handle. You should be able to get a "new" Kitchen aid for the same price (or very near too) with all the Christmas sales. I like the kitchen aid more when I need to pour a batter or move the bowl to another work surface, because of the handle. Either machine will pay for itself quickly.

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I had a Kitchen Aid 250 watt for years- since '97- and then bought a Jenn-Air 400 watt a few years ago. Loved the KA but was always concerned about it getting warm if I ran it too long. It made bread just fine but I wanted more wattage. Gave the KA to my oldest daughter a couple of years ago and it's still fine.

If the KA he's looking at is 600 watts, I'd jump at the chance! A refurbished unit has the same warranty as new and KA has a great one year no questions warranty. Besides,; most refurbs are really just open box returns that have been completely tested and tweeked by a technician.



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I have a Kitchen Aid mixer. It's the kind that you have to move the bowl up and down instead of the mixer moving. It can be a pain. They make one that has the mixer hinged to move instead of the bowl. I wish I had that kind. They are really good mixers. I would check local store prices too. It seems that Kohl's had them last year at this time for less than $300.

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A bread machine can be had from the thrift store for $5-10. Many of them are unused. I've had my Breadman machine for at least 10 years...maybe more! I was in a TJ Maxx store yesterday. They had a brand new Kitchen Aid for $299. I'm not sure of the model, but it was brand new and I believe that the company guarantees them forever or pretty darn near forever! I have also seen good sales on new ones at Macy's when you use your Macy's card and with a coupon.

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I was at Kohl's yesterday and saw they have their Kitchen Aids on sale -- and they have that 15%, 20% or 30% off for those with a Kohls card, and Kohl's cash ($10 for every $50 spent) -- that could really work out to a decent savings on a brand new machine.


I tried to remember the prices .. I think the 275 watts were $229 on sale before any additional discounts, 375 : $299, and the 600's $449. Granted that's from memory, but a ballpark nonetheless. I think with the 30% off coupon (I was lucky and got one of those) -- it would be just around $320-ish, then $60 in Kohls cash for a future purchase.


Whichever route he takes,new/refurbished, eBay/other store, I think he'll be happy with the Kitchen Aid when/if he gets it :)

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I have one called a Professional 6. We spent over 500.00 for it thinking we were getting a better one.


I have only used it about 10 times for bread as I prefer to make bread by hand.


We use it mostly to grind meat up but have only done that maybe 15 times.


It now is making a screeching sound!


I called Kitchenaid and they told me I was not suppose to grind meat on high...sigh.


If grinding a 3 lb roast cut into THIN strips can do this to a "professional" machine, then it is trash.


Save your money and get a Bosch!!

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