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It’s Update Time Again. 8/26/20

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:hi: All,


I’m letting everyone know, I will be doing the next update, probably tomorrow morning, which is the time that we have the slowest activity.  We got the notice the day I went to TX, so, I waited until I got back home, JIC...:smiley_shitfan:

I’m apprehensive about it, because,
1.  It’s a beta, and

2.  It says “new features & a new look”.




As usual, after the update, if any of you run into glitches, hitches, or strange stuff, please let me know.


Thank you all for your understanding & patience.



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11 hours ago, Jeepers said:

Thank you for all of your hard work Annie!  Take your time. OR....


You could let Mt. Rider and I work on it.  :24:





I’m not impressed with it, so far.  They had a link to the demo site, I still haven’t been able to see it, because it gives me an error page, every time I try to go there.  That’s definitely not acceptable, IMHO.

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InvisionCommunity has now moved the upgrade out of Beta into a regular upgrade.  It includes a lot of “bug” fixes.


Word of warning, for ALL of us that don’t like change...  it will change.


A new front page design, more View options, better format on mobile devices, a new overall font, just to mention a few things.


 I am a bit nervous about installing it, however, to get the fixes we need, it is probably worth installing.


That said, I will try to get the upgrade installed, early in the morning, MST.  In case there are any issues with the installation, I will still have business operating hours to take care of it.


Again, thank you all for your patience.  

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does this mean I won't keep getting locked out of the site on my first try to enter it anymore?  Last night it would not let me on at all....kept telling me I was locked out and to wait 15 min and try again.  Afteer 6 tries I gave up.  Today I got the locked out message, then got in right away.  Hmmmm.

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4 hours ago, Jeepers said:

Looks good. Only thing I noticed so far is there isnt an 'edit' button and the other one that I can't remember what it is, beside it. Only a quote button.


Ok, if you press the quote word, it automatically puts it in the reply box.  Back space seemed to remove it.


On my iPad, pressing the plus sign, next to the word Quote, popped up a box saying, Quote 1, with an “x” to delete it. IDK.  Redundant IMHO.


Note to self.... ToDo.... find the “Edit” button......


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9 hours ago, Annarchy said:

Edit is there on my Windows too.  




The "share" selection allows a post in here to be directly "shared" to outside sources - such as FaceBook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. Sounds to me like it can be an issue of compromised security. Most people still post here because of the PRIVACY that this site has afforded for all of these years. :(

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MM, I will check on the Share, it was disabled previously.  Now days, everyone seems to want to share everything on the net.  Not me.  

I thought the chat box was disabled too.  I’ll check into that.  Moving the side bar will put those boxes near the bottom of the page.  I’ll check into that also.




Jeepers, you don’t have a “back” button on your Kindle, like when you misspell something when you are typing?

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Hi!  When I am in "unread content" the sidebar is still at the side taking up room.  If I go directly from home page, it isn't.  Not sure if there is a fix for that or not.  Thought I would ask.  Thanks again for all you do, Ann!!!!!

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2 hours ago, snapshotmiki said:

Hi!  When I am in "unread content" the sidebar is still at the side taking up room.  If I go directly from home page, it isn't.  Not sure if there is a fix for that or not.  Thought I would ask.  Thanks again for all you do, Ann!!!!!

I will check it out in the morning. Got company coming for a BBQ, & I’m trying to prep food. :rolleyes:



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