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Canada's Response to the Pandemic is Only Getting Worse............................

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Does anybody here live in Canada? Do you agree with isolating children from their own family, in their own home? This seems to be a case of the "cure" being worse than the "disease."











This article details the protocols that are supposodly being rectified.







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I have a friend that I speak to almost daily who lives in Quebec which has more stringent rules than anywhere else in Canada. He drives a school bus and works with kids daily.   The situation there is restrictive, unfair, and dumb in his words.  They are not allowed to go to anyone elses house and have a very strict and early curfew.  I know it was 8pm last week.  They had just opened up and allowed family members to meet in small groups in outdoor settings.  The child alone thing isn't true or rather something taken much out of context.  If you are exposed, you are supposed to limit contact.   If you need to have direct contact with the child in your house, then you are supposed to isolate with them.  If you can isolate from them, you should, but if there isn't enough caregiving then you isolate together.    He is fluently bilingual and his wife is french-speaking only.  They feel that the restrictions are unnecessarily higher in french-speaking areas.  

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Euphrasyne, do you know if these strict mandates are having an impact on the virus numbers?  Do they have less covid there than elsewhere? 

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Canada is closer to its corona virus peak than the US is.  

You don't have to isolate the child from the family at home, but you have to isolate the whole family from society if you don't, basically.  That's what it takes.  Otherwise, say Anne goes to school and they find out she was infected.  Anne was in class with Beth, Barry, Becky, Ben, Bobbie and Boo (and others, but these were infected).  They are all sent home to isolate.  Becky's mother alone doesn't isolate her for whatever reason, so Becky infects her sister Charlotte, who goes to school and infects Debbie, Diane, Denise, Don, Dave, and Derwood.  Diane infects some people at Eastwood Baptist Church, Debbie infects people at Edgewood Afterschool, and Don infects his dad, Eddie, who works at the Everclear old folks home when he's sober enough to find his way there.  Dave infects Eva, Emily, Ethan, Erin and Ellie, who take the germs to school in their respective grades.  Derwood is the one who gets horrific symptoms that cause the school to get shut down, which leaves everyone in the lurch for daytime babysitting services, but nobody blames Becky's mom.



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My cousin-in-laws family came down with covid. His daughter and granddaughter didn't have it. His son-in-law and his grandson did. 


They have a split level house so the SIL and GS stayed sequestered downstairs for two weeks. Meals etc. was left on the landing and they used disposable utensils. The guys had a good time chilli' out but got cabin fever pretty quickly. The grandson is a senior (I think) in high school. They stayed separate mainly so the two girls wouldn't get it. And they didn't.  


I couldn't imagine trying to keep a little one away from family members though. Especially a mom or dad.

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1 hour ago, Ambergris said:

You don't have to isolate the child from the family at home........................


According to the news articles linked above, your statement is incorrect.

The last article says that they (the Pell region) were "working on" making changes, but I don't know what solutions they have come up with since the article was printed.

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I'm Canadian but don't live in S.Ontario where numbers are high...ESP this region of Toronto which is very high with covid cases. I live in Northern Ontario-6 hours north of Toronto. I'd not heard of this until reading this now- and I do watch the news regularly on tv- but it seems it means just to isolate in your home which is natural anyway. Sounds like someone took it out of context and the error is being corrected. The Toronto Sun is a large newspaper [as well as the Toronto Star].  Ontario has different zones --red zone, orange, grey, green etc...To be honest, I don't pay much attention to what is allowed and what isn't...can't keep up bcz they change the 'rules' so often depending on caseloads in that region. I live in the north where currently in my own region, there are 11 cases--where we had zero to one recently. I understand it is in a local mine so amounts are currently high due to that. ALL people over a certain age...[I don't have kids so maybe its 4?]  in Ontario MUST wear a mask when out in public buildings and all stores/businesses are very good about hand sanitizer and cleaning of cart handles or areas within their business or store. Depending on your colour zone, [which depends on how severe the covid level is] has different regulations...for ex...hairdressers, gyms, dine in restaurants may or may not be open though take-out is. Churches may be closed or at 30% capacity as an example. Schools are open or your child can learn at home--your choice. We were in a lock down stay at home order a while ago but that has lifted. It meant that if you could possibly stay at home, don't go out except for groceries, prescriptions, medical appts, [many medical appts. are by telephone now if possible] really just to go out for necessities and your employment. We're not busy with socializing anyway  so not sure of exact 'rules'...but we can associate in small groups or within our own social bubble--for us, our daughter/son in law who lives 4 miles from us, our son who lives not much further. A lot of the rules makes no sense at all so I just don't bother with keeping up...bcz it doesn't affect me anyway....and like I said, it changes so fast, that I just don't care. My life is the same no matter what the rules are. But I think someone didn't think out carefully what was said or it was misconstrued about solitary confinement for kids if someone in their school came down with it...and some schools have cases. Ontario is consistent with taking as much precautions as they can to try to curb the covid rates. They don't want to overwhelm our health care system.

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