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  1. Don't tell me this! I thought Kitchen Aids were supposed to run forever.
  2. Yes, Lois, I remember most of that. There weren't any Happy Meals, though. At least not from McDonalds. What a different life from now when children aren't particularly safe out and about on their own in the neighborhood. Snowmom: I remember most of those games except Pump, pump pull away and that's probably good because I would have probably been the one on the bottom of the pile. I also remember trick or treating where we made our own costumes (gypsies and pirates were big) or bought a mask at the dime store. Mom always had dibs on the Hershey bars.
  3. Have fun Deanne. It's been forever and a day since I held a baby. Yes, babies smell so good and those soft, sweet little feet and hands. Congratulations Grubby! What great news.
  4. Peaceful


    I've been reading Andrew Weil's new book, Healthy Aging. One of his recommendations for good health is to get stress under control. All the better if you can do this when you are younger. Some of the things he suggests is using relaxing breathing and then use it when you feel the pressure mounting through out your day. My sister has fibromyalgia which includes bouts of insomnia. One of the things she takes is Valerian (as Darlene also said) capsules. Recently my dh had a bad bout with insomnia so we got some valerian and it worked wonderfully for him.
  5. Peaceful


    Your daughter must have been tremendously relieved that you were able to help out. It's good to hear baby is strong and your daughter is resting.
  6. Good morning, Granny You must have been posting while I was dawdling looking for these little yellow graemlins. We used to have possums but I haven't seen one now for several years. Suppose someone put them in a pot?
  7. Good morning . It's hard having a family member whose made up their mind to be mad at everyone/everything. This too shall pass.
  8. Peaceful

    320 # woman

    Now I feel better .
  9. Happy anniversary Dee (on Sunday) . My grandparents and many of their friends came over from Norway. There is a saying a friend and I still use when something "isn't on the up and up" - we say (don't know the spelling) "There's something for noolit". My elderly aunts used to call a flashlight a "spotlight". At grandma's house there was a cellar - at our house it was a basement.
  10. Interesting, Dee. I say breakfast, lunch and dinner but I don't know when the "dinner" happened because growing up we called it "supper is ready" and I like the ring to that. I say "pop" for soda, Coke, etc. Also have called whatever is in the butter dish "butter" whether it really is or if it's margarine. Also call all tissue you blow your nose on "Kleenex". Let's hear some more!
  11. Tilapia, corn on the cob, salad of greens & blueberry crisp.
  12. Ach! I really fell down with my walking last week. I have nothing written down. I've been active gardening and changing furniture around from room to room and cleaning but no clue how to count it. Wake up call to get back with the program.
  13. You and your daughter are in my thoughts and prayers today. Sounds like the new principal/superintendent inherited a mess. On the other hand your daughter needs a fair shake in this and it seems like it would be kudos for the school to have such a student.
  14. I really miss these stories. I do hope HappyGirl continues to write them even if she's decided to do it other than here. Happygirl, let us know if you are publishing them.
  15. There was a grand opening of NW Amish Connections in Seaside today and Wanda E. Brunstetter was there to sign her books. I bought The Storekeeper's Daughter and she signed it, gave me a bookmark, a pen and a postcard. Her husband came from an Amish background (he was sitting in one of the beautiful rocking chairs for sale) and she writes the books (fiction) so people can better understand the Amish. Just made my day
  16. Happy anniversary JoAnna & Kevin and Pixie & Pat.
  17. I only did 8 miles. Time to pick up the pace!
  18. How sad. Well, all I can say is man can be weak and fail you no matter how great they have been but Jesus never fails you. I've been disturbed by the popularity of the theory that the Bible was just written by a bunch of men with all their human failings so it must be corrupt. Just yesterday I was looking at the national website of the denomination I grew up in. One of the FAQs was "Do you believe the Bible is the inerrant word of God?" and they proceeded to slip and slide around the answer which simply could have been put "no". This was not that denominations belief when I left it many years ago (to go to full gospel churches). Now DH and I go to another branch of that denomination which is very Bible-based. DH was asking why the difference so I looked up that website and was astounded. The changes seem to be political/social convenience. There were things I liked about the Billy Graham article such as the way he couldn't remember all the verses of the 23rd Psalm but persisted until he did. Sigh. Sometimes it's just best to let aging celebrities fade softly and gracefully into the background and not put them at the hands of the liberal media.
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