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  1. Good morning! Will walk at some point and walk dogs. Thawing chicken to make roaster of dog food this evening. Will slice sweet potatoes and carrots for dog food sometime today. Going to visit with father-in-law later this morning And take half feral cat--who finally went into the live trap--to it's new owners! So glad this will be done! This evening will make the dog food in roaster and slow cooker to cook overnight. Will PC it tomorrow and that is done for the next couple of months. Never even looked at my closet yesterday--maybe today or tomorrow.
  2. I just don't think I can manage it this year. I'm sorry. I haven't even thought about Christmas cards or anything. Sigh
  3. Yes, I am! I baked the butternuts and the spaghetti squash yesterday. Glad that is done! Sounds like Oreo's visit. He was already slowed down by pills the last vet gave us. No way he was getting muzzled! One of the women came up behind him and threw a big folded up towel over his head and held him. He completely quit struggling--but not growling. Next time--3 years, I hope, we need stronger sedatives (mostly for him). LOL Please call the dentist that pulled your tooth and let him know what is happening with it @Littlesister This morning--- Wa
  4. Wow! That was a rough day Euphrasyne! I hope your today goes much more smoothly!!! Already walked, next feed dogs and walk them. Will wash outside of windows today. Really this time!!!! Write some eBay drafts. Look at closet to clean out and switch summer/ winter clothes--doubt I will get any farther than looking at it. New range is here at the house. Electrician and DH went to Lowes for stuff. Hoping to bake butternut squash this evening. Some of them went bad waiting for new range.
  5. Glad the Southwest is getting a little rain! I know you need it! This morning, I walked first and fed dogs. Take Peanut Butter to beauty parlor at 11:30. Walmart, thrift store Pick up Peanut and go for appointment with health insurance lady at 1 pm. Maybe wash those windows that didn't get done yesterday and water the garden. Cook a bunch of hamburger meat for dog food since I have to make that on Thursday and I don't know what will happen with my stove top and the new range. Want to have dog food prep done ahead.
  6. Have you made black beans with yellow rice? Lots of flavor! I ended up making a big pot of extra spicy jambalaya, yesterday. Will freeze one container as soon as I pull out the dog food meat so there is room in the freezer. So looking forward to getting my chest freezer! Walked first this morning, fed and walked dogs, did 3 loads of laundry, house is clean! I may wash outside windows this afternoon and still need to make s/f jello for me. This is a pattern---I get one good night's sleep then wear myself out the next day. Maybe I don't sleep well sometimes
  7. Good morning! I went to a 15 mile yard sale in Louisiana, yesterday. Best thing I found was a cast iron chicken fryer for $15, nicely seasoned. Got a few other items, but not much. Did lots of walking and had lunch at a Mexican restaurant. Today, I will do my video shortly, then Church. After that, I will try to coax kitty into the borrowed live trap and take her out to our friend's house. Then Lady's group tonight. I may have to cook something, but have no idea what right now.
  8. I have an idea but won't get to the store to see if I can find what I need until tomorrow. I will let you know either way.
  9. So glad your mom is home and recuperating, @Mt_Rider! How is your dad doing with all that is going on? Sleep is NOT overrated! LOL @Littlesister, so happy you got your tooth pulled today! Sad you had to go through so much to get it done. Praying for your hands to have better mobility and less pain @out_of_the_ordinary!
  10. Already voted! Will feed dogs, walk dogs, take my walk, do one load of laundry, hard boil some eggs and write eBay drafts. Probably put away the jars of greens from yesterday. And haircut at 1:00 Electrician coming around 1 (DH will be home) to change breakers...or something.
  11. Fed dogs first this morning, picked all remaining mustard greens and washed in washer. Took my walk while the greens finished draining. Came home and wilted the greens and PC'd them. Got 7 quarts which doesn't seem near enough for all I picked. LOL Washed dog blankets and our towels, made salads. Done for today!
  12. Good morning! Already did video, going to feed dogs, walk dogs and go to Church. Will go to Sunday School if we are having it this afternoon. Otherwise, it is a free day for me. Might pick mustard greens or not. Won't PC until tomorrow. Yesterday I cut all my collard greens--only 6 plants-- cooked them and made Hot Water Cornbread (still no oven). That was dinner and it was great!
  13. Friday I walked and picked up new thyroid meds at drug store. Doc lowered my meds a 7th time in the last 2 and a half years! There is only one dosage lower than what I have now. Sure hope to start sleeping better--last night 3 hours and 7 minutes. Also yesterday, I walked dogs, paid bills, made rice for dogs food and then gave away some greens from the garden. At 2:30 took two small dogs to vet for 3 year rabies shots. That went fast and well--they are much better behaved than Oreo-corgi. One could use a dental visit, otherwise good for 3 years! Today, I woke up at 3:30 am. Will do vi
  14. Welcome Maria! Nice to meet you! Glad you are getting to a dentist soon @Littlesister! This morning, I went to Walmart first. They were well stocked for the most part. A few cases of jars and they had lids (I got some). Only 3 big bags of baking soda (Pool size), I got one. Everything else seemed pretty full. I did notice things fronted up with some bare spots in the back. Went to the bread store, then one thrift store. I found a bunch of Lula Roe tops and leggings. About $2 each. I believe they will sell well. Came home, put away Walmart and went for my wa
  15. Is you tooth taken care of @Littlesister? I was thinking it was Wednesday for pulling. @ WE2, glad your grandson is progressing! I went caffeine free for two days and that's it. Back to half caffeine and half decaf. Trying to sleep better but have to have enough ambition to function! No walk today. First, shot eBay photos, then fed dogs and walked them. In the mail yesterday, I received an envelope marked "voter" with my address. Inside there was a similar ballot, but saying I should vote at a different location. I took it to the courthouse today and
  16. I just don't see me getting anything done this year. i will look at a few things and get back to you. Thanks for running this again, with all you have going on!
  17. Walked first, fed dogs. I have a London Fog purse/ bag that I bought at a thrift shop for $2. Need to touch up a couple of spots with shoe polish. Second load of laundry is already in dryer. After the purse, all I have to do is write a few eBay drafts. Our new range was supposed to come today, but has a new delivery date of Nov. 6th. Been almost a month with no oven. And I'm on straight decaf, hoping that will help me sleep. I only had one cup early in the morning but...
  18. Every day, I walked. Let's just get that out of the way. LOL Friday ran around town and did some eBay shopping at thrift shops. Saturday, I helped a friend most of the day. Yesterday was Church, wash dogs, wash dog blankets, wash rugs and swept the house. Then a new women's group at Church. Today have already PC'd 7 quarts of free chicken (the best kind)! Walked the dogs. Getting ready to inventory the inside pantry. That will be fun---not!
  19. We will be home. Just the two of us. That stays the same. Usually go out to brother in laws for lunch. We are always low key.
  20. So many folks not doing too well now. In my family and area also. Praying! Walked first, fed dogs and walked them. And done! What? Nothing on my list today. not having an oven slows me down! Tomorrow, I will go to town for local grocery sales. Might go out in the garden this afternoon, maybe not.
  21. As usual, fed dogs, walked, went to Dollar General for DH. Laundry is almost done. Cooked big pork roast in the instant pot. Will shred it today and PC it tomorrow in BBQ sauce. Have to take eBay photos maybe. Now what? That was all that is on my list today!
  22. Praying for Mt. Rider's mom! and entire family!
  23. Thank you! Seems to be good this morning but hurt so much last night! Took pain pills and muscle relaxers. I am hoping tonight will be easier! Walked first this morning, fed and walked dogs, walked up to library to see if they had any books by Mary Oliver. Nope, but they will request some. I have one bill to pay today, have to cut up cheese for dog treats and search for turmeric in my spice cabinets. Easy day! I hope your dentist appointment goes well and quickly Wednesday @Littlesister!
  24. I pulled a muscle in my upper back this week. Not sure if it was trimming roses, picking up branches from the storm or picking up the full pressure canner. Took a muscle relaxer this morning and intend to take it easier today. Already fed the pups and made rice to add to their food for the week. Going to Church and Walmart for a few items. Should walk dogs later this afternoon. That's about it, I hope!
  25. Good morning! Will walk or do video in a bit. Already washed dog blankets and have 5 quarts of sliced potatoes in the pressure canner--taters were gifted. Still need to give one dog a bath, make hamburgers and then make up some homemade seasoned salt mix. After that, nothing! You all have a good weekend!
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