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Since I already have, what I fondly call "My Nanuk of the North coat", I would go for the heavy quilt.

I have electric sewing machines, but DH recently found a treadle sewing machine at an antique shop and brought it home. It's wonderful !!!

Would you rather have oil lamps or candles?

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Oh, I love to quilt, so would choose a thick quilt. I've never even owned a winter coat, tho I do wear socks in the winter time!

How about a choice of cast iron or stainless cookware?

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Another double! :D Love it!


MomM asked - Oil Lamps or Candles?


Definitely Oil Lamps, they are reusable (if you have the oil ofcourse)



Kallie Asked - Cast Iron or Stainless cookware?


For me, Cast Iron is the best (although I have both) so I would go with Cast Iron ( including three legged, flat lidded, dutch oven)


Now my question once more ;)


Would you rather -


Have a Compost Toilet (been reading about these)




An Outhouse

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OOops...we need a new question don't we?


Okay - here we go!


Would you rather have a ....???



Another family come live with you in your home?




You go live with another family in their home?


This should bring some interesting responses! ;)



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I'm so glad to some of you answering more than one! :)


I decided last winter I'd like a quilt made into a cape with a detachable hood. It gets terribly cold here. I would like the cape to have velcro/snaps/buttons, something like that where I could close off the slits for my hands and also that I could close it up the front and bottom to make a sleeping bag type quilt or open it clear up to let someone else under it. Doesn't that sound toasty???


We have a fruit orchard so I think I'd go with the hardwood/nut trees. Nuts are a great source of protein.


A goat because I can handle a goat. We've had both and there's no comparison with handling them. I can't handle a rambunctious cow, I can a goat.


Greenhouse, I can string the clothes around the house in the winter and the humidity then is a good thing.


Jars and lids


I'm having trouble with a tent or motor home but I think a tent. Like someone said it's portable and would keep the snow/rain off me as I snuggled under my quilt. ;)


Journal or book is another tough one. I'm a voracious reader but it would have to be a journal to keep track of things as well as write down the daily doings.


We are on the open plains where no one could sneak up through the trees etc. so I think I'd like another adult to help guard.


I have chickens and love them. For now they die of old age but if needed they'd become meat and of course their eggs and enjoyed almost daily.


An outhouse, dh and ds would be the one digging the holes and taking care of it. Sure wouldn't look forward to one though! :tapfoot:


I have both cast and stainless cookware. I prefer my stainless but if I had to choose I'd take the cast. Stainless is so easy to take care of.


Have someone come to here, in a heartbeat. We live on an acreage, have more old farm equipment than we know what to do with. Most, if not all, is old enough that an emp would not affect it. We have a creek, pond and artesian well. The acreage is attached to our farm and also has a house and out buildings. Our sons acreage attaches to ours. Hope to go NO WHERE else.


Ham radio or crank radio?







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Due to my lack of radio knowledge, I'd be tempted to take the crank radio, but being somewhat wiser, I think I'll take the Ham radio and figure on learning how to use it or finding someone who knows how to use it.


Which would you rather have:


A 50-gallon barrel of water....




A box of 20 N-95 respirator masks...



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I'd definitely like to have both - but if choosing one, it would be the 55gallon Water barrel, because I don't have one.


As a matter of fact, this is making me think that I should look into getting one. We have the pond, the creek ,the well and the pool...so I considered water handled seeing that I have a Berkey and some stored gallons and bottles of water. But, if we were ever confined inside the house...



Dee, about making that quilt into a 'jacket' , my mom makes those and they are so neat. We were just talking about them as we are going to try to use them to make periodic correct clothing for my dh and oldest two ds's , they are called Capotes.






Okay - new question!! :)


Would you rather have????


A $50 gift certificate from -


Emergency Essentials




Dicks Sporting Goods


PS what would you buy with it?

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tangled fingers
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Yooohoooo!!!! Where did our players all run off too! Let's keep this rolling, it makes you think more than you might think! ;)





Would you rather have????


A $50 gift certificate from -


Emergency Essentials




Dicks Sporting Goods


PS what would you buy with it?

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EE gift certificate, don't know anything about the other merchant. I might apply it to a Berkey, which I can't seem to make myself order. Don't ask me why, I just can't seem to do it.


Would you rather have a huge stock of toilet paper or deodorant?


Edited to add, I would pick to have people come here, rather than us go somewhere else. At least here, think DH and I would have a larger degree of control, and we are the oldest and most frugal of our bunch.

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I'd rather have the toilet paper. Would rather not have to resort to leaves, etc.


Would you rather have a fire pit or a burn barrel?

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Good one MomM, I'd go for a FirePit, seeing as we already have Burn Barrels (but both have their uses).


Would you rather have ....


A deer stand




A live trap


PS- if you don't recognize some of these items, look them up, ask about them, learn!! :)

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Vinegar. With the mother I can make more, the bleach will just be gone.


5 pounds of yeast, or 5 pounds of baking powder?

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Yeast - I can make more stuff with yeast.


On the other hand, sourdough could replace yeast. What could replace baking powder?


Would you rather have a basement or an acre of land?


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I was thinking the same thing about capturing the wild yeast...good thinking.


Basement or acre? Well, since I have 5 acres and a basement, I'll answer as if I had neither.


I'd definitely take the acre, and then dig a basement! or a root cellar or something. Nothing like a little bit of earth to call your own.





Would you rather....


Learn to properly sharpen knives?




Properly clean and oil your guns?


Now this will be hard to choose...at least it would be for me.

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Since DH can do both, I guess for me, I 'd choose clean and oil the guns.

Next question:

Would you rather have a solar shower (black bag with tubing) or a large tub?

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This is an interesting game. The first thing I read, like the solar shower, I think yes, that's what I want. Then I read the big tub and realize I want both! I haven't taken a bath in years, it's always the shower and yet, a big tub would be nice to have for other things as well as a bath.


So, I guess I'll choose the tub since, like I said, I could use it for so many other things and it's so much easier bathing children than using a shower.


Sigh.....I'm already missing my shower!!! :)


Would you rather have a guard dog or guard geese that would keep reproducing for eggs and food.



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guard dog for me.... although if it were the goose that laid golden eggs.... I'd choose otherwise! ;)




Would you rather have a


Cast Iron Tortilla Press




An apple/corer/peeler



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Cast Iron Tortilla Press, would do just fine, we cook a lot of Mexican food in my house and it would save cooking time.


Would you rather have a


Buck knife




Meat cleaver





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Tough choice there Annarchy! :) Both are good tools.


I'm going to go for the Buck Knife as I'm thinking I could use it as a cleaver in a tight spot.




Would you rather.....


Learn to properly shoot a gun




Learn to properly shoot a compound bow



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I already know how to shoot a gun, so I'd take the bow - besides, it's virtually silent.


Would you rather....own Carla Emory's "Encyclopedia of Country Living" or Peggy Layton's "Cookin' With Home Storage" ?

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Encyclopedia of CL....for the broader range of topics covered.



Hmmmm...... OK, got one:


Would you rather have for an addition to your crisis "family"....


....an older, not-very-physically-able, but SOOOOO educated in survival/pioneer living person






.....a young, strong, healthy, brain-still-working-quickly [ahem... :whistling: ], clueless-on-this-subject, but willing to learn person...








MtRider [ I'll take one of each, please :D ]

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Well, this sat dormant for a few months! maybe we can revive it.


In answer to MtRiders would you rather....???



I would choose the ...an older, not-very-physically-able, but SOOOOO educated in survival/pioneer living person




Because I miss my grandma terribly, I even wrote a grandma into my story in Fireside because I so value the knowledge and wisdom of the elderly. Plus, I have a bunch of young, strong, able-bodied, willing to learn folks all ready! :D







Would you rather????



lose 25 lbs (instantly as if by magic)




gain 50 lbs of the grain of your choice (wheat,rice, oats,etc)




***knowing without a DOUBT what I'd choose!*** :wink (2):

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