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A Game of Choices

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Hey y'all!! Let's play a game! :D


It's just a simple game of would you choose.....


I'll start by saying -


Which of these two items would you choose to for your preps and why?


Then, you answer and tell why plus ask the question again with two more prep items.


I think it will be neat to see what our choices are and we may learn a thing or two.


Okay....Here we go!!!



Would you rather have -


An All American Pressure Canner?




An Excalibur Dehydrator?


(Don't forget to say why and give the next two choices! :wave:

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Pssssttt Virginia!


You forgot to ask the next question :D


Good answer and you told why, but now put up two other prep items for the next person to choose from.


Sorry for not making that more clear! ;)

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Ok, Virginia got the ball rolling, thanks Virginia! :hug3:


Now, before I head to bed...I'll throw out the next two choices...


Would you Rather add to your preps....


A Gamma Seal Lid?




A pack of oxygen absorbers?


(NOTE - After you choose - you tell why AND pose the next two for the next person to choose from. :D


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Okay I'll play. I'll take the oxygen absorbers because I put everything in mylar bags and then in buckets.


Which would you rather have:


A root cellar or a generator.






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I'll try again, have a generator and so thankful, so I'll take the root cellar.


Would you pick a Berkey water filter or a wood stove?

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I'd rather have a wood stove. Living in a northern climate we need heat and it would also be great to cook on. We have an artesian well so water isn't a problem.


Would you rather have a goat or a cow?

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I would take either but I think the cow wins by a smidgen.


It's easier to separate cream from cows milk and there's more milk/cream to be had that could be turned into butter and cheeses.


Would you rather have a creek or a well?

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I would take either but I think the cow wins by a smidgen.


It's easier to separate cream from cows milk and there's more milk/cream to be had that could be turned into butter and cheeses.


Would you rather have a creek or a well?


I pick creek. I get more enjoyment from the creek and more animals (food??) get water too.



Would you rather have a handgun or a rifle?

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That's a tough one Vic!


Hmmmmm....okay, I want a more compact handgun that would be easier to carry concealed. B)



Would you rather have ??


50lb bag of Oat Groats




50lb bag of Dent Corn



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The oat groats.... We don't use corn here [due to digestive difficulty] tho the livestock could use it. Oats are SO versatile in cooking and health care/medicinal too. [sunburn or itch relief, etc] It is very calming on an upset tummy, something that will be occurring if the Hooey is Hitting Fan. And it's easier on someone who might have to avoid gluten. If you cook it badly, I believe you could hang wallpaper with it..... ;) Can be used for livestock too.


AND has a shorter growing season which means it MIGHT be able to grow here on WARM summers....which 2009 is NOT! Brrrrr....we frosted again last nite.




OK.....For the perfect Bug Out location, would you rather have very remote/hard to access mountain land [but difficult weather for living/growing crops] OR a chunk of good midwest cropland with abundant wildcrafting in the vacant areas?





MtRider [y'all know which one I picked....but there are disadvantages to both. :shrug: ]




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Oh Boy! I get two for my money! ;)


As to bins or backpacks???



I have to say Backpacks, we keep buying the cheap ones and we get our money's worth. :rolleyes:




Mountains on Midwest?



Tough one because they are both very different than what I am use to. Although I long to be a Mountain Woman, I imagine I'd adjust to the cropland better?? So, I'll choose cropland! :)



NOW - would you rather have









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I love these thought "games" Stephanie, good job.


I'd take the wind turbine in an instatnt. Living on the open plains we have winds all year long...sigh.....where the sun can be iffy.


Would you rather have a fruit orchard or a forrested area of hardwood trees for cutting and different kinds of nuts?







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Fruit orchard! Why? Because it's yummy! Fruit is easy to preserve and versatile for year-round eating. An orchard is a nice place for chickens to spend the day, eating bugs and windfall fruits.


Would you rather have... a clothes line or a green house?

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Both, but if I have to choose, I think clothesline would win out. I've had clotheslines in the past, and I love them; and I would like to be off the grid someday.

Would you rather have a motorized or a hand-operated grain grinder?

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Oh wow - I just found this thread. Neato!


I would rather have the hand-grain grinder (I've got both). The hand-one can be made to be machine-powered, but will always work. Whereas you are very dependent on electricity for the other.


I would also rather have the dent corn because it is edible for humans and chickens.


I would rather have the O2 absorbers because they last long and I've got plenty of the gamma lids.


Plains or Mountains? Tough one. I'd have to say mountains. I don't like the still heat of the plains, even though there always seems to be wind. The mountains seem to be more easy to defend. We are also closer here to the mountains than plains.


Clothesline or greenhouse? Well. Living in the city I'd say greenhouse. I can put a clothesline in the basement. In the NW, you do need a greenhouse to maintain good growing conditions year around.


Solar panel or turbine? Here in the NW, I would say solar. Our neighborhood does get a lot of light and not a lot of wind, even in the winter. We are pretty sheltered.


SO -here's my contributions -


What would you rather have - treadle sewing machine or electric?


I so badly want my grandma's treadle. Why? DO you really need to ask? :) They run without electricity, are very easy to maintain and keep parts for.


What would you rather have - canning jars & lids or a Foodsaver vacuum packer?


and since I answered a whole bunch, here's another one just for fun:


Garden seeds or dirt?

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A treadle sewing machine would be lovely and oh the memories of sitting in my grandma's sewing room playing with what I shouldn't be playing with! :rolleyes:


I'd have to take the canning jars and lids as you can never have too many and I already have a Foodsaver.


Dirt or Seeds?? Going with seeds here, seeds can grow (sprouts) without dirt.





Would you RATHER have....


A bale of quality hay




A bolt of quality fabric



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I'd take a journal. In hard times, it helps to write down your experiences and feelings.


Would you rather have a fence around your property or an extra adult to help with guarding?


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Great game!

I'd definitely like the dehydrator because I don't have one...

I'd pick gamma seals over oxygen absorbers...

Yes to a root cellar...it gets so hot here trying to leep things from spoiling is a big problem....

A Berkey water filter because water is a priority (we can cook with solar energy much of the year and wood would be a problem to get)...

A goat...easier to take care of...

I'd love a creek...just because...

A handgun...because....I've never touched a rifle...

The oat groats...because they would be easier to grind...I have a cheapie grinder...

Backpacks for BOB's...bins would be too hard to carry...

Midwest cropland....can't handle mountain cold....

Saw...ummm...no experience with an axe...

Solar panel definitely...tons of sun here...

Fruit orchard....we love fritu more than nuts! :)

Greenhouse... You can string up a rope between 2 trees and have a clothesline...

I'd like a good quality hand-grinder...

Probably a treadle....

Can't have enough jars and lids...plus I have 2 vaccuum sealers...

Tent...easier to carry...

Journal...for writing down thoughts and ideas...

Extra help for guarding....we can't do it alone...

Seeds...can be used for sprouting...but, dirt is so important too...that's a hard one...


Ok,my question...would you like chickens or rabbits? (I really want chickens)

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Oh goody! another double for me! ;)


fence or guard... tempting to say another capable body...but I have to say I'd love fencing (security style) all around my property.


Isn't is Westie that says a good fence keeps the honest folks out so you know if they've come over, through or under your fence...they are NOT the honest folks! ;) Plus, imagine their surprise when they met up with Aslan making his rounds! :D



Chickens or Rabbits?


Chickens for sure, I love my chickens and I'm use to them, comfortable with them, they produce eggs, meat and more chickens!


My question - (before I head to bed)


Would you rather -


Have a Compost Toilet (been reading about these)




An Outhouse

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