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just came from drs - flu type a

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i have had a bad cought and finaly went to dr thught it was broncitus again he did strep test and flu test well flu test came back said it was type a the one like a cold well I dont have that bad of a cough know


he sent me zpak antiboitic and tamflu (not spelled right) any way my husband said to just take the oscillococcinum that we have at home its the same kind of thing plus I did a search on tamaflu and the side affects are nausea and diarreah well I dont need anyone of those as i have to work,.


my question is will the oscillococcinum work just as good i have used it before and it worked great


plus i have childrens kind also stocked up on them they where clearenced at mu safeway last year and if my kids start with any symptoms I think I will give it to them the oscillococcinum that is just wanted you guys advice

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If it were me, I'd give the oscilloc. at the first sign of sickness. It may not prevent the flu but it could help lessen the symptoms. I take Zicam at the first sign of a cold and I think it helps. I like being proactive and at least trying.


Hope you feel better and that it doesn't spread! :hug3:

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Zicam is our one of our regular medical storages. We keep the lozenges and the nasal sprays. When we've been out hiking etc., and breathing cold air into our nostils & throats, we stick a lozenge in our mouth just as a preventative. When we've been out amongst alot of people (shopping etc.) and wake up with a dry throat, we suck on a lozenge. Had some of the liquid but gave it to son when he came down with flu (had his shot but girlfriend got sick & he thought he needed to go help clean up after her...grrrr) so I gave it to him. He said he had to also take a "booster" flu shot...I've never heard of it before, but I'm thinking it was the Tamaflu but didn't start feeling better until after the Zicam. ??? Z-packs are good...but if you have access to prednisone, Z-packs are pretty much just prednisone and tylenol/aspirin and an allergy tablet. When late husband or I would catch a cold etc., (he took prednisone every day due to the brain tumor) we just used the prednisone with some aspirin and an allergy tablet...and we were over it in no time.

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hope you feel better soon SK. good old remedy, half a cup raw honey and grated fresh onion, simmer and take spoonfuls. Sounds weird but it works too. I don't know about prednisone. Your own body needs to build its own immune system up some to this particular strain. But the honey onion is something folks swear by as its anti everything just about. Should help if you have any. Strain after simmering a while through clean cheese cloth or muslin and take a good spoonful every once in a while.

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I'm hearing nasty things about this flu season....early, tough on kids- some deaths already. So don't fool around with this too much. Find a doc or health care professional that you trust; who makes reccommendations within the type of health care you believe in. Asking for medical advice here isn't really asking for medical advice. We can ONLY give our experiences and our personal [non-medical] opinions for ourselves. And our sympathy, of course! :hug3: Hope you feel better soon!


Whatever you decide, if you can afford it, you might consider filling all the prescriptions. In case you get worse and THEN decide to take them. :shrug:


But....[and you know this already, right?]....DON'T take partial doses of the antibiotics. If you decide to start them, made SURE to finish them all. Otherwise you frequently make the bacteria you are fighting come back later ...and MUCH stronger. You don't want that, certainly. But the rest of humankind does not want that. That's how the super-strains of bacteria are being cultured. Within the bodies of people who do not finish off their round of antibiotics.


When you go to a health care professional, carry with you a list of questions that you might need to ask. One of the best ones to ask is: Explain to me, please, why you are prescribing this medication.


This will tell you if you are already well into a bacterial infection and at that point, it's usually a good idea to get rid of it with specific antibiotic. But again, that's something you decide as you gather the information from tests, doctor's advice, etc.


Sure hope you discover a cure for your illness, SK!


MtRider :grouphug:

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I've had this flu for a couple of days now. It is miserable. Headache, unbelievable joint pain, killer cough and fatigue. I went to get an X-ray on the recommendation of my doctor to make sure it hasn't turned into pneumonia. I guess it's happening to quite a few people. She also said many of the case got the flu shot...and its not keeping them from getting it. Tried the oscillo, drinking fluids, teas, soups, elderberry...whatever I can think of. I think it's just going to have to run its course....lots of staying in bed.

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I know this is an old thread but I figured I would post for future use. If the Dr prescribed Tamiflu you should take it. There is a small window of opportunity for the Tamiflu to work, something like 48-72 hrs from when symptoms first start. If you wait until you feel really bad it could be too late to take it and have any results.


Most people that get very sick with the flu suffer from secondary infections. The Zpak is an antibiotic that can fight secondary infections, which can keep you out of the hospital.

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Hubby was hit with what we believe was the flu last week. He missed a day and a half from work. (For him, this is the equivalent of missing 2 weeks since he never gets sick!) He was really achy on Sunday and his stomach was off kilter Sunday night. By Monday morning, he dragged himself to work, though he'd really had no sleep. By 10-something am, he was shivering at the door looking as though he was going to fall over. I drugged him up with Excedrin PM so that he could sleep through the worst of the symptoms. By 7pm, I coaxed him to eat a little something (toast) and then he was out again. The next day, he called in. He returned to work on Wednesday , but he still wasn't over it. He was really dehydrated, still achy and tired. Luckily, he had Friday off so that he could take a long weekend to rest.


Unfortunately, he is a stubborn man and he spent the weekend moving firewood, mowing lawns and generally getting underfoot. Those are sure signs that he was starting to feel better!

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Mr. Martian, first :bighug2: then :frying pan:


Hugs because you were sick and a whack for possibly spreading it around. If we ever have a real epidemic that is probably how it will spread the fastest. Not from air travel. Macho men and also women sending their sick kids off to day care/school so they can go to work. See, I'm an equal opportunity ranter. :P


Also, when I'm sick I reach for the PM stuff or melatonin to try to sleep through as much of it as I can too!

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