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Michael & Lori MIGHT be in Hospital together on Monday!

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OK so here is what is happening:

:feedme: Every year on Easter we go to the ‘all-you-can-eat’ Breakfast /dinner Buffet at Ponderosa
(I know – not good)

= And =

:feedme: Every year on Lori’s birthday (March 31) I take her out to Ling-Lings (Chinese Buffet)
we pig out!

But this year they are on the same day!

So we are going to Ponderosa and eat for about 1 ½ hours and then drive across town to Ling-Lings and eat Chinese for about another 1 ½ hours! :faint3:


SO now you know WHY we might be in hospital on Monday!!!!! :imoksmiley:

Just Kidding! We have been telling people this all week and some even believe it !
this has happened only one other time when Lori was around 10 years old that Easter and her Birthday was on the same day- how COOL is that!

We are doing one Dinner this Sunday and going out another time for her Birthday but thanks for worrying about us being in the Hospital! LOL
silly :AmishMichaelstraw:

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Ahem....as I started to type last nite and my computer when phlooooey AGAIN.... :tapfoot:




HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LORI :balloons: and Happy Easter to both of you. :amen:




MtRider ---sheesh, I thot they were both going in for sleep study with suspected sleep apnea or something. :rolleyes:

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