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I love glass jars but they tend to be heavy so I have to be careful as to how big of jar I use. I have found the perfect size for just about everything. It is the "CRACKER" jar that is sold at Wal-Mart. It runs about $6 a jar but I can get my fat hand in it with no problem and it is not too heavy for me to lift. So I am slowly replacing all of my plastic storage jugs with these cracker jars. Right now I have 3 of them one for tea, one for coffee and one I had dehydrated hashbrowns in and everything stayed fresh. And the best part the coffee beans didn't smell up the cabinets.

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I'll be checking these out for sure! I put all my "2nd helpings" in my glass canning jars w/gasket sealed, 1 piece lids for the frig, but would love bigger jars for my other stuff. I have a wonderful set of plastic canisters that keep my flour, sugar, cornmeal etc., perfectly...but I saw where a critter had been chewing around the edge of the lid trying to get in. We set glue pads out and now are critter free. We'll keep the pads out the rest of the winter just in case one thinks our home is a good nesting place :frying pan:

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I am using the huge Vlasic pickle jars for 'canisters.' (you DO have to eat the pickles first.................or get 'empties' from your neighbors :D )



LOL if we at pickles I would have plenty of jars but we just don't eat pickles.

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