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Easy way to do Sprouts for the Kitchen

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Actually the lentils in the cupboard were cut in half to be dried , for soup beans, but one can order just about any organic sprouting seeds, which are also good for gardening , as well , btw. Amazon has about 300 listings if you search for organic sprout seeds, many are Prime listings as well.

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Thanks for vids! I've saved several of them :-) We recently purchased a small sprout cylinder and some seeds, but just haven't had the time to do get them started and the rinsing process etc. But we love sprouts. I especially enjoy them mixed with diced pinapples! :-)

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I was glad I found these videos, it shows you a lot of simple techniques that make it turn out right. I was having issues and now I know how it is done. I have had this pound bag of salad mix sprouts so I started two jars today and they have had their first rinsing and at a tilt upside down in the drainer, lol, will rinse in the morning. I am trying out a small jar of sunflower seeds too but I will order a bag of those next month as these may or may not work and honestly I don't know if I can chew them but I could put them in baked goods to eat.


The mung beans and such bean sprouts would be very nice for stir fry and vegies . I liked that lady's youtube , the one with the mung bean sprouts in the colander. She is from Korea. She did several easy recipes too on her youtube channel.


It was nice to learn how to do this stuff the right way, and how you keep them from going green if you don't want and about when to harvest.

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It looks like my pound bag of salad variety sprout seed is ok , the two jars are doing fine and the sunflower seeds. ( Bobs Red Mill ) still germinated and sprout in the tiny way they do so. Into the third day, this morning, all is rinsed again ( about 930 pm and 930 am , every 12 hours) , a few times so nice and clear is the goal on rinsing. Or at least the alfalfa seed and and broccolli are, not sure about the rest but they may be slower, anyway?


I do plan on ordering more sprout seed next month though. :cele:

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Used some of our broccoli sprouts in our omelet this morning :-) Have a few more, and also have a baggie with the mung sprouts. Washed up all the jars & mesh and will use my tray next time. Loved the videos though, they all look so nice :-)

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Glad you're sprouting sassenach! I've been sprouting for years and love it. It's a great and easy way to up the nutritional value of simple lettuce.

I just picked up some microgreens seeds. I've got the sunflowers soaking now and will put them in dirt tomorrow. I'm thinking this will be a low water way to grow more greens during the summer months.

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Thanks for the suggestion, WE2 .


I did get my sprouter kit that stacks and many samples of bean and seed sprouting that Amazon sells. I am trying it out today.

I also got some sort of plastic like screens for jars to use them. They should be better than cheesecloth and can be disinfected and cleaned easier.


This kit stacks and I believe uses coffee can/ Emergency dehydrated food lids size plastic lids. You just pour the water in the top one and it drains down the sides slowly, inside to the next and leaves a layer of water on the bottom of each container and a catch container is on the bottom. I will see how it works.

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I posted a question on this thread. What happened to it?


I mentioned a salmonella scare with sprouts several years ago and that I got afraid to do sprouts. I used to sprout radishes, alfalfa, mung beans, etc. but I quit. I read somewhere that you needed to rinse your seeds in a chlorine bleach solution and I didn't think that sounded safe so I quit sprouting. Do these videos address salmonella in the seeds themselves? Do any of you know anything about it or have any advice about it?


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Well, that is a good question, Daylily. I have no idea. These are farmer-homesteaders- and somebody that does a cooking show in her region I guess.


Generally speaking , people who do their own sprouts prefer them over store bought, is how I look at it and you can get a pound of seeds for between about 8 $ to 14$ from what I see online.


For me its actually one way to get fresh greens and I heard about the nutrition of beans being sprouted for soup or breads. You definitely need to rinse them a few times at least til water runs clear, twice a day.


I doubt I would use bleach in my food.


Check with Wormie on Consumer Affairs as he keeps up with recalls.


And any greens that are handled by humans can end up having salmonella or any other commonly found bacteria like E. Coli. in the mix. I have no idea if there was any discovered in dried seeds, however. Wormie might be able to help you research that.


I have known people who have done sprouts since the 60's. They have never gotten sick from their own sprouts.


It is up to our individual discretion for each of us to figure out what we want to grow to eat and how to handle it, although there are safer techniques in how we process it and keep it, these days.


Some things happen anyway. I would say it is not that common if you take good care. You want to sterilize what you use every time you use it too. Which I do.

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