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Test results are in.  No COVID!

Every day, you guys. Every. Single. Day. We’ve had 2 days of clear air in the last four weeks. Today this is what my car looked like while sitting overnight under the carport. It’s on the windowsills

When you think you are prepared.... the unexpected happens.   DH lost 1/2 of a filled molar.  The dentist took him, which was a blessing, however, he called me..  the cost to repair it was a

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Indeed!  :grinning-smiley-044:


We can’t see the smoke today, so we are hoping they put it out.  Most of the area that burnt, in the Woodbury fire, was mountainous, uninhabited area, where most of the wildlife lives.  Hunting this year, in our area, is not going to be good, in that area, which is where most people have gone in the past.


Got my chores done, waiting to resolve an issue that came up.  Left a message... :motz_6: Yeah, they are not going to hear what I have to say.


Wrote a letter to my Aunt.  Yes! People still write letters, in cursive. I have to be careful, tho, she was an English teacher....  :008Laughing: my sister and her used to tease me about my grammar, spelling and cursive habits. Harrumph!  At least I wrote letters, and they didn’t complain when I edited & published their books.  


Birds & hens are fed, got an egg today. We are having leftovers tonight.  Mine was squished tater tots with an egg on top.   Tasty 😋 









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Today was a slow one. I still need to get out and get errands etc. run. I don't like going anywhere any more. Sheees, I almost agoraphobic. 


Go gettem Annie. Give them what for. 



The Cipro didn't work for me. She only have me 3 days worth. I don't know if that's standard protocol or not. Better check into Dr. Google. I do have some here that I'm not afraid of using. Sigh. Fortunately it's more of an irritation and not actual pain.  

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Yeah, Jeepers, they are definitely going to get a piece of my mind, with an attitude...take my money without saying anything....  


The penicillin worked great!  We are now thinking the infection was years old from the other molar, between the wisdom tooth and the molar, next to the middle one they removed, about 10 years ago.  The wisdom tooth fell into the gap and was sideways pressing on the other molar, they removed this time.  I’ve quit waking up coughing at night, and my overall health is improving. PTL!  And, I’ve lost another 5 lbs.  go figure.  Just learning to deal with 2 dry sockets, keeping stuff from getting in. 


We are hoping to take Gunny to the lake tomorrow and do some fishing. I really hope we catch some fish.... I’m craving fresh fish.  Lol

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The tweet bloopers......they are funny.  I heard Trump was mixing geography and warning folks from Alabama to prepare for H.Dorian.  ....well, it could go over there...  :grinning-smiley-044:    He might have meant Georgia?  He isn't the only geographically-challenged one out there.  :scratchhead: WHICH city did I fly to today? 


Anyway, glad to see that H.Dorian is incrementally making that northern turn.  Sheeeeesh, this thing has been excruciatingly slow!  I'm not even affected and I'm sayin' "Get on with it!  Zoom on outta here!"


We've got booming and banging of thunder this evening.  It's not real close.....EXCEPT when I 'ran' down the steps to fetch DH's work clothes from the dryer.  He works tomorrow....Th/Fri off....works Sat/Sun.....and done.  :scratchhead:  THEN we see what the next chapter will bring? 


I'm glad he's done tho.  It is not a healthy job for him in soooo many ways.  Not really for me either.  I was feeling awful all yesterday and had to do feeding AM and PM.  But I didn't get a start on trash gathering.  So had to get together all 3 bags this morning.  Not that it's too hard to find trash to pitch from all sorts of places.  But reallly  :amen:   we're getting rid of a lot of it.  Looking much better.  I just have to get the chance with my tools to dismantle the larger things so they FIT into a trash bag.  2 vacuum cleaners.....I can make them fit!  Heehee...  Iffen a screwdriver won't do it, a hammer should!  :baseballbat:


MtRider  :offtobed: 

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just becuz I can.... LOL
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MidnightMom that is too funny.  The ought to give college students the SAT again before giving them diplomas.  As for Ms. AOC I see she does not notice what her fingers type any more than she hears what comes out of her mouth.  So sad but so funny.    What is the saying? "Put brain in gear before engaging mouth."  Wow.  


We are starting to see hurricane evacuees in our area, especially from the Carolinas.  Helping where we can.  Our baseball team gave free tickets to people from mandatory evacuation areas.  I made an extra large food pantry donation, its getting cleaned out.  Heavy on favorite local comfort foods - mac & cheese, cornmeal muffin mix, along with the usual powdered milk & other staples.  I don't know how much difference my donation makes, but I hope if everybody give a little extra we can make a difference.  I was impressed by the pastor I saw on the weather channel who reached out to all his parishioners & made sure the disabled and poorer parishioners were housed with other parishioners so nobody was left to fend for themselves.  How inspiring!  


Congrats on the freezer CG!  I am excited and happy for you, I love mine.  I know it will help tremendously in meal planning and execution.  Due to our freezers "We Fear No Leftovers" as they can be used to make more meals down the road, and we never pay full price anymore because we can wait for sale to stock up.  I'm sure you are dancing on the ceiling with delight!    

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20 hours ago, Annarchy said:

Yes! People still write letters, in cursive. I have to be careful, tho, she was an English teacher....  :008Laughing: my sister and her......


Grammatically, it should be "my sister and SHE"....... :laughkick: :24:  :whistling:

(her is an objective pronoun; she is subjective)


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1 hour ago, Midnightmom said:


Grammatically, it should be "my sister and SHE"....... :laughkick: :24:  :whistling:

(her is an objective pronoun; she is subjective)






....she and my sister...  

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Glad the penicillin is working for you Annarchy. I'm allergic hence the Cipro. I got into my own stash and now that I know the dosage. 500mg twice a day for five days is what I'm shooting for. Three days just wasn't enough. If this doesn't work I'll call the doc again. But in the meantime I can do what she started on my own with no office call...$$$


I'm also glad Mr. Mt. Rider will be finished with his job soon. At least it served its purpose that it was intended for. How is his knot doing? No

hope it's going down. Do you still have your horses? Enquiring minds ya know. :D

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9 hours ago, kappydell said:

ought to give college students the SAT again before giving them diplomas


Right!  Instead they give them an unbearable debt for a degree in Renaissance Art.  Yeah, that'll get ya the big bucks. :buttercup:  


So today we had some GOOD movement on 3 issues. 

1)  DH was offered to continue the same serving job but a) only 2 days a week, b) noon to 8:30pm.  NO getting up at 4AM!  Still the same 40+min drive and still on his feet but only 2 days/week.  Same place so nothing new to learn except the PM menu.  We decided that would be good.  Might not last thru the slow winter months but....it's something doable right now.


2) Someone came over to look at the horses.  They don't want them BUT can see we need help in getting them somewhere...before old one dies and drama-queen goes berserk being alone.  One gal knows a horse place......  :pray:    She also might take the ducks if we needed them gone.  She's got ducks, geese, horses, goats, etc.  I'd love to see her critters.


3)  .................  :scratchhead:   ............. ummmmm?   well, we got the road graded [HIGHLY needed and HIGHLY unusual] but that wasn't #3.  :rolleyes:  


This full-time for DH has wore me flat out!!!!  :0327: 


DH's lump has gone down but not all the way.  Size it was before it doubled.  Haven't heard boo from the Nurse Practitioner.  :sigh:  Our country neighborhood clinic used to be such a fine and friendly place.....  Very likely a cyst tho so not as concerned.  


---  Hope you get needed results, Jeepers.

----  Is Oreo home yet, Miki?


 ......we got RAIN last to dampen the DUST!!!  :happy0203:  ......THEN I got in my truck this morning and realized I forgot to roll up the windows yesterday.  :shakinghead:  That's a first!  But I left it wide open this hot day and sunshine dried the seats.  Then shut them and we got more rain.  So our fire danger and DUST just went down again.  :amen:  


MtRider  .....if I am ABLE tomorrow...go get haircuts with my mom? 

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Been busy beavers around this forum!  Oreo is a cutie!  Jeepers...hopefully finding your own solution!  I've had my hands absolutely full canning produce.  Our farmer friends have sent us home with several batches of tomatoes, zucchini, cucumbers and egg plant so I've been preserving them quickly.  Got 13 pints of salsa, 5 pints of spaghetti sauce, five egg plant sliced, bagged and in the freezer.  The zuccini we've just eaten.  Finished the last one off tonight in a stew I fixed for supper.  Hubby's been super busy taking care of his "honey-do" peoples.  We appreciate them as much as they appreciate him, and we can always use the extra income.  Worked on our homestead's library project and it's looking so good!  Got all the book shelves in place, anchored, and filled with books.  Now...what do we do with the other 30 boxes of books?  Moved two of our big book cases into the homestead's living room and we'll put our 
"resource" books in those.  Also have a nice book case for about 30 years of National Geographic's.  They're in nice binders and the case was made just for them.  Hubby got his cement mixer ready for the lady's basement entry project.  Going to have to borrow a friends trailer to haul it though, so we'll probably also go pick up the little chest freezer my step mum gave us.  She's also got a "honey-do" list for him.  Wants to re-floor her little front entry porch. Then he'll tackle the other lady's "big" front porch project.  We're trying to find a few days of nice weather to go camping for a few days and get some "down time"..."outa dodge" stuff!  The weather's been pretty nice.  A few days of humidity but mostly nice.  No rain or thunder storms...that's good.  Was able to get caught up on mowing and needed the basement entry project to dry out for the pouring of the concrete...and drying time for the concrete.  Made a Mennonite run also, so had lots of stuff to prep up and get into freezers.  They had 7 1/2 lbs of bacon (really nice stuff!) for 10$ so we bought two packages and reduced them down to our portion sizes and put them in the meat freezer.  Also more pizza crumbles which we love...to reduce to our portion sizes and freeze.  Also a big bag of sausage links, we enjoy them with our breakfast.  Picked up some yogurt but we're already out of it, so I guess I'll make some.  Sounds like everybody's survived the hurricane...prayers answered!  For those still in harms way, our prayers are still on-going!  

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Hope you can get the.horses rehomed sooner rather than later. Especially before winter. It sounds like the new hours for your hubby will be a lot better! If not he can always quit. I was asking about his lump (couldn't think of the word) but I don't know what happened with that sentence up there. Sigh. Kindle. Glad it's going down though. 


Wow We2 you guys have really been busy. What a blessing all of that food is! I can't wait to start up canning again next year. I shouldn't have taken all of my preserving stuff to Indiana so soon. I meant to bring it back here the last time and forgot. I'll be honest, I'm concerned about the economy, next year's election and I've been hearing about a solar minimum...what ever that is. A guy on the Deep South Homestead (Danny) was talking about it. I like him and his wife Wanda. So many YouTube's but so little time. On the other hand, I always get "nesty" this time of year so maybe that's it. 

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:0327:   ........BUT we accomplished goals today!  :happy0203:   My mom and I got our hair trimmed up.  She whacks at hers for a while then eventually has to have it straightened up.  I asked the gal how much hair grows on average each month.  She said about a half-inch.  .......and mine grows an inch a month.  Told her it was my friend's hair care product...  Darlene kept mixing and whisking and came up with something that is fantastic with my abundant, fine-strand, curly hair.  :hug3:   I think it's growing at twice the rate now.  LOL   Well, mine always did grow fast but it feels so nice and is manageable!  Anyway, she took off 4" today.  Took off 6" last time after 6 months.  My mom was pleased with hers too.  


Fortunately ....tho it was 92* when we left our place at 1:30pm, the clouds came up and it cooled down to safe-for-me.  :amen:  After hair cuts, we went to have Frosties at Wendy's and talk.  Took my mom home and gave my dad his Frostie.  Makes him happy.  My mom was VERY happy to get out for a while.  With the new schedule for DH, we can go back to doing this again weekly.  It had been 6wks.  But of course it wore me out.  :0327:  


Heading home, we also remembered to stop at store to get a gas transfer device.  [remembering Jeepers did that with her lawn mower (?) if I remember right.]  Well DH and I tried to pour gas into my truck a while back ....to rotate what's in the 5 gal red containers.  WHAT A MESSSSS!  So we're hoping this device will cut down on gas all over the ground/truck/hands.  And holding up 5 gal while it SLOWLY.....EVER SO SLOWLY ...empties into the tiny hole allowed for gas....  Arms are shaking with exertion!  {....are we just old???}   :huh:   Hmph - gotta be a better way!!  For $16.89...we'll try it.  And my truck is empty so today was a good day to remember.  


Jeepers, it does seem we all get the preparedness ITCH in Sept/Oct.  Well, what came first? Chicken or egg......cuz Sept is Preparedness Month.  :shrug: 


Wow, WE2s....y'all are so busy.  Hope you and the fuzzy one can get away to play for a few days.


So Ambergris...other than evacuating folks, did you get any affects from H.Dorian?  That could have been soooo bad.  Whew!   


MtRider  ....trying to think of supper.  If I think hard enough, will it make itself?  :feedme:  

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Gonna share some pics of the stuff I've been putting up as well as a pan of Bannock bread.  We love it for a quick "bread/biscuit" when we're having stew etc.  Friend called this morning and said she's got a ton more of tomatoes, so we'll pick them up tomorrow.  I think I'm going to make some sweet and sour sauce.  Haven't ever made it but I'm thinking it would be pretty tasty to have in our pantry.  Sorry if some are duplicates from another post. Drove to step mums and was able to get the little freezer in our truck.  It's a very small one but will make a nice place for yogurt, ice cream and other small items.  We used the fore-arm lift to get it out of her house and on to a garden wagon and wheeled it to the back of the truck and then we used the forearm lift to pick it up and put it in the back of the truck.  Pretty much used the same technique when we got to the homestead.  We also have a garden wagon...PTL!  Hubby's got his cement mixer ready to load on to a friends trailer in the morning and will start pouring concrete tomorrow.  Weather has been nice to dry out any dirt and is supposed to be nice again for a couple of days for the concrete to set up.  THEN...we're planning to just take Miss B and go camp at our favorite state park.  Won't be as roomy as taking our trailer but it's just easier to use at this point.  We need to winterize the trailer and Miss B is always winterized.  We just hook up close to a bath/shower house, put up our screened tent and we're ready to go ... or leave if the weather turns bad.  Just don't like making reservations and then have the weather turn sour and spend it hunkered down inside an RV of any kind...especially a 19' class B! LOL  I'll just take foods we have in the pantry and already cooked.  I'm sure Abby-girl will enjoy camping.  She loves going for those long walks.  October 1st is when this particular park shuts off the plumbing and the host leaves, so we have to go this month if we need hook ups and bathroom/shower facilities.






101_1145 Sweet peppers 2019.JPG






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The spouts I have i got at Amazon...probbably. They are just like the old fashion ones. Mine came with a little plug. You can drill a little hole on the top of the can so air can get in to make pouring easier and not go Glug-Glug. Then you can cover it with the the cap/plug thingy. I didn't do that part. Son might want to though. I spill more gas with the new spouts than I ever did with the old type. 


Your jars are lovely We2. Are you liking your Tattled lids?

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I love using Tattler lids...and use them mostly for foods that I rotate out very quickly.  There's a little bit of a learning curve, but nothing to difficult.  I think some try to make it too difficult and are fearful of them because of somebody being careless when using them.  I follow Linda's Pantry way and it works just fine.  I center the gasket and lid on my jar, put the ring on and "barely" turn it until my jar turns.  When I pull them out of my canner I do not tighten them down unless they are "really" loose and then it's just a tiny touch.  Those gaskets and lids must be very hot though!  I can tell if they've sealed by simply placing a butter knife blade across the top...if I see space I know it's sealed.  If not...I know it's probably not.  I plan to eventually have enough to have my complete pantry in Tattler's also.  I can go to their web site and buy them in bulk.  There's no rust to worry about.  I've even used some of them to vacuum seal some of my boullion cubes (never can spell that!) in jars.  Keeps them from drying out.  Friend called again so we picked up another box of 'maters and I jarred up 2 quarts of tomato quarters and jarred up 3 quarts of ketchup/tomato juice that I was using to can the tomatoes in.  The weather has been quite nice, so hoping it will keep up it's good work when we go camping.

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Found out that our outside kitty had a couple kittens.  M heard mewing sounds, and insisted we locate them.  Momma had picked out a very good nesting spot...under a metal grid load carrier that sits about 1 foot off the ground, that had some plastic feed bags on top (nice roof!) with tall grass sides and a dirt floor for coolness.  We decided to leave her there, since if we moved them to a human-preferred box, she would move them elsewhere where we would NOT know where they were.  Would not want her moving them to some tall grass that needs mowing or something.  She is a very good momma, so we bowed to her superior choice of nursery.  She gets extra feed for a while to help her nurse.

Our indoor kittens are starting to eat 'regular' cat food, and are running all over the place - we have to watch where we step when we go in the master bedroom.  So cute!  I should not be hard finding them homes when the time comes.  We get the fun part of handling them so they get used to being held.  That way when a prospective new owner picks them up for a cuddle and look-over, then snuggle in and start purring, instead of scratching & trying to escape.  Needless to say they get adopted much quicker that way.  Since they are from an inside momma we won't put them outside to live - that would cause quite a bit of hoopla with  mom inside and kids outside.  Better they get adopted.  

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Cute.....kittens are such wonderful happy balls of fluff.  I miss my kitty....but planning to wait til AFTER we move to dive into more animal ownership.  What colors do you have?


Jeepers......I'm quite sure that electronic Spel Check has increased my appearance of intelligence by SEVERAL points!  :lol:  At least when I remember to use it.  Apparently I have the habit to "whole word read"  so my brain glazes right over the letters and fills in whatever word should be there.  A real disadvantage when I'm writing.  :rolleyes:   BUT I detest the Spel Check that won't leave my words UNcapitalized, etc when I want that!  Shooo!  Go away and leave my words as is!  Hmph!


Oye, finally feel better today.  Wiped me out to go on the hair-cutting expedition and Frostie stop with my mom on Thurs.  I've been wiped-out, WOBBLE-LEGGED, Fumble-Fingered, and frustrated for the past 2 days.  Today...I washed up all the eggs from our ducks recently.  LOL  Then DH bought eggs on his way home......certainly not expecting that I'd be up for washing them today.  That's ok cuz our OLD ducks are not laying that much anymore.  We'll use them all.  :duck1:


Wow...we got a lot of rain the past 2 days/nites.  :amen:   And FINALLY I saw a rainbow last nite....a DOUBLE!  :happy0203:  Hadn't seen one this year...with so many rain/sun days...wondered why?  


Product Update:  That gas transfer device we bought at Tractor Supply.  Don't buy the one with the coiled up red hoses.  With the clam shell hard packaging, you can't feel the quality.  Turns out it was more of a plastic TOY than a TOOL!  It will be going back when DH gets a chance.  We did get the gas transferred but it took rubber gloves and lots of paper towels.  Kept coming apart when the pressure got enough for gas to flow.  Should have had a siphon effect but it was certainly not maintaining a seal enough for that.  They had a different one...battery.  Looks like one  we used for the kerosene heater waaaay back in Duluth days.  [that one wasn't battery operated tho]  We expect that one will work better......???


MtRider  :pc_coffee:

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Made the investment and went beef shopping this afternoon...wow...if you think beef is how now what in the world will it bee in a few months!  Aldis is supposed to be having a sale so we're watching that for sure.  I want the roast-type cuts because I chunk them up and pressure can them.  As I mentioned to hubby, in a LCE we might only get beef once a month...IF we have some set back!  Now is surely time for us.  With just two of us, just a few chunks with some 'taters, onions, carrots etc. would sure turn food fatigue around!  Looked all over WM for a simple yogurt maker and NOT to be found...only the insta pot types...which is twice the cost of a simple yogurt maker.  The store here is a total MESS!  Not sure what's going on but they have re-arranged every single department and you can't find nothing.  There are large open spaces that look like they're either doing away with a department or adding one?  Who knows.  The book/magazine department has been moved all the way to the back of the store and has very little to offer.  Their beef cuts (which were very little) were too pricey for me to just can up so we passed.  But I'll be jarring up some beef tomorrow.  Also went Mennonite shopping and picked up some potatoes for steaming and a couple of packages of  shredded potatoes (5# for 4.99)...just very handy for morning hashbrowns or like tonight, cheesy hashbrowns to go with our fish, accompanied by a sweet garden tomato! I'm so amazed as we walk through stores and I look at food and say "I canned that" and look at the price and just chuckle my way through their "action" shelves.

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WM is prepping for Halloween and Christmas stocks. :shakinghead:  They are doing it at our store too.  They moved the frozen potatoes, out of the vegetable isle, in to the pizza and ice cream isle... why?  :shrug:


Pup got the throw ups Tues.  Wed. he was fine, but DH was queazy & tired, but not sleepy.  Thursday they were both fine.  Friday we took a day away, and went to the lake.  Several arroyos and hill tops were burnt out, from that big fire, in July, not quite as bad as I expected. Didn’t catch a fish, instead, we relaxed, plus, Gunny kept wanting to swim out to get my bobber, I guess he thought it was a tennis ball.  You should have seen the large fish that jumped, within a foot of my line, taunting me.  Yesterday, I got what they had, thanks guys, I really was hoping I wouldn’t get it.  




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Ended up with 27 half pints of beef cuts (more than enough meat for just us two)....double stacked my canner.  I always buy the cheaper cuts IF I can get them, but this time they were not any big deal.  I just felt like I really needed to get started putting some beef back.  Had one half pint too many so I put the goodies in a skillet, browned the meat and dumped it into a large sauce pan.  Then added a pint of my 'taters, a pint of tomatoes, a pint of green beans, a pint of carrots and added some garlic powder, some onion powder, and a cap full of Kitchen Boquet(?) for some additional seasoning and brought it all to nice boil and man on man was that a tasty shtf meal...added some saltines on the side too!  Then pulled some of my spiced applesauce from several years ago, added some pecans and some whipped cream and we were just happy campers!  I'll wash my jars, label them and get them put back tomorrow while hubby's working.  Next project will be some soups of sort as well as different types of beans (pinto etc.). 

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On ‎9‎/‎4‎/‎2019 at 9:01 PM, Mt_Rider said:

Is Oreo home yet, Miki?


He will come home Wednesday.  I am looking forward to him and a little scared, too.  He can't be too out of control with DH's health.


Mt. Rider, your DH will probably make more money in less time with dinner shifts.  That has always been my experience and will hopefully be yours, also!

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